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2011 Harley Road Glide Ultra Comparison

Monday, January 24, 2011
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2011 Harley Road Glide Ultra Comparison Video
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The Road Glide gets its touring credentials with the addition of a beefier engine, ABS, mid-frame air deflectors and fairing lowers. We test it out against its American V-Twin touring competitor, the Victory Vision Tour, in this 2011 Road Glide Ultra Comparison Video.
The best part of the Road Glide Ultra’s new PowerPak combo is the bigger bore Twin Cam 103 engine and the power gains that come along with the new mill in comparison to last year’s TC 96. Its 1690cc Twin does function at a displacement disadvantage as Victory’s Freedom 106 engine measures out at 1731cc. But despite its lack of horsepower in comparison to the Vision, it has a strong initial hit and launched with authority thanks to its crisp throttle response and the jetting of its Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection. The Road Glide Ultra’s electronic throttle control has the action and feel of a cable-actuated system and the H-D will get you up to freeway speeds in just over six-and-a-half seconds during our 0-60 test. The last time we pitted the Harley and Vision, the power disparity was glaring. The gap between the two now is notably closer.

The second best part of the PowerPak on the Road Glide Ultra is the standard ABS. When you’re riding an 875-pound touring motorcycle, having a solid set of binders is imperative. Where we found the front brake on the Vision a bit soft, the Road Glide Ultra’s 4-piston Brembo calipers up front grab the dual discs with more authority. The Harley’s ABS does engage much easier, but the pulsing sensation at the brake pedal and at the hand control isn’t as disconcerting when it was introduced to the 2008 touring line. Harley’s done a bang-up job of keeping its ABS hidden unobtrusively by concealing the components in the wheel hub.

2011 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra
Our Road Test Editor, Adam Waheed, gladly demonstrates the lean angles the 2011 Road Glide Ultra can achieve.
The fact that the Road Glide Ultra’s Shark-Nose fairing is frame-mounted keeps action at the bars light and manageable. Since Harley went from stamped and welded parts to a casted and forged frame on its touring bikes a couple of years back, its big tourers track loads better in turns. The Road Glide Ultra is planted when leaned over and you can enter corners aggressively for such a big bike. Where we had qualms with the way the 2008 Ultra Classic’s front end transferred every road imperfection to the bars, this problem has been eliminated with the switch to the new chassis. At the handlebars, the Road Glide Ultra feels much more compact than the Vision and is easier to control during low-speed maneuvers. We also like the better protection from buffeting the RG Ultra offers over the older Road Glides as air is diverted around the rider more thanks to a higher windscreen, mid-frame air deflectors and new fairing lowers.

Passenger accommodations are improved thanks to the addition of a backrest. Adjustable lumbar support adds to the comfort factor. There’s twice as much storage space for two-up adventures as the King Tour Pak doubles the 2.26 cubic-feet capacity of the GTX Saddlebags. The touring set-up on the Road Glide Ultra does add 83 pounds to the standard Road Glide and the addition of a topcase means there’s a little more drag on the rear end, but luckily the added power compensates for it. A healthy six-gallon tank and almost 37 mpg means you can muster around 220 miles on a tank of gas.

2011 Road Glide Ultra Topcase
The King Tour Pak doubles up the 2.26 cubic-feet of storage of the GTX saddlebags.
Both bikes feature air-adjustable rear suspension that can be easily dialed in for loads. The Road Glide Ultra has an air valve located between the saddlebag and rear fender on the left-hand side. To adjust the rear suspension on the Vision, pop open the left saddlebag, hook up to the schrader valve and inflate it to the suggested load settings via a standard hand-held air pump. We didn’t notice any big disparity in the ride quality of either as only large potholes sent the suspension through the full stroke of their travel.

Harley-Davidson switched the Road Glide Ultra’s pipes back to a 2-1-2 arrangement for 2011. They are routed low on the bike to reduce engine heat and emit the definitive Harley rumble. The Victory’s pipes are big and clean but are situated a little closer to the rider’s butt, contributing to the noticeable engine heat we commented on earlier. The 2011 Vision’s exhaust note is a little richer than year’s prior thanks to re-designed exhaust tips.

