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2005 Boss Hoss Quick Ride Photo Gallery

Photos of the 2005 Boss Hoss. 2005 Boss Hoss Quick Ride.

If the 502 Boss Hoss and its 567 lb-ft of torque aren't powerful enough for you, there are always extra goodies you can add on like nitrous kits, etc.
The Boss Hoss comes in two versions. It'll cost you $35,000 for the 350 Chevy model shown above; opting for the larger 502 cubic-incher ups the ante to $41,000.
The Boss Hoss uses a two-speed automatic transmission that includes reverse. Gears are shifted manually, and first gear is good for up to 80 mph, so if your goal is to growl about town all you need to worry about is the throttle and brake.
Representing the summit thus far of motorcycle engine extremes, the 502 Boss Hoss gives you four-times the cylinders of a twin and 502 cubic inches displacement which coverts into... 8226cc!
Practical? Not a chance. Does the Boss Hoss let you revel in the thrill of ridiculous motorcycle exhibitionism and excess? Oh yeah.