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2009 Star Stratoliner S Comparison Review

Wednesday, December 9, 2009
The Victory Cross Country gets the nod for handling while the Star Stratoliner S wins hands-down in the engine department.
The Victory Cross Country enjoys a distinct edge in handling while the Star Stratoliner S wins the engine department hands-down.
We find a rare treat in the form of an open stretch of L.A. highway where braking isn’t required and use the opportunity to run through the gears. The Cross Country uses a 6-speed constant mesh transmission while the Star opts for a five-speed with a multiplate wet clutch. The Stratoliner S doesn’t suffer for a lack of a sixth gear overdrive and shifts more smoothly and quietly. The Victory’s 6-speed didn’t miss a shift but has the familiar clunkiness inherent of American V-Twins.

Both big cruiser touring motorcycles feature the standard relaxed, upright riding position, with the wide reach to the Strato’s bars being the only noticeable difference. At 18 inches, the Cross Country has some of the longest stock floorboards I’ve seen. It also has passenger floorboards, whereby the Stratoliner S offers passengers only pegs. Other passenger accommodations include a separate small pillion and a backrest on the S and a small pillion on the Cross Country. The Cross Country does make it more convenient to dial in rider’s preferences with four-way adjustable hand controls and adjustable handlebars. The stiff clutch pull of the Stratoliner S could benefit from a little adjustability.
As far as touring options, it’s sleek hard bags and a fork-mounted fairing versus leather-covered hard bags and a quick-release windshield. Starting with the Cross Country, its version of the batwing fairing reminds me of a stealth bomber. It blends aerodynamics and artistry. The cockpit instruments are easy-to-read and the blue backlights on the gauges at night not only put out a cool glow but illuminate the gauges well. Inside the cockpit are large dials for the
The Stratoliner S is a big bike with wide bars that requires a wide berth for turning.
The Star Stratoliner S is a big bike with ultra-wide stock bars that requires a wide berth in turns.  
speedo and tach and smaller dials for the analog fuel gauge and voltmeter. It also houses two 20-watt speakers with automatic volume control so when you’re revving up to get on the freeway, your tunes will crank up louder, too. Cool. It also has a push-button cruise control that operates easily via a chromed-up plastic housing that hangs below the throttle hand. An identical housing hangs off the left side that lets you scroll through the trip computer, including an odometer, two trip meters, average fuel mileage, average speed, fuel range, and instantaneous fuel mileage. At night, the 110w headlight is super bright.

Another bright spot on the Cross Country is its voluminous bags. The storage space, claimed to be 21 gallons, is impressive. They’re wide, they’re deep, and the available liners will hold mucho gear. The bags continue the sweeping lines created by the tank and integrate so cleanly into the back end that the bags and passenger seat could be mistaken for one piece. Color-matching paint helps the effect. Great bags, but be careful. The lockable latch is a little tricky, and the slick highway bars funnel air back to the bags. The lid of the bags has a considerable lip that the wind lifts up if the latches aren’t fastened fully. The bags came open numerous times, one time depositing our insurance papers on the L.A. freeway.

The Stratoliner S is the no frills tourer. No cockpit here. The bars instead are clean and free of instrumentation, with the
Its a tale of two bikes  a new touring cruiser with avante garde styling in the 2010 Victory Cross Country versus the art deco-styled 2009 Star Stratoliner S.
It's a tale of two bikes, a new touring cruiser with avante garde styling in the 2010 Victory Cross Country versus the vintage art deco-styled 2009 Star Stratoliner S.
switchgear wiring running inside the 1.25-inch handlebar. The only gauge is in the form of a tank-mounted console that Justin says “looks like a fine watch.” In the middle of the clock-style instruments is an analog speedo, a small tach and fuel gauge. A small digital display includes twin digital tripmeters, an odometer and self-diagnostics. One grievance we had is a lack of a highly visible low fuel indicator. The speedo/tach also is in so tight that it’s hard to see unless you take your eyes off the road.

The quick-release windshield of the Strato S is less flashy than the Cross Country’s shorty wind screen but is taller and deflects more windblast. It also has detachable sidebags in the form of lockable, leather-covered sidebags. The leather works well with the classic styling of Star’s cruiser-tourer. Though the bags are much smaller in comparison to the Cross Country’s, they snap all the way shut easier and more reliably. And while the Stratoliner S doesn’t have the modernistic appeal of a slick neo-batwing fairing and forged aluminum highway crash bars, its level of fit and finish is admirable in its own rights. It balances the raw power of its impressive engine with throwback styling. It rolls with a sense of nostalgia from its art deco styling splashed on the gas tank, oil tank, and air filter covers. The fender strut on the front wheel provides more vintage appeal, and the honeycomb-shaped taillights are remnants of Detroit’s heyday. The Stratoliner S also gets a healthy dose of the chrome treatment, including its switchgear, front brake, clutch master cylinders and levers, belt guard, fork and fork covers, handlebar clamps, shifter, front pulley cover, rear fender stay and polished wheels.
MotoUSAs Harley dips into a heavy turn on the Stratoliner S with thoughts of Lagunas corkscrew dancing in his head.
Granted it doesn't handle as sharply as the Victory Cross Country, but get the Stratoliner S tipped over and it holds its line well.

So after a week of flogging the 2010 Victory Cross Country and the 2009 Star Stratoliner around Southern California, we came away with these conclusions. The Cross Country is the better-equipped touring bike. Bigger tank equals better range, everybody likes better gas mileage, the storage capacity of its saddlebags is going to be the envy of all its peers, and its got cruise control. The Cross Country impressed with its touring set-up, handling and styling. But its choppy fuel delivery, lack of power down low and suspect brakes means that the bike that overall performed better during our test was the Stratoliner S. Its responsive feel at the throttle and ample pull throughout the powerband is impressive. The engine quietly put up big hp and torque numbers, meaning quiet in relation to engine noise because its two-into-one stock pipe makes big noise. Its handles the transfer of all that power to the back wheel smoothly while its brakes won’t leave you guessing. It doesn’t turn-in as sharp as the Cross Country, but is still stable in corners. An art deco vibe and plenty of chrome trim add the panache, and saving a little change like the $1209 difference in price is always a good thing.