The Victory Vision Tour handles great at speed, has an engine that provides plenty of torque, and its transmission is greatly improved. It has
Victory Vision Tour
The 2011 Road Glide Ultra has the handling of a bagger with the amenities of a full-on touring motorcycle.  
an MSRP of $23,199 and is a touring platform that provides long-range convenience and comfort. The Road Glide Ultra sells for a comparable $22,499. Its TC 103 engine gives it the added punch we were looking for in a Harley tourer and feels just as lively at the throttle thanks to spot-on fuel injection and a more manageable clutch. It’s much easier to handle at low speed and since Harley switched out the chassis in 2009, the bike handles on par with the Vision now at speed, too. It also matches the Vision’s comfortable ergos, storage capacity and ride quality. Since the last time we paired a Harley Tourer against a Victory Vision, The Motor Company has addressed many of our grievances. Beyond refining its transmission, not much has changed in the performance of the Victory Vision since its introduction. The Ultra’s brakes also inspire more confidence, and though the disparity between the two is minute at best, we found the updated Road Glide Ultra to be an incrementally better all-around motorcycle.

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Bobzilla   March 30, 2011 07:48 AM
I have to laugh when posts here start insinuating that Harley is outdated and archaic. Just shows their lack of education. Little do they realize that their comments really are a huge compliment to the Harley designers.

Don't get me wrong, I have been a long Harley basher myself throughout the years. My stable has included 2 Goldwings, 05 Busa, couple SV street/track bikes 1000 & 650, C50T cruiser and a dual sport DL1000 V-Strom.

I found that the Japanese bikes have stagnated in their innovation with regards to touring and cruiser bikes. The jump from GL1500 to GL1800 was pretty nice, yet they really haven’t done any real progression since 2001. BMW, on the other hand, has always been cutting on the edge and due garner my attention for all the trick electronics. However the styling package is modern. Cool yes, but within 24 months it doesn’t look cool anymore.

New fashions fade...classic fashion will always be true. Harley spends loads of money to keep innovating with customer requests, yet they stay true to what makes a Harley, a Harley. Why do you thing Dodge, Ford & Chevy revamped “classic” style cars, because their style is timeless and cool.

Motorcycling is an emotional experience just as mush as transportation. The mechanical innovations from the Milwaukee guys since 2001 are amazing. People buy a Harley for what it looks like, how they feel when riding and how they sound. Harley knows this is their bead-n-butter and is not messing with it.

Since 2001 they have new frames, larger tires, higher load capacities, 3 engine displacements, ABS, keyless ignition & fuel injection. Now factor in the 1000’s of available accessories to tailor the fit & style through the local Harley dealer and Harley factory (not just plastic chrome like the Jap bikes but, seats, handlebars, electronics), they have a pretty good system going. Also the dealers like to make you feel like “family”. Yes it’s done to get into your wallet but, at least the make it fun.

If you take the time to educate yourself you will find loads innovation and value. When was that last time you could sell your 10 year old Jap bike for 75% of original purchase price with over 35k miles on it?

As long as you're on two wheels its all good. It's your hard earned dollar to spend on what you wanna ride and it's my hard earned dollar and I will ride what I want.
way2old   March 27, 2011 07:12 AM
We test rode 11 bikes before finding one that we liked that fit us the best. My wife is 5'10" and I am a bit too big.

Of all these bikes we liked the Victory Vision few months later on bought a new leftover 08.

1. Fits both of us better than any bike we have ever ridden
2. Great handling solo or two up....at any speed
3. Comfort in any/every respect
4. Acceleration
5. 18" long floorboards....no cramping
6. Heated seats/grips, adjustable windscreen
7. Tip over protection....we know a parking lot tip over did not result in any damage
8. Effortless cruising at any speed
9. Low seat height. 26"

1. The Vision or any big twin will not have the precision feel and sewing machine smoothness of a six cylinder...but in an odd way it counters this with a more....a wonderful big twin cadence you can feel that is not annoying or troublesome. At the Visions soft spot RPM in 6th it is so close to being as smooth a Goldwing the difference did not matter to us.

2. The transmission in our 08 is behind what is available in some other bikes we tested. Bit clunky and yes noisy.

3. The speakers.....terrible

1. Non Riders: We get waves every now and then from those in station wagons filled with kids who also wave. Dont know why...but first bike of all owned this has ever happened. When we stop people that dont know one motorcycle from another stop over to talk to us. We even had some Amish stop one time ....I always joked that it was because we had ours done in all black....but they were interested. Link to 3 pix: https://backup.filesanywhere.com/fs/v.aspx?v=896c6b86615e71baa867

2. Riders: Every time we go on a group ride with others the Vision gets alot of attention and discussion. Yes....comments like it looks like a 38 Buick with the swoopy side cases or a Jetsons new ride are common, but most riders are realllly interested about it.

