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2009 Harley-Davidson XR1200 First Ride

Monday, December 15, 2008
Are you sure this is a Harley-Davidson  It handles sharper than any other H-D I ve ridden.
The 2009 XR1200 debuted solely in Europe originally, but outcry by dealers and enthusiasts here in the States helped convince Harley-Davidson that we needed it here, too.
The road before me is relentless. Dropping down off E Grade Road on Palomar Mountain is an unforgiving series of sneaky decreasing radius turns and switchbacks. I give the stiff clutch lever a short pull and bang it down a gear. The rear Dunlop Qualifiers are sticking like glue, and the motorcycle ahead of me is picking up every small rock in the road and throwing it back at me. The pace is fast as we drop a thousand feet with the bike seldom standing up. Transitions are quick and smooth as I hit another turn. I check my side view mirror to see 9-time AMA Dirt Track champion Scott Parker hot on my tail. To add to the surreal nature of the scene is the fact that the sharp-handling bike I am on is a Harley-Davidson, the 2009 XR1200.

It is fitting that Parker is on hand for the XR press introduction. Harley-Davidson used his weapon of choice, the XR750, as inspiration for the XR1200. But besides the fact that Parker won nine of the 26 #1 Race Plates the XR750 has captured, he also helped The Motor Company sort out the XR1200’s chassis as they adapted the aggressive attitude of the dirt tracker for the street.

These adaptations start with a 1.5-degree split-rake fork offset, with the 29.3-degree angle of the steering axis slightly more than the 27.8-degree fork angle. The tight rake and Showa sticks up front keep the 18-inch D209 firmly planted on
Twin four-piston front brakes with 292mm discs have great feel and are very responsive.
Twin four-piston front brakes with healthy-sized 292mm discs have great feel and are very responsive.
the road. The 43mm inverted front fork does have a claimed 5.12-in travel to the front, but even under heavy braking the amount of flex wasn’t an issue. Steering response is like an Insta-Matic, just point and shoot. Throw a set of high-performance Nissin brakes into the equation and you’ve got the best feeling front end you’ll find on a production Harley. The twin four-piston front brakes with 292mm discs only take a light squeeze to engage and have the potential to throw you over the bars if you don’t respect them.

Harley-Davidson is all about lowering unsprung weight on the XR1200, so the cast aluminum swingarm is hollow, shaving off a claimed 3.3 lbs in swingarm mass. Lightweight, three-spoke black alloy wheels aim to trim a little mass as well while pulling double-duty as slick-looking hoops. Twin shocks on the rear soak up most road imperfections unless you smack a
Twin  upswept 2-1-2 straight shot exhaust give the XR1200 an aggressive stance.
Dual upswept exhausts look racy running up the right side of the bike and allow for a copious amount of cornering clearance.
pothole directly. At 225 lbs, I would have adjusted the preload for a man my size, but for a one-day ride it wasn’t necessary.

Twin, upswept 2-1-2 straight shot exhaust shooting up the bike’s right side mean these aren’t the straight shooters on your dad’s Sportster. Mounted up and out of the way to give riders a generous lean angle, the pipes and the tank are the two most immediately recognizable styling traits carried directly over from the XR750. The exhaust note is a tad tame in comparison to Harley’s other platforms, but get it into the midrange of the torque and the note gets richer and deeper.

Supplying the growl is a 1200cc Evolution V-Twin with a huge 50mm down-draft throttle body at the disposal of H-D’s proprietary Electronic Sequential
A 1200cc Evolution engine provides plenty of pop  especially midrange.
Performance cams and oil-cooled cylinder heads with a higher compression ratio set the XR1200's Evolution apart from the standard Sportster 1200cc mill.
Port Fuel Injection system. Performance cams, oil-cooled cylinder heads and a higher compression ratio (10.0:1) set it apart from the standard Sportster engine. Besides the oil cooling, an air box is mounted under the right side of the tank to assist in intake and cooling. Riding a sporty bike like this where you’re going to want to tuck in tight  and Harley-Davidson realized riders wouldn’t want an air cleaner right up against their right knee so they incorporated it under the tank. Without the air box sticking off the right side, it leaves an unobstructed view of the engine so you can appreciate the little details like the granite finish of the cylinder heads.