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Tim -Have owned Both bikes Strat still wins But barely  October 20, 2010 05:26 PM
I have owned Both the Harley and currently the Stratoliner S. The Stratoliner wins in the Power area, Comfort the Harley wins, I bought an aftermarket Batwing Fairing for My Stratoliner By Corbin. Looks AWESOME! The Harley's Bags Rear fender hold more than the Stratoliners But not by much. I like the looks of the Sratoliner. I fell in love with it when I first walked in the door of the local Metric bike seller in the area. Bad thing is the back turn signal Covers. Nice looking cause they flow with the lines of the bike but they stick out farter than the Rear fender and Backing up they stick right out and break! There goes another $15. Both are wonderful bikes for their purpose. If the Metric Bike Builders ever figure out how to make their Bikes Get that Harley sound with the loping Cam. I mean THATS the reason People Buy Harley's! Really! Think about it? Metrics Have the Harley look and they sell Tons of aftermarket Pipes and Power Supplies to try to get that Lope. The one thing I wish My Strat had is a 6th gear. To me it feels like it needs one although I've had it over speed limit and it still had plenty of throttle left. So I guess it's what you need rather than what you think you need to look cool? Both Bikes are Capable. The Strat will get you there faster but eat more gas. Your ass will be more comfortable on the Harley as will your Passenger. The Harley will hold it's resale Value much better if you decide you can't ride anymore or want a change of rides.
Tim Tacoma,WA
DePaul Alum -Love the ST  April 15, 2010 10:26 PM
Last year I test road the Road King & I was not impressed with it at all. Granted I was dead set on getting a HD, but I came to realize that I got a bigger bang for the buck with the 08 Strat S... (bought a new 08 S for $10,500) also, with all the additional stuff I wanted on the Road King, I would have to spend a additional $3400. Now it's been a year I've had the Strat & I'm looking forward on taking my 21 day cross country trip.
Big Daddy -Stratoliner  April 7, 2010 11:10 AM
The new deluxe comes with fairing. I bought a new 2006 Midnight Strat out the door for $9900.00. with a five year warranty. I owned an HD Ultra and a Victory CC but at 6'3 240 the Start fits best. If you know how to drive a bike the block brakes and frame on this bike handle like a sport bike. The engine is the best stock engine on a air cooled cruiser period. The six speed is not needed because the gearing is well seperated, if you look at the other bikes six speeds you will see none are a true overdrive ratio, they had to closer space because the motor lacks power on the big bagged HD's. if you want a stereo, handling, radio and your old lady the Wing is the only way to go! My other bikes are the wing and ST1300.
JIM B. -STRATOLINER  April 3, 2010 04:16 PM
Steve -Yea, biased  February 15, 2010 09:24 AM
First thing I thought as I started reading, was the excuse for a comparison. Did he get the "Dont put out Street Glide up against that thing" call? Surely we could have found a 2010 Street Glide avaiable. The low end power missing? Dont think so. Guess he thought it was supposed to have one of those nifty little hd screws to hold the throttle back. Admittedly, I almost had to buy a Street Glide. Was having a hard time finding what I needed and it did come close to filling the bill. Fortunetly I heard about the Vic XC just in time! I was saved! I didnt have to add $ for resonable power, or passenger floor boards, or a new seat my passenger could appreciate, etc, etc.
Was so gratefull I didnt have to look like a lemming!

thomas -kickstand  February 8, 2010 01:38 PM
I own a stratoliner with all the normal mods, I really could do without the chrome down the tank thing.... but when you put the look all together, huge headlight,leather bags,blinding chrome it will grow on you.I walked past 15 harleys to pick out the big strat. the hp was the #1 reason. The strats got the big push rod twin that makes the right sound and torque down low and hp up high just like it should be.Buy american, would love to. All I ask is for a compedative product. I too may have bought a victory if I had known more about them. That said I love the big strat, beind bike #17 I have no plans to sell it. It has a great power plantand performs well across the board. One guy said he liked it because he was so tall, I an 5'7 and 110 pounds and it fits me too.. how they do that?
Road Rash -Always a HD Rider  February 6, 2010 07:33 AM
Harley owner......2000+ miles a month.......
All these negative HD post make me chuckle........
metric bikes........YAWN!....

Mike in WV -Big Ron  January 4, 2010 09:35 AM
I had posted the article site in my comment, but I guess this site took it off since it referred to motorcycle.com site. Anyway, that's where the article is between the Road Glide and the Cross Country. Here is the site again...if they take it out, just go to the web site and do a search for 2010 harleydavidson road-glide vs 2010 victory cross-country. The were good points on each bike...but the Cross Country edged out the Glide.
Big Ron -Re: Mike in WV  January 3, 2010 08:43 AM
Mike, I put in my opinion because I have ridden both and there seemed to be alot of biased comments on the subject that had more to do with personal preference than the qualities of the bikes. For some reason the sport bike reviews on this site always turn into a HD bashing fest, its kind of funny how grade school some of this stuff can get. Anyways, what is the link to the article you referenced?
Mike in WV -Why did HD get involved in these comments?  December 31, 2009 09:05 AM
OK...once again, I have to wonder why an article about a comparison between a Yamaha bike and a Victory bike has anything to do with HD??? True, I think the Street Glide would have been a better comparison to the Cross Country since the Strat doesn't have a fairing, stereo, cruise, six speed or approx 6 gallon fuel capacity. But the simple fact is...this article is about a Yamaha and a Victory. I've owned both of these test bikes and I would say that the article is pretty accurate. All the HD folks out there have a hard time not talking about their bikes and interjecting comparisons. Why not wait until another article comes out about a comparison with HD to another bike? Hmmmmm...there could be so many to compare the Street Glide to....how about the Triumph Rocket III Tour??? True...the Triumph is not a V-Twin, but isn't it all about the ride? Yeah...I'd love to see a comparison of the Street Glide and the Cross Country...but I'll wait till someone does one...oh wait...Motorcycle already have...at least the Road Glide and a Cross Country.