3. Having the Vision made in America seems to make alot of people happy......and frankly some of the specs should impress any motorcyclist...examples: Aluminum frame and gas tank, tip over protection, amazing V twin engine, 6 speeds, great handling and comfort, but what makes me happy is that others for the most part accept the Vision, like it and want to know more.

We rode the Harley Tour bikes on numerous demo rides and in the end they simply did not fit us personally. I think many of the features on the Vision were superior in 2008 when the bike was introduced and still are...but in the end it fit us best, was our choice and we do have not one regret in buying the Victory Vision.

JAM   February 23, 2011 04:58 PM
Bryan, First off what is your primary motorcycle, because an avid rider like yourself must have many and knows that there are better bikes out there then Harley.
Or our you one of those dinosaurs that has been brain washed with the Harley Mystic. Listen Harley has been on top of the Cruiser market for years and the only thing they have going for them is the Parts and Clothing Line. If they wanted to stay dominant they should of been improving and keeping up with all other brands on the technical advancements. But no they just thought the can get by on their rep.
I have owned Harley's for twenty years, I have had the Shovel,EVO,Twin Cam, and they have all failed in comparison to BMW,Honda,Yamaha,and Victory.
In short you better cash that check that Harley gives you before it bounces.
RJ -Keep an open mind...  February 1, 2011 06:41 AM
I hate how people always dis' a bike without ever riding one. I guess it's the nature of the business, however, how can anyone ever improve their posture if they are not willing to really accept change or investigate the real differentiators between makes. Sure fenders and fairings are different molds and produce opinions, but it's the engineering in the mechanics that really create the best ride. Additionally while tradition provides a standard to baseline your designs, and are arguably time tested and proven, it also does not lend itself to strive for improvement. The whole branding hype argument tied to the manufacturer's marketing is getting old and the consumers should not even be dragged into the discussion at this level but somehow when the comparsion article is posted, and comments start, here we go again...
Briscoe -Harley vs all others  January 31, 2011 10:31 PM
I priced the bikes and a salvage title Harley sells for about the same money as a comparable victory or japanese bike in good shape and a clean title. Just sayin If Harley's were half as bad as you guys think, they wouldn't sell more touring bikes then all other companies combined. Just ride what you want and if you ever want to upgrade Harley will still be selling bikes.
Scooter -Harley is an embarrasment  January 31, 2011 12:05 PM
It makes no sense to compare a Gold Wing to any Harley. The Harley is so far behind the Wing it is silly. Honda will have a new Wing out in 2012 and that will put HD in the tank as far as touring bikes go. Even a 10 year old Gold Wing is better than a new Ultra. I have to laugh at the radio on a Harley. Everything on a Harley reminds me of something that was slapped together just to get it out in the market. No planning or forethought. It is a 40 year old bike that HD wants to pass off as a new modern motorcycle. The dealers love to sell a Ultra because you have to spend 3 or 4 more thousand on the motor to make it at least usable. A Harley is a joke and an embarrassment to the American manufacturing market.
Lumpy -potential...  January 28, 2011 04:28 AM
I will grant that the Goldwing outperforms the Vision. However, there is really nothing on the market to make the GW perform better than stock.

On a Vision, you can change the exhaust, air filter, and cams ($1800) and it will make 110 HP and 110 Tq, and make over 100 ft-lbs by 2000 RPM. The Goldwing is around 95 rear wheel HP and will always remain 95 rear wheel HP.

Now, someone is going to chime in with how you can get lots of HD performance goodies, and that's true, but it would cost twice as much to make any power with the HD... and that pressed crank isn't going to be reliable over the 100 HP level. If you want it to fly, you might as well sell that POS engine on e-bay and buy a complete aftermarket engine, because it would be cheaper and easier that way.

If... big if... I was in the market for a full blown tourer, it would be a difficult decision between the Goldwing and the Vision. The HD wouldn't even be in the running. I find the HD too compact, too slow, too hot, and find it to have too many maintenance issues.

One more thing... Whoever came up with that "kill the rear jug at idle" heat management thing should be fired immediately. How about an oil cooler and larger cooling fins? I find Harley's solution to the heat issue laughable.

