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2013 Harley-Davidson CVO First Rides

Monday, August 20, 2012
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2013 Harley-Davidson CVO First Ride Video
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Motorcycle USA travels to Carmel, California, to hitch a leg over Harley-Davidson's 2013 CVO Models. Go along for the ride in our 2013 Harley-Davidson First Ride video.
It’s impossible to ignore the gleam of chrome coming off Harley-Davidson’s 2013 Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) line. The 2013 Breakout, its tins the recipient of a 10-step sanding process, is shooting the reflection of the sun off the tank up under the rim of my sunglasses as avenues lined with multi-million dollar homes reflect in its polished metal. We rumble past posh estates and personal wineries as we sample some of the finest from The Motor Company, the CVOs the result of a year’s hard work by a team whose sole purpose is to make the production models stand apart from the crowd. At their disposal are premium Screamin’ Eagle parts, an unparalleled factory paint program, and the most potent stock powerplant available from H-D, the Twin Cam 110. Motorcycle USA spent two days flogging the four new CVO models recently, rumbling out of Carmel Valley and down California’s scenic Hwy 1 to Big Sur before shooting inland to the torrid Salinas valley, trekking over 300 miles on everything from twisting, bumpy farm roads to open highway.

While the introduction of a new Softail model headlines 2013 CVO news, the program serves as a platform to launch the latest developments in H-D research and design, too. This year sees the first production Harley- Davidson with an LED headlamp called the Daymaker
Heres a shot of the punch and spread of a stock Harley headlight.Heres a shot of the punch and spread of the new Daymaker LED headlight on the CVO Road Glide Custom on high beam.
(Left) Here's a shot of the punch and spread of a stock Harley headlight.
(Right) Here's a shot of the punch and spread of the new Daymaker LED headlight on
the 2013 CVO Road Glide Custom.
that debuts on the 2013 CVO Road Glide Custom. Visually, the Daymaker has space-age apppeal, twin lamps with multiple bulbs lurking beneath the lip of the signature Sharknose fairing of the CVO Road Glide. The Daymaker is claimed to increase both punch and spread, giving riders 30 feet more punch over halogen lamps (345 ft. to 315 ft.) and a 55-foot wider spread (120 ft. to 65 ft.) Harley achieved this while concurrently reducing power consumption by a claimed 50%. We can confirm that the Daymaker LED Headlamp does indeed live up to its name after a nighttime road-side demonstration where we witnessed the pattern of the Daymaker compared to a stock Harley and saw how much more of the road gets illuminated by Harley’s new LED system.

The popular Road King returns to the CVO lineup for 2013, last appearing in 2008. The 2013 CVO Road King is the first version with a factory-installed audio system, including a 200-watt amp, two 5x7 speakers with bridged tweeters in the saddlebag lids and two 5.25-inch speakers with bridged tweeters in fairing lowers. Harley also chose the 2013 Harley CVO Road King to debut its detachable vented Wind Splitter windscreen, a small hand-adjustable vent cut into the middle of the windscreen that allows riders to manage air flow. Another new gizmo on the CVO Road King is programmable back lighting on the gauges in its lower-profile console, a feature that’s been increasing popular in four-wheeled vehicles.

All four of Harley’s 2013 CVO models receive a “New Assist & Slip Clutch Pack” with its slip feature aimed at reducing loading of the driveline during downshifts. Its new internals are claimed to give the clutch pack a longer life. The clutch lever itself has been reshaped to reduce reach slightly while they’ve adjusted the hydraulic clutch actuation to make for an easier pull at the lever, too. Harley says peak force required has been reduced by 10% while hold-in force has been cut by 17%. In real-world application, the 2013 CVO
The 2013 CVO Road Glide Custom has an MSRP of  32 999 and 3150 units will be produced.
The 2013 CVO Road Glide Custom is the first production Harley equipped with LED headlights called the Daymaker.
Breakout still required a firm squeeze to pinch the lever in while clutch lever action on the 2013 CVO Road King was light and easy to modulate.

The launch of the 2013 Harley-Davidson CVO line lands on an anniversary year and all three of the road bikes are available in 110th Anniversary Editions. The 2013 CVO Road King, CVO Road Glide Custom and CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide are decked out in special badging, fuel tank medallions, and an exclusive Diamond Dust and Obsidian paint scheme. All of the CVOs come with Harley’s Smart Security System and a new indoor/outdoor storage cover with CVO logo.

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Shredz   April 6, 2013 10:12 AM
I really like the idea of setting up a ride with the touches you've added here. The Road Glide along with the Ultra Glide are my favorite touring rides. Harleys, although they have made very good progress into cleaning up their performance and reliability, aren't technological marvels. They are an Iconic breed born on this side of the world and are the only manufacturer adhering to their roots because thats the part of the market that their consumers want filled.To change their form to something else outside of the formula HD created would be a mistake. All of the other manufacturers copied HD to attract a part of that market to their own products. I note the comments from other writers and wonder why they would make comment about Beemers or on desires of American made crotch rockets at a blog for an American touring bike build? Even Harley copied the Beemer for a military contract with a horizontally apposed twin.
wildpig   September 20, 2012 04:33 PM
FROM THE DESK O THE WILDPIG: listen up grasshoppers and lessor peoples o the earth--that'd be most o yall-- i've had em all and yes hd is the best on planet earth 50 yrs an hundert o 1000's o miles ever rally on north america in all kinds o weather qualifys me to have that opinion and be closeminded-- but whilst i am close minded i am also correct-- never forget that tidbit. i ride to no trailer queen here-- an 1 last observation -- the most over rated bike on planet earth-- well i wont call no names but does the word BAVARIAN mean anythang to you knuckleheads? learn from the MASTER {THA'D BE ME OF COURSE}.
spokes   August 24, 2012 01:13 PM
I really would like to buy a Harley Davidson, but I just don't get it, I realize they're not going to make a sport bike but why can't they make something besides cruisers? Same goes for Victory. It seems to be too much to ask that an American manufacturer build a standard with decent ground clearance and steering geometry that will go around corners without dragging the footpegs at walking speed.
As for "wildpig" and his allegiance to Harley Davidson, I can "ignore the quality and total value of a harley davidson" today just as I did the lack of quality and total value of the BSA and Triumphs of yesteryear because they made models and styles I liked. If the Harley Davison of today works for you, great, we're all on two wheels here and that's what is really important isn't it?
GB   August 23, 2012 09:01 AM
Wildpig, HD is the best bike built by Madison ave. They are no better than the others, just spend more money on advertising. Whatever they pay Madison Ave it is worth every penny. But as far as being the bike that all others measure themselves, not hardley. I've owned lots of bikes and the best one (IMHO) is the one I'm riding at the time you ask me. I love them all.
irksome   August 21, 2012 02:33 PM
Another iteration of the same damn bike; be still my heart. I'll keep my Triumph; Lily (the delicate red flower) has a SOUL.
Rocky R   August 20, 2012 06:58 PM
Kind of close-minded observation (wildpig). I like some HDs, mainly because of comfort and the v-twin sound and midrange power. But seriously, they are not performance oriented. The imports kill them in that regard. And for character, a Harley is great, but so is a non cookie-cutter bike like a Ducati or a Moto Guzzi. Even Triumph is making tremendous strides. Harley Davidsons are a great choice for the masses, but hardly a machine by which all others are compared...
wildpig   August 20, 2012 05:44 PM
it is impossible to ignore the quality and total value of a harley davidson. The m/c by which all others merely try to compare themselves to. At the end of the day -- it will always be a harley that will do best by you and never some over rated import-- espcially some dam over rated european import.