Seeing is believing and the ride is really all that it's about. Ride what you like and like what you ride.
skeeter -Loud Pipes  December 16, 2009 04:57 PM
There has been some mention of changing from stock pipes to aftermarket pipes, and the assumption is that they must be loud. That is really stupid! Bikers change their exhaust for many reasons. Some do it for performance, or just the look of the pipes. There is no rule that says if you swap your stock pipes for an aftermarket set that they must be loud. Also, it's not just the dreaded Harley guys that change the exhaust on their bikes. What about the sportbike guys? I was cruising along a local highway over the summer listening to the radio when 2 sportbikes blew by in the fast lane. One guy was riding a wheelie and both had super loud pipes that were very high pitched. I almost jumped out of my seat! Then you have the import cars that are riding around with the loud weedwacker-sounding mufflers. My neighbor has a Honda VTX 1300 that is way louder than any of my 3 Harleys. I know another guy that rides a Valyrie that has pipes made of smoke stacks from a semi truck, and it is extremely loud. My SE Road Glide has Rinehart true duals with the quiet baffles. It's got a nice sound, but not terrible. I like to enjoy the radio while I ride. If it's too loud, you are too old! lol
Big Ron -Street Glide/Road Glide vs Stratoliner Deluxe  December 15, 2009 04:26 PM
Unbiased comparison ---- HD Street Glide/Road Glide ($18999) vs Stratoliner Deluxe ($17500). I left out the Victory because I have neither seen one nor ridden one. ENGINE - The Liner wins, I have ridden a liner and the engine is fantastic and much stronger than a stock HD 96 inch. The speed limit is what it is but the liner can pass at will, something that cannot be said for the stock HD. They both use a pushrod air cooled engine but the liner is a beast and a pleasure to ride with on demand power. Given they both use a push rod air cooled engine it makes you wonder why the HD is so down on HP and torque. It is time for HD to improve on the engine. PRICE - HD wins; you get alot of extras for the $1500 dollars. On top of it you can negotiate the HD price. Yamaha dealers do not have as much room to negotiate unless the factory gives them some incentives or you wait to buy a 2010 in 2011. HANDLING - HD wins; yes I said it. Read the review of the Road Glide Custom. I have ridden them both and the new touring frame is outstanding. The liner is awkward at low speeds; maybe due to its size. FRAME - Draw - yes the yamaha is aluminum but the bike isnt any lighter and doesnt handle any better so there is no advantage. LOOKS- HD wins by far! While this is personal preferance the art deco, the sheet medal, the bags on the street liner are not attractive to me; the fairing does look good in the photos. INSTRUMENTATION - HD wins; the HD has a speedo, tach, oil pressure, air temp, volt meter and they are all in the fairing so they are much easier to read. MUSIC - HD wins; Harmon Kardon stereo vs ipod, come on. FINISH - Draw; they both have great quality and chromed steel as opposed to chromed plastic. I prefer the looks of the HD but we are talking about the quality of the finishes. RESALE - HD wins. ACCESSORIES - HD wins - They have a 2-inch thick book of accessories. STOCK SEAT - HD wins; you will never have to replace this seat as it is very comfortable stock. FUEL ECONOMY - HD wins. TRANSMISSION - HD wins. Both transmissions are smooth but the HD has an extra gear. Too sum it up if the motor is your deciding factor buy the Yamaha; If you look at the whole package and what you get for the extra $1500 buy the HD (Stereo, guages, seat, looks). The 96 inch engine can be uncorked with a slip on, air box and a power commander which are modifications that almost every body makes regardless of what they ride. If you want to be like the Europeans and are continually baffled by the Americans and there Love for cruisers than move to Europe, go purchase an ST and quit wasting your time trying to convince people on cruisers to buy an ST because "your cruisers will never perform at the same level as my ST"; really, no kidding, duhhhhhh, thats not new news, they are supposed to outperform a cruiser, S=sport.
Matt -Loud Pipes  December 15, 2009 08:22 AM
I have seen a lot of comments on loud pipes on this form and I will admit that I have them on my scoot as well. I got them for the added hp originally but I can testify that the noise they put out does have it's functional purpose and has indeed made it safer for me to ride in traffic weather it's letting cars/pedestrians/animals know I am coming around a corner, that I am in a drivers blind spot, or just keeping other vehicles off my back. Now with that said I also agree the riders with these pipes that have rpm wars at every parking lot, neighborhood, and intersection just to be an ass give other riders a bad name and are one of the reasons ALL of use will loose the right to have them someday.
Passer By -Extra's  December 15, 2009 06:45 AM
I can't believe someone would change out the exhaust on a Goldwing. Why is everybody do damm insecure that they have to have a "Hey Look At Me" loud exhaust on there motorcycele? I can understand changing the exhaust on a Harley. They are so pitifully under powered that Harley riders put loud exhaust on them to at least make them sound like they have some power. Hey Look At Me Coming Down The Street On My Loud Motorcycle. I'll ride in a lower gear to make more noise to make double sure that everybody sees me. When I stop at a stop light I better rev the motor a lot so everybody will hear me and look at me. Maybe they will think that I am cool and ride a really bad ass motorcycle. I sure hope they do. Man I spent a lot of money on this piece of shit Harley so I better get some attention. I think I will add a few more chrome parts and get a new do-rag. Maybe that will help me get noticed even more.
DePaul -Cruiser  December 14, 2009 05:17 PM
When I bought the bike, the dealer gave me 20% off on parts and labor plus a $75 gift card, so I spent about $1100 out of pocket. That did included a detachable backrest with pad, the docking hardware and a Hot Toppers kit. When I bought my Gold Wing, I changed out the stock exhaust for an aftermarket one and some other extra stuff before I picked it up from the dealer also. That exhaust was over $900 alone. I think most people buy add-ons for their motorcycle such as exhaust, Power Commanders, windshields, led lights, etc. It seems pretty common among all the brands.
Cruiser -Harley Horsepower?  December 14, 2009 11:50 AM
"My Road Glide with 2-1 full exhaust, K & N filter and an Accel Self Learning Module hit 77 horsepower on the dyno" Wow - how much money did you spend to get that boat anchor harley motor up to a whooping 77 horsepower. It seems everybody is missing the article. A Harley wasn't even tested in the article. Although, I must agree with some of the Harley bashers here. Harley should get smart and start building a decent motorcycle or there sales will decline even more than they have. There market is aging real fast and the young riders will not have anything to do with a Harley. Why is the exhaust such a big deal on a Harley. It seems Harley riders have to spend money on a loud exhaust system. Maybe it makes them sound like they have some power at least. Seems like a waste of money to me.
DePaul -Wing Rider  December 14, 2009 11:09 AM
I owned a 2002 Wing till this past October when I sold it. It was a great bike with great handling and it was very fast. It never gave me any problems other than the cracked frame, which was repaired free of charge by Honda due to the recall. A few months ago I bought a 2010 Road Glide and I love it. I'm 6'3" tall and the Harley is way more comfortable on long trips and gets better fuel mileage than my Honda did. It's not nearly as quick as the Wing, but it has more than ample power for highway passing and long distance touring. Since the beginning of september I've put over 8000 trouble-free mileson on the Glide. Even though it has the factory lowering kit, it still handles great. I don't know what kind of riding that you and your friends do, but I don't ride with the intention of passing cars and trucks. Sometimes you need to do a high speed pass, but I don't find that it happens very often. This year I rode about 32,000 miles between my Wing and my Glide, and I don't recall much high speed passing. Maybe it would be a good idea for you to take a riders course? Honda actually sponsers a really good program. My Gold Wing hit 92 horsepower on the dyno. That was actually the average of three runs. My Road Glide with 2-1 full exhaust, K & N filter and an Accel Self Learning Module hit 77 horsepower on the dyno. What kind of engine work do you have done to your Wing that you are getting so much horsepower? I have friends that ride Wings so maybe I can let them know what you did to hop up your bike. Ride safe.