Troy Ruby -Cya later guys  January 27, 2011 07:34 PM
You guys need to grow up. It's one thing to dis a brand but the name calling makes me glad I don't ride with you.
GB -Mike in WV  January 27, 2011 06:26 PM
LOL!!!! classic!!!
Bikendad -Why no mention of the cramped riding position on the HD?  January 27, 2011 09:43 AM
I have to say that I find it very curious that these tests never mention how your knees are up in your chest and there is no room on the floor boards of the HD. I'm 6'1" and everytime I get on an HD tourer I feel extremely cramped and there is absolutely no room to move my feet around on the floorboards. The Vics however allow for a slightly stretched out riding position along with extremely roomy floorboards, which allows for a much more comfortable ride especially for a touring bike. I also never had a top heavy feeling on the Vision I test rode and felt the parking lot handling was excellent.
Mike in WV -Limited scope  January 26, 2011 04:43 PM
For those trying to rationalize with the uneducated and limited intelligence of WildHog and Milwaukee "I wanna be uncle willie's bitch" Mike, just laugh at their ignorance. The GoldWing is twice the bike any Ultra Classic could every hope to be. To call the GoldWing a couch...well, I'd take that over the Ultra Classic anyday. The Ultra Classic is the couch your great aunt never let you sit on...the only thing missing from the Ultra Classic is that funky plastic cover. Talk about old...everything about the bike says old man. I've rode the GoldWing on several occasions and always came away with a deep appreciation for it's design and engineering. I look forward to seeing the 2012 GoldWing...whatever it has will blow "every" Hardly out of the water. WildHog talks about soul...that's not a soul he's hearing...it's a respirator on a dieing patient. How about those CD players in the stereo??? Wow...one step away from a tape deck. lol Please...lol WildHog is the stereotypical Hardly dreg. I bet he sucks that fat gut in over his stressed out HD belt buckle just before he saddles up to that saggy ink skinned bar fly with the Hardly bandana halter top (also known as Me-wank-ee Mike's Mom)and then comes to the realization that he is actually Me-wank-ee Mike's daddy! Oh the drama. lol These two clowns are all set for their own episode on Springer! Typical of backwood, inbred...well, you get the picture. I usually don't venture out on such a personal bashing...but their ignorance and limited scope just pushed me over the limit.
wildpig -mr wildpig to you  January 26, 2011 03:56 PM
well jimbo-- i cant bring myself ie [lower] myself to ride a flying couch,, yall do know a goldwing is called a flyin couch-- further-- talk about about bike with no soul zero feedback why thatd be the totally boring goldwing now would nt it? lets see-- aint a bike spose to talk to you? the goldwing will always remain- silent. aint a bike an u spose to connect? well heres a clue jap bike riders------ put 2 wheels on yer ole ladys singer sewing mochine an call it a goldwing-- personally i cant see no difference--- i mean i know whats goin on here-- theys some ignert people that ride only-- their barco loungers.............
Jim -Wildpig & yo Mikee!  January 26, 2011 11:49 AM
Take a suggestion.... One fine day, when both of you are feeling good! go out and ride a Honda Goldwing, you'll know what a touring motorcycle should be. And if you still come back to the harleys, well, continue flashing your sleeveless-tattooed-fluffy arms!
Vision Rider -Try Me  January 26, 2011 08:18 AM
Ultra Classic CVO 110
Vision rider -Try Me.  January 26, 2011 08:16 AM
If you ride an HD and you don'r belive the Victory vision is an ALL around better motorcycle. I will accept your challange and to make it even bring your Ultra Classic CVO 100 you will need the extra HP to keep up.

I live in the Chicago area respond with email address and we can set this up.