With horsepower numbers claimed to be around 90 and 74 lb-ft of torque available in the meat of the powerband at 4000 rpm, the Evolution can easily loft the front wheel, which Parker demonstrated during one of our pit stops as he ripped one off in first and second gear going uphill. The smooth-shifting five-speed transmission is rider-friendly and easy to short-shift. The best part is that there is no clunkiness like the tranny in Harley’s big cruisers. I spent most of my time in the mid- to upper-rpm range with the bike humming along at 4000 rpm at 70mph in fifth gear. And even though redline is at a tad over 7000 rpm, it doesn’t sign off immediately at that point.

Ergos on the XR1200 allow a rider to sit upright with arms out wide on the flat track-style handlebars.
Ergos on the XR1200 are upright and comfortable but the wide reach to the bars  and the tight tuck of the rearset footpegs leave you poised and ready.
Ergos on the XR1200 leave you in a straight-backed, upright position, but rearset footpegs and a wide, flat-track styled handlebar mean you’re not riding lazy in the saddle and are poised like a snake ready to strike. At a standstill, the 29.2-inch seat height feels a little high, just allowing me at six-feet-tall to stand flat-footed. Get it up to speed, though, and you realize the center of gravity is spot-on. The placement of the footpegs along with a tank that tapers toward the rider allows you to squeeze in tight to the bike and leaves ample cornering clearance. It does come with a small patch that you could call a pillion and passenger footpegs with an extra rubber bumper mounted on the top exhaust pipe to keep passenger’s heels from melting on the pipe. Being a naked standard, wind blast is a factor at higher speeds, but it’s easy to tuck in dirt-track style for short stints. You can also pick up a detachable short windscreen for $339.95 as one of the available aftermarket accessories Harley-Davidson already has available for the bike. After a full day’s riding, the upright riding position is appreciated, as my back wasn’t sore like being humped over a sportbike, but the narrow seat and thin padding left my tail a little sore.

The big white-faced tach centered on the handlebar is teamed with a compact digital speedo.
The instrumentation on the XR1200 is minimal and matches  the stripped-down dirt-track racer theme.
Instruments on the XR1200 are minimal. Watching the needle bounce around on the good-sized, round, white-faced tach is what you’ll mainly see. A compact digital speedo is centered next to it on the handlebars and the digital display makes it easy to know exactly how fast you’re going. A dual trip meter and clock have been thrown in for good measure.
During the course of our dash through the mountains, I didn’t notice any vibrations coming off the rubber-mounted engine, but after the engine heated up when we got into stop-and-go city traffic, moderate vibrations are noticeable through the bars at idle. It was a comfortable 70-degree day and I never felt any heat off the engine until getting stuck in traffic, and even then it was to a lesser degree than your standard Sporty.

Little details like the word ‘Sportster’ cast into its right engine case pay tribute to the fact that the line has been around since 1957. The 3.5-gallon tank looks like it was pulled right off the XR750, and the minimalist color-matched bodywork also ties into the dirt-track theme. The swingarm, engine, and primary covers are other styling cues that add to the appeal of the bike with their attractive flat granite finish. The black
The XR1200 can spark the inner racer inside any rider  even an old mullet like me.
The XR1200 can spark the inner racer inside any rider, even an old mullet like me.
oil cooler mounted outside of the frame on the left side is a little unsightly and seems susceptible to damage in a tip-over but I’m sure you’d get an argument from the cylinder heads if you tried to remove it.

The 2009 XR1200 is available in the iconic Harley- Davidson Orange and Black, but also comes in an all-black or pewter version that ain’t too shabby. Production is limited to 750 units here in the states, and with a US MSRP of $10,799, they won’t last long. The bike has the uncanny ability to attract the attention of riders who weren’t fans of The Motor Company beforehand. At the recent IMS show in Long Beach, the waiting time for a test ride was over two hours. Harley-Davidson already has a debut in the British Superbike series on tap next year in a special supporting class for the XR1200. Performance-wise, it’s definitely the most grin-inducing Harley-Davidson that I’ve ridden. And yes, I will tell my kids that Daddy held off dirt-track champion Scott Parker down a mountain with a straight face. I’ll leave out the part that it was during a press intro and he was just riding along for fun, though.