Matt -Victory Has Cruise Control  December 14, 2009 09:40 AM
Skeeter the Cross Country comes with cruise control standard and is available on the Cross Roads. However there is no ABS option for 2010.
Jake -Stratoliner  December 14, 2009 06:31 AM
I have the complete opposite comfort experience. The Stratoliner's comfort fits me well. Yes, at first sit, it does feel different then most other bikes, but I ride 600-700 mile days frequently and I never have had the feeling of, get me off this thing. Yes, I get the normal figitness as you would from sitting anywhere for long periods of time, but I am amazed at how well this bike keeps my body comfortable. I have almost 40K miles on my Stratoliner, and it still impresses me with its comfort, handling, and performance!
Wing Rider -Safety  December 14, 2009 05:57 AM
I think WingMan makes a very good point for motorcycle safety. I also have a new Goldwing and have noticed the problem a Harley has in passing cars and trucks. I think it is dangerous and HD should make dealers tell this to customers. The Harley's that ride with our group are ridden buy responsible riders. They have the stock exhaust on there bikes and are very proud of them but they do admit there short falls. My Goldwing has about 50 more horsepower than the Harley dressers that ride with us. If we are on two lane roads and we do a lot of passing of slower cars the Harleys are unable to pass at the same time we do but they eventually catch up to us when we stop for a rest or gas. Sometime the Harley group will be an hour behind us. They stop more frequently due to engine heat, rest from vibration and poor gas mileage.
Watcher -Harley Haters?  December 14, 2009 05:45 AM
I do not think that there are Harley haters out here. There are just people with more common sense than the Harley buyer. They are people that want something for there hard earned dollar. There is no such thing as a Harley Mystique. If you believe that then you need to see a doctor. Your Harley Mystique is immature adults riding around on motorcycles with no exhaust and thinking that the public thinks that it is cool. There might not be so much Harley bashing if the Harley riders would act like adults. I will admit that a Harley is not that bad of a motorcycle. Would I buy one? No way. I work to hard for my money and I will not buy outdated equipment. I do not need to prove to the world that I am something I am not. You can defend Harley all you want. The Harley image will never change. A immature adult crying for attention. Why else would they dress up like they do and take the mufflers off there bikes. I think your so call cruiser market will die with the baby boomers. The younger buyers do not want anything to do with a Harley.
skeeter -Bobby Adkins  December 13, 2009 10:18 PM
The fact that you left out is that Harley had the 6 gallon tank and speed before Victory. The do give up about 15 hp to the Victory, but not even close to "20 or 30 more" ft-lbs of torque. Harley is building what it's customers want whether non-Harley owners like it or not. They own the cruiser market, and are copied but all the other cruiser manufacturers. Even Triumph with the America, Speedmaster, and now the Thunderbird with a 270 degree crank! I agree that Harleys are expensive. You can go out and get a metric cruiser with more power for less money, but it still will never be a Harley. I know guys that have Harleys that put out over 160 horsepower, but to tour and cruise that's overkill anyway. My 69 El Camino SS has a stock horsepower around 400, and it's not as "advanced or modern" as my 2008 Crysler Town & Country. The point being, Harley doesn't need use a modern motor with watercooling and no soul. If you've own one, you will know exactly what I'm talking about. If you don't, you will never understand, and all you can do is chase after the Harley soul. The Victory offers another American option for those of you that are scared to walk into a Harley dealer, but they won't give you what you are really looking for. As soon as I post this, all the posers will come out of the woodwork to throw some negative feedback about Harley, but for me and the other Harley owners, it makes us feel great. The foolish comments just add to the mystique. Thanks in advance! lol
skeeter -Matt  December 13, 2009 09:37 PM
But it is available on the Harley, and not on the Victory. As a matter of fact, cruise was standard on the Road Glide till the 2008 model year.
WingMan -Bobby Adkins  December 13, 2009 03:34 PM
Man Bobby you hit the nail right on the head. Harley dealers have made lots of money over the years selling "extra" stuff that should be stock on a Harley. The biggest rip off is the Screaming Beagle equipment. The guy that built my garage just bought a new dresser this summer and he spent $8,500 on "extras". He hates the bike and now he can't sell it for a fraction of what he has in it. He took it up to the Twin Cities and on the way back he went thru Stillwater, Mn. He got a $650 ticket for his screaming eagle exhaust. He was passing a truck and he didn't have the power to make the pass so he had to run off the road. Didn't hurt the bike much but his wife will not ride on that bike again. He was pissed because he paid somewhere around $3,000 or some kind of kit to give him extra horsepower. I told him not to buy the bike or at least look at some other bikes first. I have a 2008 Goldwing and I can spank any Harley real good in performance and in comfort. He has to stop and give his hands and ass a rest about every 75 miles. The vibration and engine heat is terrible. His hands get numb so he wares the standard Harley nose picker gloves but that doesn't help much. He has $35,000 stuck in that bike and his best offer was $22,000. I told him to take all the crap off of it and sell that stuff separate. He took his wife on a ride on my Goldwing and man she did not have very kind words to say about the harley when they got back. Harley better get smart soon or they will be out of business. They can't continue to sell out of date motorcycles and expect to stay in business. They have way too many models. The V-Rod is a joke. The Harley guys treat that the same as the sportster.
Bobby Adkins -harley/victory  December 13, 2009 08:59 AM
Let's get this streight.Harley has been building bikes for 106 years,and victory has been around alittle over 10 years. victory comes out with a six speed.Now harley can't charge 2500.00 to pull your 5 speed out and put a baker 6 speed in.so they have to offer a 6 speed now. victory comes out with a modern high tec frame in the new vision . so harley has to up date their frame. victory comes out with 6 gallon gas tank. so does harley.. victory has 20 more horses and 20 or 30 more ft. lb. of torque. so for 3 or 4 grand you can add a few more ponies to your harley. you watch, harley will come out with some really big floorboards.that doesn't take lot of smarts to do that. you get the picture picture. they will always play catch up.don't get me wrong I've had several new harleys. I like them But they need some new people in there. build some modern bikes and keep some of the old stuff for those who like antiques.
jeff -vic vs yahama  December 13, 2009 08:50 AM
you guys are funny maybe they couldn't find a harley to test, they were either put away for winter or broken!
Thats not an oil leak it sweat from all that horsepower!
Matt -Road Glide Custom  December 13, 2009 08:32 AM
Skeeter the Road Glide Custom does not come with an ABS or cruise control. However you can get both as optional equiptment for an extra $1120.
HES -V Rod?  December 13, 2009 06:29 AM
V Rod? Get serious. Why would anybody pay that kind of money for Harley's fake sport bike. It is just an overweight under powered cow like the rest of the line up. The Harley morons won't buy it because it does not sound cool with straight pipes, or look cool with ape hangers, which is a must have for any Harley rider.
Salvatore -Vic-HD Recall  December 12, 2009 08:11 PM