Bobby B -Vic VS HD for value  January 25, 2011 08:36 PM
Bryan I like your articles and respect your opinion. I believe that the true comparison is in the value of engineering Vic vs HD. The Victory has heated seats, grips, electric windshield, front floating discs, braided brake lines, HID head light, radial tires, gear drive primary, counter balancers, roller rockers, 4 valve head, the HP and torque values that HD doesn't have. I am Journeyman Millwright with over 30 continuous years on the HD FLH chassis and engines. With the last one being a 2007 Street Glide. I can tell you that I have no desire to return to the FLH bikes again. My wallet is fuller since losing the HD because the dealership doesn't drain me every time I walk in the door. The fuel mileage may be correct but you take into account that you have a greater drag contact area with the Victory window. I know some HD riders may think I'm all wet but just look a the Vision rider VS the HD in the rain and see you is all wet. Cheers BB
Desmo Demon -Harley vs Victory  January 25, 2011 08:31 PM
I would not care to ride either of these bikes, if I rode a big touring bike,the new BMW 1600 six is light years ahead. There is one big problem with Harleys that other brands don't have- the idiot neanderthals that ride them !!!!! For that reason amoung many I will never buy a HD product.
Likin' neither -It's like comparing boat anchors  January 25, 2011 06:31 PM
With all of the *Great* new bikes out there, these two should be at the very bottom of anybody's list. ZX-14? Ninja 1000? Z-1000? Sprint?Even Shamu? The Gold Wing is, and always has been the safe pick for covering lots of miles in performance-comfort. At over $22k, these two are only worth half that. If both of these companies do not get with the program and start offering mid-sized, budget-minded bikes that perform well, I expect them both to die a quick death. I do not hate HD's, or V-twins, I just truely believe that these (most likely long lasting) hard economic times will drive bikes like these into the dirt. Their target demographic is quickly disappearing. At least Victory has access to some experience and support of small engine developement with the Can-Am line. Like many others, I can not believe that HD severed ties (and much more) with Eric, and we will never forgive them for that. Selling MV back for $1 was *awesome*. I will enjoy watching HD fade away in the next 5 or 10 years. They do not deserve today what they *had* in the past.
Mike in WV -No shortage of Morons  January 25, 2011 06:04 PM
Well obviously Me-wank-ee Mike doesn't understand the term "incrementally" and thank you rdukingpin for supplying the definition. I think it's funny how the die hardyly davidson fans are quick to jump on an article where a Harley might edge out another bike, but conveniently they ignore those same authors or say they are full of fecal matter (poop Mikey...I'll try to talk to your understanding level)if they choose the other bike. How about the recent shoot out between the HD Street Glide, Yamaha Strat Delux and the Victory Cross Country. Guess which bike won and which ones didn't???!!!

Nate, not sure how it was possible that the Vision vibrated more than the Hardly, but one common observation is that the Hardlys have a better throttle response. The acceleration may not have been as noticeable, but I guarantee you put those bikes on the same steep grade riding 2 up and the Vision will easily pull away. That's the difference in the hp and torque.

WildPig...and sorry, I only reserve Mr. for those I respect and you fall way short. I have serious reservations about what bikes you've owned and ridden and I seldom respect the narrow of mind and short on character. Again...to me, Hardlys are like MacDonalds hamburgers...everyone has probably had one at some point, but when given a choice (which I always have because I'm a veteran as well), I choose a bike that will have a good balance of form and function. Let's face it, you're about as shallow as they come because you're basing your rantings on old traditions and a name brand that doesn't ring true any more. It's too bad that Warren Buffet didn't give Willie the loan with the stipulation that they get their heads out of their rectums and truely innovate something new. They (Hardly)even had to outsource for the V-Rod! How pathetic and uninspiring...and sadly, that is the best made motor that Hardly sells! Even the SE is a turd in comparison given displacement.

I've said it before and will say it again, Hardly should fire their design engineers and send their marketing team (belts and ash tray division)to engineering school because they are the only innovative ones working there.

The Vision is not for everyone and yes, it does have short comings. But, it can still go toe to toe with the best Hardly has. WildPig and Milwaukee Moron...in a class of bikers...you are the class clowns. No one takes you seriously and no one will. Ya been punked! lol
wildpig -that'd be mr wildpig to u  January 25, 2011 05:10 PM
well well well jeffro-- lets see i took a chopped 10.5-1 comp evo badboy springer to strugis--thats 2000 miles one way with 110,000 miles on it an ran the hell outta it there an back -- no break downs..... evo motor of course... who u tryin to kid-- it just aint any one that--rides..............
rdukingpin -roadglide vs vision  January 25, 2011 03:52 PM
Incrementally "a small increase in quantity"according to webster.Having rode both many times but owned neither,i won't argue that.I find both to be excellant riding bikes with a slight edge in comfort going to the vic.Don't find the vic to be anymore top heavy than the HD.I may be wrong but i think the vic frame is also the gas tank ,putting the weight low.At idle the HD vibration makes my62yo back uncomfortable but smooths out when you give it the gas.Tells me to ride more stop less.I do find the HD to have more pep.In the real world i find the msrp for equally equipped bikes to be much farther apart,with vic dealers being more ready to deal and HD dealers more ready to give you a hat for half price.HD sells new for more,cost of upkeep is more so resale should be more.BUT good luck on getting it financed from anyone other than HD.
Jeff -wildpiggy  January 25, 2011 02:11 PM
"fer the record snowflakes-- i d had an owed an rode bout ever thang made with 2 wheels,, iron butt over 7 times,, all the rallys,, all the custumizin, personal best 6,500 miles in 6 days.... been there done that--will do it again.... i'll take a harley any day over"

Obviously you are full of it because if you did just half of the things you said you did in your little fantasy the last bike you would be standing by is a Harley because you would know better. Dream on pirate.
Nate -My thoughts on HD vs Victory tourers  January 25, 2011 01:38 PM
I rode an Ultra last year at Bike Week and then popped over to the Victory booth/area and rode a Vision. The new frame design really made the Ultra a contender in the touring segment. Much better cornering than the older design. The Victory didn't have the top heavy feel mentioned by B. Harley, at least not to me, but then again I've heard some say the GL1800 feels top heavy so it's all subjective.

