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Arnold's Kawasaki

Arnold's Kawasaki is a motorcycle dealership located in Batesville, AR selling Kawasaki motorcycles. Contact and map Arnold's Kawasaki through Motorcycle USA’s Dealer Locator.
Arnold's Kawasaki
2190 N Central Ave
Batesville, AR 72501-2597
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5 Users rated the Dealer an average of 1.0
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Don't buy from here. January 24, 2011 12:38 PM
If there was a zero star selection I would have chosen it. I made the mistake of purchasing a brand new KLR650 from Arnold Kawasaki. The owners were rude and once I got it home and started inspecting it I found almost all the hardware the dealer touched was loose. After the sale service was rude and non existant.
Mike Smith March 17, 2010 08:02 AM
...and, here's the rest of the story... In a past life, I was a mechanic. Worked on cars. Real expensive ones. And some cheap ones. Therein lies the problem. My brandy-spankin’ new Kawasaki Mule starts actin’ up, and as I said, I are a mechanic. Now, this might not seem like much of a problem until you think about warranties. They’re nasty little buggers that say the owner of the warranted vehicle must be a complete mechanical idiot. I go up a hill, and my Mule farts. This is a bad thing. …And, no, I don’t feed it hay – it’s not one a them type mules – it’s got a starter and a seat and stuff. It blows smoke. Oil smoke. I say something like “Uh-oh,” only worse. I park it. I look at it. I lift the seat and see the oil dipstick. I put my hand on the dipstick. I start to pull. And something inside me screams “STOPSTOPSTOP!” Here’s the thing. If I pull out the dipstick and find too much oil in there, that’ll tell me exactly what the problem is. Then I’ll probably drain the oil down, and the damn thing’ll stop smoking. Not only will it stop smoking, but I’ll be immediately tossed out from under my warranty. Why, you say? Because I touched the sonofawhatsit, that’s why. All I gotta do is rip that dipstick out and do something, ANYTHING, that’ll tell ‘em I worked on it myself, and I’ll be toast in the warranty department. All they gotta say is “YOU TOUCHED IT! YOU BASTARD! YOU’RE SCREWED; NO MORE WARRANTY FOR YOU ‘CAUSE YA TOUCHED THE DAMN THING, AND NOW YOU SCREWED OUR PERFECTLY GOOD MACHINE UP!” With the oil dipstick moved less than a millimeter, I let go. Time to be a complete idiot about all things mechanical so I can protect my warranty. Since I’m truly fat, fairly dumb, and reasonably happy, I call the local dealer I bought the unit from, and act just like I am – fat, dumb, and happy. Guess what’s the first thing they ask? “Didja add any oil?” “No, I didn’t, but why would that matter?” “’Cause if ya added any oil, that’ll VOID YOUR WARRANTY!” the lady on the phone sounds almost triumphant as she says this. “Well, okay, I didn’t add any oil; please come pick the thing up and fix it.” “I’ll have to let you talk to the owner.” I listen to a Kawasaki advertisement while the lady goes and gets the owner. “Hello, Tom Arnold here.” “Hi, Mr. Arnold, this is Mike Smith, and I am the proud owner of a broke-down brand-new Kawasaki 4010 Mule you sold me, and I need you to pick it up, take it to your shop, and fix it.” “Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. First, I have a question for ya. [wait for it… here it comes…] Didja add any oil to the thing?” Okay, about now, I smell a pretty large rat, and I’m deliriously happy I didn’t rip that dipstick out, “No, sir, I didn’t. Haven’t touched the thing except to drive it. When can you come pick it up?” “Well, we could get to it today, but there’ll be a charge.” “Really? A charge? Are you telling me that you’ll charge me to pick up a new vehicle you sold me that’s still under warranty and is broken down? Am I clear that you want me to pay you to pick it up?” “Yep, that’s the way we do things.” “I’ll call you back.” I hang up. In addition to the fact I’m pissed off that the guy wants to charge me, I’m concerned that I was immediately hit with a warranty-voiding fishing expedition by both the secretary and the business owner. I bought it from Arnold’s because his price was a few hundred cheaper than another dealer, but now I’m learning how he gets that extra money anyway. I still smell the rat, but now it’s dead, bloated, and has maggots crawling all over it – stinks to high Heaven. I pace the floor. I walk out to the Mule. I lift the seat and look at the dipstick. Damn. I don’t touch the dipstick. Damn. If I pull it and find too much oil, I know I’ll be screwed. If I don’t pull it and let Arnold’s do the work, I’m still screwed. I didn’t add no stinkin’ oil, but if I find too much, then I’ll just drain it down, fix it myself and void my warranty, or I’ll let the Arnold’s idiots do it for me, charge me, find too much oil, and void my warranty anyway. Since I’m screwed either way, I call the dealer I didn’t buy the unit from and ask for the Service Manager. This conversation is a tad different. “Hi, I’m Blake, the Service Manager.” “Hi, I’m Mike, proud owner of a new broke-down 4010 Mule.” “What’s the problem?” “It blows smoke and stalls under load. Seems like it may be oil smoke.” “Well, that ain’t good.” “Nope. I was wonderin’ if you guys could take a look at it. I didn’t buy it there, but can you all do warranty work anyway?” “Sure. Any Kawasaki dealer can. Happy to. When can you bring it in?” “That’s a problem – it won’t fit on my trailer.” “Well, we’ll have to charge you for picking it up… eighty bucks – it’ll be a sixty-mile round trip.” I don’t choke on the amount, because this guy’s not fishing for a reason to light a match to my warranty papers, “Hey, that’s okay, I can’t expect you to pick up a unit you didn’t sell for free.” “How about this afternoon?” “Okay, that’ll be great.” Sometimes, when you’re screwed any way you turn, it’s best to assure that you’re screwed as little as possible. Blake comes out and picks it up himself along with his dad, who oohs and ahhs at our view of Wagon Wheel Creek. Blake lets