The recall only affects touring models produced between 06/06/2008 and 11/19/2009. I just had my 09 Street Glide at the dealer for the recall. It consisted of 2 metal plates on each side of the front gas tank mounts. I was there for less than 20 minutes and I didn't even need to make an appointment.
skeeter -New Rider  December 12, 2009 07:58 PM
You are a joke with no real knowledge of motorcycles whether they are domestic or import brands. Prior to 2004, the Sportster line weighed between 395 pounds and 420 pounds depending on the year, wheels and accessories. The current touring models weigh in at between 760 pounds and 810 pounds without a tour pak. The Victory Cross Country(765lbs.) weighs almost exactly the same as the Harley Road Glide Custom(769lbs.). The Harley gives up some horsepower to the Victory, but for around $500 you can get about about 78hp & 100ft-lbs of torque. With the Harley you get a standard 2 year warranty, but the Victory comes with just a 1 year warranty. With the Harley, you get a Harmon Kardon stereo, cruise control, ABS and a real dealer network. If you want more technology in a Harley, there is the VROD. You won't go into a Harley dealer because you are afraid! lol
Bikendad -XC vs Strat review  December 12, 2009 02:43 PM
I have to wonder why you would even mention saving $1200 by buying the Strat when you are comparing apples and oranges. Obviously the the Vic has way more equipment and if you want to compare price then compare the Strat with the Cross Roads which would give the advantage to the Vic. I also have never heard of a Vic that runs that poorly, the bike either had a problem or there is something else amiss. That goes for the brakes as well, many people have riddes these Cross Countries and they all rave about the brakes. I'm sorry but your review seems to be quite biased.
New Rider -Harley  December 12, 2009 08:52 AM
Harley holds the biggest share of the cruiser market? Well, when all the 60 year old guys are too old buy a bike then Harley will hold nothing because that is there market. Younger buyers will not buy that overweight and overpriced junk. Why would I buy a motorcycle that my grandfather rides and the bike is the same junk HD built 40 years ago. My grandfather even admits that. I will never buy a cruiser style motorcycle because they are just too slow and heavy, but that is my choice. Harley used to sell the Buell but that was a joke because it had a Harley motor. Come on, give me a break. How is a so called sport bike with a old fashion Harley motor supposed to compete with a real sport bike? Plus I would never go into a Harley dealership. Those guys in there are just plain weird. They dress up like a bunch of idiots and brag about there Harleys. They look funny riding down the street with the tall handle bars and they put real loud exhaust on them so they will sound like they are a fast bike. What a joke.
Vic -HD Recall  December 12, 2009 08:41 AM
Harley-Davidson is recalling 111,569 of their 2009-2010 touring motorcycles made between June 6, 2008, and Nov. 19, 2009 over a problem with front fuel tank mounts. Apparently, HD is concerned about the potential for leaked fuel to ignite after a front-end crash. We don’t know how much the major recall will cost, but we do know that this is not a good time for such a measure.
DePaul -Harley?  December 11, 2009 05:02 PM
Love them or hate them, Harleys are here to stay. Their sales are down just like all the other manufacturers, but they are down less than all of the others, and will still hold the biggest share of the cruiser market. Honda and Kawasaki are closing dealerships left and right! I'm not saying one brand is better than another or telling anyone what to buy. Just get out there and ride. I had a 2002 Gold Wing, and it was a great bike. The frame actually cracked, and it was recalled by Honda. The dealer had it for 3 good riding months waiting for parts, but that's life. I put a ton of miles on it before buying a 2010 Road Glide Custom in August. My plan was to keep the Wing since it was all paid for, but my wife wouldn't have it. I ended up selling the Wing on Craigslist for $11,400. Anyway, I love the Harley and it rides very smooth. It's way more comfortable than the Wing, and has more than enough power. I did add a taller windshield, K&N air filter, Vance & Hines 2-1 full exhaust, and an Accel Self Learning Module. It pulls fine, handles well, and I've been getting almost 250 miles out of a tank of gas. Sometimes I do miss the speed and handling of the Gold Wing, but my Road Glide is still a pleasure to ride. I did ride a Victory Vision at Sturgis Bike Week, and it was a great riding machine. I really liked it. For 3 days I looked at the bike, trying to get the look of it to grow on me, but it never did. The new Victory touring bikes look nice, but they weren't out when I bought the Harley. The other issue with Victory is that there aren't any dealers within a reasonable distance of my home. I know a guy that owns a Polaris/Bombardier/Suzuki dealer and he told me that he refuses to sell Victory's because they don't sell. He said that at the annual dealers meeting, Polaris announced that they have a goal to sell 12,000 Victory's in 2010. He doesn't think they'll sell more than 6000 units. That's a little scary for me, plus the warranty is only 1 year on Victorys. I also looked at the Triumph Rocket-3 Touring. That was a fantastic bike, but I didn't feel comfortable on it and the aftermarket is very limited for this bike. With the ecconomy the way it is, dealers of all brands are almost giving bikes away. It's definitely a buyer's market! My neighbor's son just bought a new leftover Honda VTX 1800 for $8900 out the door. If you're willing to go used(p/c- pre-owned), you can get even better deals. I've seen 2008 Harley Ultra Classics for $15k and 2008 Triumph Speedmasters for $5k. There are deals to be had, and if you have cash in hand, you will do even better. Well, lets get past the petty bickering, and unite as bikers. With all the laws being passed to take away our rights as motorcyclists and the crazy cage drivers that want to take out motorcycles, we have other things to worry about. Does it really bother anyone if one guy is dressed like a "pirate", or another guy is dressed in matching leathers and a full face helmet when it's 85 degrees out? Is it really that big of a deal if you wave at another biker and he/she doesn't wave back? There are bad apples that ride motorcycles of all brands. The other 99% of us need to stick together!
Sorry Harley Rider -Victory vs Harley  December 11, 2009 12:50 PM
Don't tell me Harley is better or faster. I have a 2009 Street Bob and my brother blew my ass off the highway with his 09 Victory Kingpin. It was a real disgrace for me as I was always bragging up my Harley. I have my Harley for sale but have had no lookers. I would like to get a 2010 Vegas Jackpot. Man that is a sweet ride. The dealer will not take my Harley on trade. He just laughs at me and says I made my own bed when I bought into the Harley Lifestyle. Yea, I bought all the Harley stuff with the bike. Shirts, pants, jacket, gloves, you name it I bought it. I still have all winter to try and unload the Harley though so thoughts of next summer on a new Kingpin are still there.
Biked Out -Harley?  December 11, 2009 12:39 PM
Why test an out of date 30's technology Harley against the more modern Victory or Yamaha? Harley should be tested against another Harley or maybe a 15 to 20 year old Honda or Yamaha. It would be real embarrassing for Harley if they started to use 1/4 mile times, passing times, and top speed comparisons. Man, Harley would loose big time on something like that. Remember you get the 1930's 65 HP with your "new" old Harley. Hell, if you want a Harley buy one cheap used. Newspapers are full of used Harley's real cheap. Buyers found out what they really bought and they are trying to get rid of them.
John Banks -Bike Test  December 11, 2009 09:39 AM
Ted rusell could'nt have said It better "you commies always pick the metric bike" The Victory can handle better, have more storage better gas milage.better everything.but you bias "commies" must get paid by the metric manufacturers.I believe that.
Jay Mack -Neither  December 10, 2009 06:24 PM
I'm tired of the Nessie design, if I ever liked it at all. It just looks dated, to me. If I owned one, I'd get tired of looking at it quick. Making more versions of it doesn't help. They all look the same.