The thing that baffles me to this day between the HD tourers and the Victory, is that everyone clammors over the Victory motor. The one I test rode was for lack of a better adjetive, a turd. Smooth at idle but vibrated like a paint shaker under throttle and just didn't "feel" like anything was happening. I popped off the rev limiter on quite a few occasions and didn't feel like I'd accelerated any.

The 103" HD motor on the other hand felt much more responsive and seemed to have way more grunt down low. Granted it did vibrate like a mother at idle. So bad in fact, I kept reaching for the idle knob to turn the idle up.

All that being said, I ended up buying a GL1800 a couple months later.

Are we really debating re-sale values on motorcycles???

Let me guess, next someone is gonna say a motorcycle is an investment?

Bwhahahahahahaahah. Get real.
wildpig -that'd be mr wildpig to you  January 25, 2011 01:26 PM
well well well -- i ve read the responses such as they were to my comments.. fer the record snowflakes-- i d had an owed an rode bout ever thang made with 2 wheels,, iron butt over 7 times,, all the rallys,, all the custumizin, personal best 6,500 miles in 6 days.... been there done that--will do it again.... i'll take a harley any day over --- you wana bee's....... and the proff is in the puddin-- harley is sucessful in spite of mis management over the last 25 yrs.................. are u listening willie,, an all the ex ford an johnson controls top brass....
milwaukee mike -nuff said  January 25, 2011 12:47 PM
"we found the updated Road Glide Ultra to be an incrementally better all-around motorcycle" nuff said. Don't tell me that freak thing made by Batman and Pee Wee Herman is a better bike than the HD. Look at what Brian Harley said. HE said it not me!
Scooter -Used Harley's are cheap  January 25, 2011 11:32 AM
Harley Ultra's are a dime a dozen on the used bike market. Just check out your local newspaper, craigslist or ebay. They are filled with people who bought a Harley and then, too late, realized what they bought. They had dreams of riding down the street making a lot of noise and people looking at them on there Harley dressed up in there pirate outfit and saying WoW. What they where really saying was - look at that idiot on the Harley making a lot of noise. That is all a Harley is good for - making a lot of noise. I prefer a real modern touring bike - not a outdated overpriced Harley. HD needs to hire some real engineers and design a bike that the young buyers will want. OH wait, they already had that in the Buell. Need I say more?
bryan harley -MSRP  January 25, 2011 11:15 AM
2011 Victory Vision Tour $23,199
2011 Road Glide Ultra $22,499. In different color options, its $23,059.
These were the prices stated in the official press releases and confirmed on line. Hope that helps.
topcat 2002 -H/D  January 25, 2011 10:34 AM
just read yr road test on the R/G RRP is $23049 is this correct??? vic VS RG $23199 RG,$22499, so which one is correct???
Milo -wildpig  January 25, 2011 10:30 AM
See my other post. Thanks again wildpig for supporting my first post with first class myth and ignorance. If…if this was say 1995 then yes you would be correct about HD resale but it’s not 1995 it is 2011. HD resale retail is on par with most metric bikes. HD dealers have non-current overstock, the classifieds are full of clean low mile 1-3 yr. old HDs and many of these used HDs have been for sale at dealers and in classifieds since this past April. Sure the economy has something to do with it but HD’s resale value has been falling for the last 7 to 8 yrs. now and in past recessions HD held their value.

When you have more units than you have buyers the value will drop especially when these buyers have much better choices to choose from.

Just out of curiosity, how much is the satisfaction of blindly believing in the resale myth worth compared to riding a bike you really enjoy and getting many miles of smiles? And what would you do with the money you got from your used Harley? Buy another Harley with the same engine, drive train and chassis, brakes, suspension but different paint finish, handle bars and name?