me demonstrate the problem. I make the Mule hack, cough, and die, so he’s got a full view of the issue at hand. I tell him the windshield I’ve installed on the thing might not make it without cracking, but just consider it a test and don’t worry if it does. An hour after Blake has left, he calls to tell me the windshield made it fine even though he got up to 70mph on the freeway, and he’s found the problem, it’s a warranty issue, and the pickup charge is forgiven. I’m a happy camper on accounta suddenly finding myself totally unscrewed. I jump on the internet and write a review of Arnold’s Kawasaki at Motorcycles-USA dot com, just to warn folks that there’s a dealer here in Arkansas who thinks his entire customer base is out to get him by adding oil to their Mule engines. Then I write a nice letter to Kawasaki USA explaining to them what a great guy Blake is and what a fine job his dealership is doing on my Mule, adding that the 4010’s have a design defect, the fuel injection floods on startup and forces unburned gas into the crankcase, thereby filling the crankcase with gas-thinned oil and making it smoke like a banshee. I say I won’t charge them too much for diagnosing the defect if they give me a retrofit. I also tell Kawasaki USA that they have a dealer out there who is accusing his customers of being miscreants who add too much oil to their engines, then voiding warranties right and left, even though he’s setting the Mules up to ‘add oil’ himself. The Mule is parked back in the driveway now, and runs great. Arnold’s Kawasaki is on my “Ship High In Transit” list, but I think Blake, his dad and I are gonna go whack a golf ball around sometime soon. …And I’ve patted myself on the back several times for being smart enough to be dumb and failing to pull that dipstick out. Stupid works well when you’re dealing with warranties, even here in Heaven.
Mike Smith March 7, 2010 04:46 AM
Final disposition on the 4010 Mule is revealing. I had the other dealer (Sunrise of Searcy) come pick it up, and not only did they find the problem right away, but they forgave the pickup charge. It turns out that 'oil gassification' is a problem when the 4010 Mules are used for multiple short hops, and my barn is only a couple hundred yards away, but uphill, so I was certainly taking a lot of 'short hops.'. While this is likely a design defect, the same is true of Javelin front wheel bearings, Porsche 911 shifter rod bushings, and every part ever installed on a Yugo. At least the Sunrise dealer was honest about the problem, and now I know to check my oil level for an increase periodically. As for Arnold's Kawasaki in Batesville, they are either truly dumb enough to think many of their customers are 'adding oil' to create the problem, or worse yet, they're just blaming customers to avoid warranty work on a design defect. Either way, Arnold's remains at one star in my case. FYI, make sure you regularly check the oil level on your 4010, change the front wheel bearings on your Javelin at regular intervals, replace your Porsche 911's nylon shifter bushing with a bronze one, and tow your Yugo to a junkyard. I'll be contacting Kawasaki re an adjustment to their fuel injection system coding to combat the oil gassification, but I still would have bought the thing - what's a machine without a little personality?
Mike Smith March 5, 2010 12:38 PM
Re the last review, I called Sunrise Yamaha/Kawasaki in Searcy, Arkansas, and got an entirely different reception. The Service manager not only told me to bring the unit in right away. It's about 30 miles, and I can't expect them to pick up a mule they didn't sell, but I'll happily take it to them instead of Arnold's. When I asked the Service Manager if he had encountered the smoking exhaust problem before, he immediately said yes, that they had had a 4010 Mule in last summer that had the same problem under warranty, and it turned out to be a faulty head gasket. Also, the guy didn't ask me if I had "added any oil," or any other questions fishing to see if I voided the warranty. With that reception, I'll spend the few hundred more when I replace this one in a few years, and won't be returning to Arnold's again. They were nice when I was spending money, not so nice when they thought they'd have to do warranty work. Kawasaki ought to check whether they want Arnold's as a dealer - no manufacturer needs that kind of treatment of customers after the sale.
MIke Smith March 4, 2010 04:07 PM
Questionable, one star so far. My Arnold Kawasaki 4010 Mule started smoking after only 16 hours of operation, blowing white smoke out of the exhaust and stalling under load. My initial contact with Arnold was not encouraging. The woman on the phone determined the unit was still under warranty (it's only three months old,) but immediately asked me if I had added any oil to it, saying that this would void the warranty. She told me to bring the thing in, and I told her I doubted if it'd fit on my trailer, but I'd check it out and see. I checked it out, called Arnold back and told the woman it wouldn't fit. She put on the phone with the owner, Tom Arnold. I told him the unit was blowing white smoke out the exhaust, and Mr. Arnold immediately asked me if I had added any oil. I said no, but I got the impression he was fishing for a reason to void the warranty. I told him the unit would not fit on my trailer, please come pick it up. He told me he'd charge me for the pickup (about twenty miles one way,) and I asked him why he would charge me for picking up a defective new 4010 thathe had sold me, and he said that's the way we do it. I will post more on this site when the unit is repaired, but I'm not encouraged at all. As a retired mechanic, I know the unit is somehow breathing oil - probably either from a defective seal or badly torqued head, and the attitude of Arnold's about the situation does not indicate they'll be great at service after the sale. I'll shoe-horn the thing onto my trailer, take it in, and post the results here. For now, though, it ain't lookin' good.
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