I have a similar reaction to the Stratoliner. Three aluminium stripes makes it art deco? I've seen it and there's no thrill left. It has big shock absorbers ON THE OUTSIDE, not the hard tail look of the Softtails or the Vulcan 2000, with the shock hidden so it doesn't get in the way. The whole rear end arrangement of the Star's looks heavy and messy. And the shifter doesn't have a heal shifter, so it's not really a cruiser at all.

Triumph, mostly, but Kawasaki too have better looking alternatives to Harley, if there IS a better looking alternative to Harley.

THe power? Why decide this contest on power?

FredN -John - What Kind of Test is This?  December 10, 2009 05:01 PM
John I would guess that at least 65% of American bike sales are cruisers. That is why Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki etc only import a fraction of there motorcycle line. Go on Honda's or Yamaha's site for England for example and see the line of bikes that people in Europe can pick from. Cruisers are a novelty in Europe and most Europeans make fun of them and just can not understand the logic in buying one. They are slow, uncomfortable to ride and dangerous on twisty roads. Younger buyers trend more towards the sport or sport touring bikes and that I why HD, if they don't change there line, will be out of business within 20 years. Harley sells to riders in there 50's and 60's. 99% of the younger riders are not interested in a aging and dated Harley and they also think they are a joke. At least it is funny looking at the Harley riders with there funny "He Man" outfits they come up with. Yamaha makes a great line of dual sport bikes that will never see the U.S. market.
Good Laugh -HES  December 10, 2009 04:49 PM
Yea, I have HES "Harley Envy Syndrome". I want to buy a motorcycle that hasn't changed since 1930, is over priced and slow. In today's Quad City Times there are 28 Harley's for sale and 2 Honda's. Most of the Harley ads are "make an offer" or "must sell". In the summer months there are 3 times that. I think a lot of people had HES and then got the cure by buying a Victory or Yamaha after they realized what the Harley really was. Of course if I had a Harley then I could get the standard Harley loud exhaust and Harley pirate outfit and impress all my neighbors and friends.
John -What kind of test is this?!  December 10, 2009 11:41 AM
The CC was the best handling, holds the most stuff, gets the best mileage, has 6 VS 5 speeds and loses. I don't get it! Was this a touring bike test or putzing around Cali on touring bikes to see which one had the most power? No wonder the motorcycle industry is in the crapper, duh....more power! Never mind I can get something that costs the same, gets the same mileage, much better handling and carries way more--a car. Geez, even "dual-sports" are 1000cc plus (and 10K plus) I find it ironic that Buell made a big deal about crushing their 500cc bike...then HD crushed them up like a used beer can as the big motorcycle market took a dump. Ahahahaahahahaha! Maybe Eric would still have a company if he actually made a good 500cc bike to attract new riders. I've been in the market for a motorcycle for the last two years, I think I'm going to pass. The crotch rockets VS the cruisers and the bikes are either too small of frame 250cc weezers or 600cc rocket ships to 1300cc "starter" cruisers. Most motorcycles are basically toys, really big ones that have strayed away from the "do it all" style bikes. Maybe the 400cc fuel injected V-twin Suzuki Gladius with 6 speed tranny, ABS triple disc brakes and not a lot of plastic will change my mind. At least Suzuki got it right, or should I call them VW now? Enjoy your 800 pound monster toys, may the most powerful one always win. Touring bikes are all about the power, right?
JR -Comparison  December 10, 2009 11:28 AM
Wow, so much hostility about missing a Harley. For you hard core Harley fans, you should remember that your opinion matters when you lay down the bucks to buy one. Everybody else has the same choice to make.
For power, my last little 1100 Yamaha cruiser riding two up, passed a line of Harleys up a steep grade. While hitting 90mph, I was tapped out my my passenger, but still had power to go.
While you all are talking "syndromes" you should realize the "SPS" factor, or small penis syndrome of most Harley riders. It does not take toughness to cut the sleaves off a coat, or to ride an Amercan bike versus an off shore model. Just relax and enjoy the fact the their are more riders on the road enjoying life on two wheels. If you don't like a Honda, Yamaha, or Suzuki, simply don't buy one.
Having said all this. If I could afford it, I would still buy the Road King for it's classic good looks usable bags and easy ride. Yamaha does need to consider that small bags and a huge windshield on a cruiser, does not make it a tourer.
bryan harley -why not the harley  December 10, 2009 09:10 AM
We didn't use a Harley because the last two tests we did prior to this were Harleys, the 2010 Dyna Wide Glide and the 2009 Electra Glide. Our first choice was the 2010 Stratoliner Deluxe, but it wasn't available. Star still wanted to supply a bike for the test so it lent us the Strato S. Just trying to give consumers exposure to as many manufacturers as we can.