“fact o the matter is-- year in an year out -- you aint gonna go wrong with harley.......” Unless of course you have ridden something other than a Harley and have ridden with riders other than Harley owners.
Nick -Resale  January 25, 2011 10:26 AM
Who cares if your bike is worth more when you get rid of it? If you're already planning to get rid of it, don't get it in the first place.

Get the bike you like.
Mike in WV -Subjectivity rules the day  January 25, 2011 09:45 AM
OK...looking beyond the typical idiocy of Me-wank-ee Mike and the "self" proclaimed mastery of all things motorcycle, Mr WildPig, the conclusion of this article shows the RGU edging out (barely)the Vision and that was predominantly based on less storage space in the Visions side saddlebags and the Vision being slightly less agile at parkinglot speed. I've had the pleasure of owning a Vision and maybe it was just my riding skill, but I never had any difficulty at handling the bike at low seed. As a matter of fact, I used my Vision to demonstrate the different skills in the MSF Experienced Rider Course to show a big bike can still easily be handled. My only complaint of the Vision was the heat build up since its engine does not have great airflow and heat dissapation. However, I have also taken the RGU out on rides and had my thighes roast as well.

Mr WildPig (I bet he loves the movie Wild Hogs because real bikers rode HD's in the movie...oh wait, my bad, those were actors lol) is using faulty logic (giving that to him loosely) because he seems to think that HD holds it's resale value better. Well,Milo is correct in that most Victory owners don't care about resale value because they have no intention of selling their bike anytime soon. There are very few used Victorys on EBay in comparison to HD (Yes, I know HD sells more bikes) and the simple fact is that most Victory owners sell or trade their bikes to get a new Victory. You see, Victory enjoys one of the highest customer satisfaction percentages in the industry.

Now...since I seem to be roasting the pig at the time, here's something Mr WildPig can ponder. One of my best friends bought a 2010 Roadking in March and after adding new pipes and some other bells and whistles, walked away to the tune of approx $22K. Well, in September he decides he wants a Ultra Limited. Guess what he was offered for his bike of less than one year??? 13.5K!!! True, he probably could have sold it outright for 16.5K, but the truth is...no body who knows bikes wants a used HD!

I had a '92 Roadking and the 2 happiest days were the day I bought it and less than a year later, the day I sold it. It was a piece of crap. Maybe you're accustomed to riding crap and just don't know any better...but for the rest of us, we'll leave the sheep in our dust and ride what we like.
Half333Evil -Resale  January 25, 2011 09:11 AM
I find it interesting that HD guys are always talking about resale. Much like the bikes they love, the bragging about resale is a thing of the past.

I was narrowed down to two bikes this fall when I was getting ready to buy, a Street Glide and the Victory XC. I chose the XC becasue I liked the dealer more, my salesman owned three bikes including an HD, and he didn't run down any bike- in fact he was complimentary of most of the bikes I was thinking about.

He HD guy, on the other hand, couldn't stop slamming the 'metric' bikes, and for a second I was sure that he was Milwakee Mike. He then went on and on about resale, and I said that when I was done with whatever my next bike was going to be, it was going to be worthless because of miles anyway. He continued to go on and on about resale, even after I pointed out that I could get a year or two older model of the Street Glide for 20-30% less than I would pay for a new one. He said he didn't believe me, and I proceeded to show him three on my blackberry. He still went on about resale, dealer support, but by the end of that experience, I didn't want support from a guy like that. Then, he proceeded to tell me that I would have to put another 3K into my bike to make it how I wanted, making it much more expensive than the Victory XC.