In reference to impartiality, you've got it wrong. We rode, analyzed, took notes, then reported on our findings. Believe me, I have nothing but respect for Victory Motorcycles. The Cory Ness Jackpot I tested last spring is one of my favorite bikes I've ridden in the last year. But the Cross Country we tested performed as described.
Larry Crockett -Stratoliner vs. Cross Country  December 10, 2009 07:39 AM
I have to confess I own two Victory motorcycles and have been pleased with them, so I naturally lean to the CC. However, the Strat is a good looking bike and a lot of bang for the buck. I also have a Goldwing but will likely trade it for the CC (you don't have to do the skulls), though I am disappointed evidently ABS is not available. My son and I also share a Kawasaki and a Suzuki, and I have to say that there is an understated elegance to Victory that is very appealing. The Goldwing has become too much motorcycle for me (too much weight, up too high). The low center of gravity, relatively light weight, solid handling, and large bags will bring me to trade in my '02 Goldwing for the CC. That it will be my third Victory tells you what I think of them. Fine bike, reliable, great looks, American made--what's not to like?
skeeter -Kerry  December 10, 2009 07:02 AM
First of all, a bike doesn't need to have a full fairing to be "Touring" bike. Saddlebags and some type of wind protection with a comfortable seating position would be the main requirements of a touring motorcycle. Obviously, for you to say that the comparison isn't fair is completely wrong. It's a touring bike versus a touring bike.
As for your idiotic "horsepower envy syndrome", I will run any of my three Harleys against anything you have. My 09 SE Road Glide puts 114.4 hp to the rear wheel, my 01 E-Glide Classic was dyno'd at 101hp, and my 98 Heritage Springer tops out at 80 hp. I did my share of riding on Japanese, German and British bikes, and most were nice riding machines, but none have the soul of a Harley. That soul is what makes a Harley what it is, and it's something that no other motorcycle will ever be able to duplicate. For the people that want to bash Harley without ever riding one, this is something that you will never understand. When I was 23, I bought a 73 Superglide with a weld-on hardtail and an extended front end. It was a ratty looking bike and would rattle your fillings out when riding it, but it felt fantastic. I would ride it to Lewiston, Maine from NJ 4 or 5 times a month to visit my father, about 480 miles each way. It never failed me and never leaked a drop of fluid. It had soul that the Suzuki, BMW, Triumph, BSA and Ducati that I had before never had. I've been on a Harley ever since and have never looked back.
Kevin cross -Vic vs Star  December 10, 2009 06:55 AM
For the most part a good right up, but there is something funny going on with the Vic. I have a dyno, and have run a CR myself, and the torque was virtually identical to the Vision 106, but the CR made a couple less HP. Knowing that dynos vary I won;t question the actual numbers, but your curve looks wrong. Have to say that bike has a problem.
The comparison was also dead wrong as the Star is a direct competitor for the Cross ROADS, and not the Country. The CR is lighter, and even more nimble. Both of which would have improved the performance showing of the Vic is power, and brakes. Not to mention the cute little comment about savings would have been reversed with the Vic being cheaper. Less content is always a way to save money
Matt -CC & Strat  December 10, 2009 05:10 AM
Well done comparison although I agree the choice of comparing bikes from 2 different categorys was kinda odd. Should have gone with the Street Glide comparo in my opinion. The Strat has a solid engine but I would also agree the ergos are a little funky for me as well. Maybe the 2010 Deluxe will have more touring friendly bars but around $18000 for a Strat with some extra plastic,a radio, and less chrome still seems a lil' high ball too me. It does seem strange the CC posted different performance #'s then the Vision seeing as they share the same engine. Looking forward to seeing others post their dyno results. I was most interested to hear about the handling though. I am looking for a powerful touring bagger with good storage & mileage that can still carve the twisties so it is looking like Victory may have the best combo so far.
Kerry -tourer vs cruiser  December 10, 2009 04:51 AM
First off, H.E.S. stands for Horsepower Envy Syndrome and is experienced by 100% of Harley owners. Just to clarify.
Second, why compare a tourer to a cruiser? Better comparison would be the XC to the Street Glide, or the Cross Roads to the Stratoliner. Comparing a fairing fitted bike to one with just a windshield? Must be a guy named Harley doing the testing?
Thirdly, a bigger motor SHOULD produce more HP and Torque. But, I have to question the figures, when the Vision with same motor has better numbers. Could it again be a guy named Harley doing the testing?
And finally, no comparisons based on riding comfort, or overall comfort? Rider positions? I question whether this test is truly unbiased.
Webby -Why Red Apples to Green Apples....  December 10, 2009 01:36 AM
Where is the HD Street Glide in this comparison? Obviously the only other American V-Twin bagger with a bat wing fairing. Got nothing to say negative about the Yamaha/Star Motorcycles. Great Bikes. As far as the Victory Cross Country being down on power/performance... Something just isn't right.. The heavier 106ci Victory Vision(with the same motor/transmission)that you previously tested on your same dyno had more power and performance. Makes me wonder if the Cross Country (you tested) was fully broke in. This review smells a bit impartial.. Coming from an editor who admittedly enjoys riding Harley Davidson's. That pretty much sums up the review and why it wasn't put up against the Street Glide.
skeeter -Harleys?  December 9, 2009 08:55 PM
As would be expected from the posters on here with H.E.S.(Harley Envy Sydrome), you have taken another opportunity to bash and make petty insults towards Harley. For the guy that posted about riding his friend's Deuce and not being able to pass a car, either you don't know how to ride or you are just plain lying. Any Harley with the stock 68hp and 90ft-lbs of torque has more than ample power to pass a car, even at highway speeds. The VW Bug that I owned when I was a kid had 57hp and had no problem passing aanother car at highway speeds. I ride over 20,000 miles a year in my Road Glide, and I don't have any issues. How many of you would utilize 100+hp if your bike had it? Would you be able to ride 1800 miles to Sturgis better than if your bike had only 68hp? I think not! As to the stupid comments about the skull themed paint job, Harley would never offer such a thing. In fact, they offer amazing paint quality with color options to suit most tastes. What other manufacturer offers the paint selection that Harley offers? Hell, the Star Stratoliner Deluxe is only offered in black, and the Victory Cross Country is offered in only black, dark red and the $1500 black & skull option. Most of the metric bikes are only offered in 2 or 3 colors at the most. My 2009 SE Road Glide has a paint job that would blow your mind! If you want to ride your Harley-poser bikes, it's fine with me. Ride your rice burners to the local pub with your matching riding gear, order up some sushi and a latte', and talk b.s., nobody cares! You're just intimidated by Harley riders, and pi**ed off that we kicked your a**es back in high school. Get over it already! This article was a comparison between two bikes and neither of them are Harleys or have anything to do with Harleys. All that said, and bashing Harley seems to overpower the topic at hand. Hmmm? I think that reinforces my point about Harley envy. On this site, there can be a review of a Japanese sportbike, and someone will write a post about Harley. It's actually very funny.
Scottie -competition  December 9, 2009 07:04 PM
For starters, I own a Strat "S" and love the bike. It fits me because I'm 6'2" with 36" shirtsleeves. No need for screen or reach mods here, but I know that's a huge deal for many. That said, the saddlebags are beautiful, but suck. The Deluxe bags are supposed to be much larger. As mentioned in the article, the Deluxe wasn't available yet. Unlike the reviewer I find the wide bars an asset. If your MSF instructor taught you to "counter steer" rather than "push down" you'll be fine. Otherwise, read up and practice. You can't muscle 800 lbs through a twisty. I really admire Victory's efforts. The Victory engine is more visible and the front of the frame less cluttered. If I had waited a year and could get the same price, I'd probably buy the Vic.
Mark -Victory Cross Country  December 9, 2009 06:36 PM
It should be noted that the skull design paint job shown in this atricle is an option for an additional fee. BAsic paint for both the Cross Country and Cross Roads are black and midnight cherry.
mike -cc vs strat  December 9, 2009 04:45 PM
Intresting read. Obviously the strat will make more power given the displacment differance, but the discription on the way the vic performed down low is kind of odd. Never heard of one act like this they are normally well behaved and have ample low end, usually out powering most bikes with aprox same cc's. I wish there were more comments on comfort given what these bikes are about. The writer mentioned a small pillion on the vic, well I and the wife have been on the bike and the pillion is huge, its just as wide as the visions seat, unfortunatly the back rest is extra.
The cross country comes in the same colors as the the cross roads the scull paint is $1500 extra.
Just Looking -Victory  December 9, 2009 03:43 PM
Victory must be going after the Harley crowd putting the skulls on there bike. If they are going to do that then they better start selling Victory decals, ash trays, clocks, and pirate outfits too. They can start a "Victory Lifestyle" image then they can just sell the same bike every year like HD does.
Cruiser -Star Bikes  December 9, 2009 03:39 PM
The Star line of bikes is hard to beat for the money. They have HD and Victory beat in every category. If a cruiser bike is your cup of tea then the Yamaha Star line is tough to beat. Someday HD might get serious about building a real motorcycle. Right now 65 HP will not sell me a bike. Harley's are underpowered and overpriced. With 2 people on a Harley it is almost impossible to pass a car unless you are on a 4 lane road. I know from experience. I was riding my buddies duce and pulled out to pass a car and found out almost too late that I did not have enough power. He apologized and said he should have told me ahead of time. I was used to my bike. Scared the living hell out of me. His duce is a nice bike but it is way underpowered. He spent a bunch of $$$ on some kind of Harley Eagle kit and he says it is now about 75HP.
Jerico -Victory  December 9, 2009 12:58 PM
I would have to agree with some of the other posters that the skulls look juvenile at best especially for a bike that costs $18 large. It also looks like Harley-Davidson isn’t the only US Mo. Co. that can’t compete with the import bikes in terms of HP and torque. Sure the peak HP numbers are close but every thing below peak on the Victory falls really short. Someday, maybe if or when Victory gets serious about wanting to sell bikes for the long term and not just cherry pick they should produce a middle weight cruiser for around $10 grand. There is an entire market out there now more than ever before for middle weight cruisers.
Big Ron -Wrong Test  December 9, 2009 10:52 AM
As usual you guys do a great job! It would have made sense to wait for the Stratoliner Deluxe and put it and the Victory up against the HD Street Glide and Road Glide Custom; that is the comparison most want to see. It seems that Yamaha continues to miss the mark on these comparisons by continually sending the wrong bike. Last year or two years ago I read a comparision where they sent a Star 1300 to compete against the large displacement cruisers instead of a Stratoliner:is this a case of arrogance or ignorance? Anyways, please make the above mentioned shoot out happen.