He resale of an HD is not what it used to be.
Bubba Head Splitter -Truant officer  January 25, 2011 07:35 AM
Did the short bus overturn and release all the passengers? Do you like Harley? Buy one. Ride it. A lot. Do you like Victory? Buy one. Ride it. A lot. Do you not like either? Buy something else. Ride it. A lot. These are motorcycles, not investments. That's not so hard, is it? Sheeesh.
Vince XB -Fighting illogic with logic: a losing venture  January 25, 2011 06:06 AM
Look, when you boil this down to it's basic elements it comes down to a test ride on each bike and deciding which one gives you more bang for the buck. They both seem like great bikes for their designed use, so I don't see where anyone would go wrong with either one. BUT!!! there are a lot of things that could make me really dislike HD as a company; like axing Buell without even as much as an attempt to sell the brand name, not allowing Buells to be sold is non HD dealers (like in a typical mixed brand import dealer where you'll actually find people interested in buying sport bikes), marketing image over substance, charging way too much for their products, resisting change, etc. But really, they're free to do business however they chose so long as their customers are satisfied. I guess that's who ultimately turns me off from HD is their mil-wonky-mike type customers who rabidly drink the koolaid and literally try to destroy anything that doesn't have a shield and/or a skull and crossbones on it. Especially in this case because both bikes are AMERICAN bikes. I get the "buy American" thing and the rally around the flag mentality against Asian imports, but this is a mono y mono duel between to AMERICAN heavyweights. Why all the venom? "Try reselling the Victory" is kinda dumb. Yes, Victory has a lower resell value, but it actually makes it easier to sell. I'd rather buy a used Vic over a used HD any day simply because they're cheaper and I'll get more V twin pull for my dollar. Also, I have less to worry about in the way of the average pirate-shade-tree-mechanic hacking up a Vic as opposed to an HD. Of all the Vic owners I've come to know, not a single one of them was anything close to the stereotypical HD bad boy who is always having to turn a wrench whether the bike needs it or not. Want to follow the herd? Buy the HD. It's a good bike, probably one of their best. Want a great ride that stands out from the crowd AND proves you're still a macho AMERICAN (if that matters to you), buy the Vic and you'll be happy too. No Wannabee here, Victory has stood out from the herd of HD and the lookalikes from day 1. Neither of these are my cup of tea, but I'd go with the Vic simply because it's different.
wildpig -that'd be mr wildpig to you  January 24, 2011 11:33 PM
well well well i see the newbie's the inexperienced an the wanabees'are coming outta the closet to diss the utlra.. heres a clue from the master {thats me of course}-- try reselling that land barge they call a victory........... get your 40% loss ready,, reminds me of BMW-- talk about a looser of a bike- thier resell and reliability are worse than either harley or victory... but i digress. fact o the matter is-- year in an year out -- you aint gonna go wrong with harley.......
GB -once again  January 24, 2011 08:49 PM
me-wank-ee shows his lack of brains. try selling that HD POS. seen the classifieds lately? LOL!!!
ALNOIR -Two words...  January 24, 2011 08:49 PM
Gold Wing!
Mitch -Turning point or tune up?  January 24, 2011 05:16 PM
After reading quite a few dresser touring reviews over the years where the Electra Glide's short comings overshadowed it's overall ratings I was half way expecting to feel deja vu again while reading this article as well. When Harley made the unprecedented move to update it's touring platform as well as lower the cost a little in 2008 I was somewhat shocked and hoped that it meant a turning point in the brand's business model and that more updates and innovations were to come. Slowly but surely this year the 103 was made standard in the RGU without inflating the price much further which was what the the platform was sorely needing. I'm glad to see that the MOCO is investing some engineering effort into it's touring line and hope that these steps forward aren't just a once in a decade tune up. I would like to see America as a whole become a respected major competitive motorcycle manufacturer again and much like the domestic auto market & General Motors I think the financial shake up might have been the kick in the ass so to speak Harley needed to head towards that direction.
Milo -moronic mike  January 24, 2011 03:46 PM
“Wanna know who come out on top? Try reselling the Victory.” For starters Harley is having a hard time selling their own bikes even with big discounts on the non-current models. Second, the used market is overloaded with used Harleys that NOBODY wants. Ever notice how Harley owners like to talk about the resale of their bike? Ever notice owners of other makes of bikes talk about how much they enjoy their bikes. If I made the mistake of purchasing a Harley I too would be dreaming of the day I unload it to some other sucker when I resell it. It is no wonder resale is such a hot topic with Harley owners.
milwaukee mike -Road Glide vs. Losercycle  January 24, 2011 02:34 PM
Once again Wannabee, I mean Victory puts up a Losercycle against H-D. Wanna know who come out on top? Try reselling the Victory.
Been There -Rode a Ultra once and thats enough.  January 24, 2011 01:35 PM
I rented a Road Glide last spring and I will never do that again. It was the worst motorcycle that I have ever ridden. The engine heat was terrible and the vibration was worse. My hands and butt were numb from the vibration. I used 3 quarts of oil on a little over 2500 mile trip and the bike had a little over 3000 miles on it when I left for the trip. A Harley was the only bike I could rent for a week so I had to rent the Ultra or stay home. I had to stop about every 80 miles or so to rest my hands and butt. I had no feeling in my hands from the vibration after 60 miles or so. The radio system is worthless. I really can not see how someone would actually pay money for a Harley when there are better bikes for less. HD does nothing to improve there line of aging bikes except change the color and move the chrome around. The Vision is by far a superior motorcycle in every way over the Harley.