Cruiser -Stratoliner  December 9, 2009 09:33 AM
I really like both bikes and I favor the Stratoliner mainly because I do not like the Skull and Crossbones crap on the Cross Country. That is the kind of crap that HD would come up with. I have tested both bikes and I must agree with Jeff on the bars on the Stratoliner. The local dealer has a different bar installed on one of the floor models but due to bad weather I was unable to test it. I am looking at the Cross Roads as it does not have the weird paint but it also does not have the faring. I will never consider a Harley. Old technology, overpriced and short on horsepower. I will not spend an extra 3 or 4 thousand on a Harley aftermarket kit just to get more horsepower that the Yamaha and Victory already have.
Kevin -Cross Country versus Stratoliner S  December 9, 2009 08:46 AM
Why did you compare a fairing-equipped model against a windshield-equipped model? The windshield-equipped Victory Cross Roads would have been the logical model to compare against the windshield-equipped Stratoliner S. Of COURSE the fairing-equipped model has better weather protection and aerodynamics than the windshield-equipped model. DUH. And why did you not compare the Cross Country to the Street Glide, the bike that is obviously Victory's intended target?
Jeff -Stratoliner  December 9, 2009 06:02 AM
One thing the article didn't talk about was comfort. I test rode a Stratoliner and it had a strange riding position because of those wide goofy bars, the backache I had after just a few miles knocked it out of consideration real fast.
BTW, since the Cross Country is obviously built to compete directly against the Street Glide why wasn't the Street Glide the comparison bike?