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2009 Harley-Davidson XR1200 First Ride
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XR1200 Specs
Introducing the 2009 Harley-Davidson XR1200.
Engine - Air-Cooled Evolution
Displacement - 73.40 in.
Bore/Stroke - 3.5 in. X 3.81 in.
Engine Torque - 73.91 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm
Fueling - Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection
Compression Ratio - 10.0:1
Transmission – Five-speed
Primary Drive – Chain
Tires – Front 120/70ZR 18
              Rear 180/55ZR 17
Brakes – Front Dual 4-piston, fixed front
                  Back Single-piston floating rear
Exhaust – Brushed, straight-shot exhaust w/dual mufflers
Length - 85.4 in.
Seat Height – 29.2 in. (laden)
                          30.5 in. (unladen)
Ground Clearance – 5.8 in.
Rake Steering Head/ Trail – 29.3-degrees/5.11 in.
Wheelbase – 59.8 in.
Fuel Capacity – 3.5 gal.
Oil Capacity – 2.8 qt.
Weight – 562 lbs. (dry weight)
                 580 lbs. (running order)
Colors – Vivid Black, Pewter Denim, Mirage Orange Pearl
MSRP - $10,799


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I was a buell fan, so i snapped when harley killed buell,because harley forgot to mention there cool replacement sport touring bike XR1200.(PS) THANK YOU HARLEY for making a cool sport touring bike,but jesus tell use next time you had me hating your guts.
Winty -XR 1200  June 26, 2010 01:37 AM
Had one for two weeks as a replacement for my XL1200 Low. Anyone with doubts should try an XR its absolutely awesome , best bike I have ever ridden.
Roy Canuck -1200XR  January 31, 2010 07:10 PM
I have been wanting to turn a Harley into an adventure bike. I have one on order, first thing I am doing is changing the tires and belt to a chain. South America here I come
D Mann - Illinois -Two Up?  December 17, 2009 08:06 AM
Anyone considered taking a passenger for a ride? How's that effect handling? Though not planning on many two-up rides...it surely will happen.
danny -xr....  August 7, 2009 09:38 AM
i've had vfr's, gsxr's cbrrr's fzr's, and h2's....dirt bikes a plenty from ossa's to maico's and every jap bike in between...this is my first harley....i love it, it makes me feel like i am racing again while still going the speed limit.
Maurice -XR1200  July 21, 2009 06:12 AM
I test rode this bike twice at Daytona, it was a Harley that I really wanted to like. It didn't handle as quick or have the power of my Ducati Monster but it is a nice bike overall.
Tuna Boy -HD XR1200  April 14, 2009 03:23 PM
Me Wantee
Ron S. -XR1200  April 10, 2009 08:55 AM
Nice bike.Runs fantastic and handles excellent.I have two other harleys but they don't compare in performance like this does.
hillbill -1200xr  April 2, 2009 08:23 AM
EVERYONE has different likes/dislikes,,,its all about the ride. if its got 2 wheels there has to be something COOL about it!! Take it to the woods, and have fun or find someone to race ..w h a t e v e r just being out of the CAGE is fun..plus the...ugh... OPEC dosent get as much of my $.........
hillbill -1200xr  April 2, 2009 08:23 AM
EVERYONE has different likes/dislikes,,,its all about the ride. if its got 2 wheels there has to be something COOL about it!! Take it to the woods, and have fun or find someone to race ..w h a t e v e r just being out of the CAGE is fun..plus the...ugh... OPEC dosent get as much of my $.........
jj -xr1200  March 29, 2009 10:33 AM
just got to have one after test ride suits me fine
kiwi pete -XR 1200  February 24, 2009 07:15 PM
I am in the process of having two megaphones built and fitted to my bike. I have fired her up and the sound was great,the mega's are shorter than the original pipes and finished in the same colour, unfortunaetly HD have not released a power commander for the XR1200 yet so I will have to wait for a while before putting it on a dynatune as I think the tune will have leaned out. But the look is fantastic, I will post a photo ASAP.There are only a few of these bikes in New Zealand and people are amazed that it is a Harley, they did'nt think it was posible for Harley to make such a stylish machine apart from big cruisers.
philamar -xr1200  February 21, 2009 10:56 AM
There are tons of performance aftemarket items available for the motor so only your budget will limit what you can build into it. Harley Davidson engines are old school but fast isn't. We been going fast for years.
Ron -Feedback on Conan - weight  February 20, 2009 05:47 PM
Good question. I ride an 05'ZX10R, dry weight = 405 lbs. I owned a fatboy and sold it due to divorce, fun bike but much different experience than the Kawi. I didnt notice the weight except when coming to a stop and acceleration at speed. I was riding with a guy that had a big Kawi cruiser, not sure of the model but it was at least a 1600, and he was complaining about the lack of performance. After a short inspection a couple of us suggested he replace the exhaust as the stock can was huge and the cat was the size of a fire extinguisher. He said oh no, he didnt want to lose the weight. HUHHHH? So the feeling in the cruiser world is that the extra weight limits the effects of the wind sheer and after having switched back to my rocket I agree to a certain extent. The first time I rode in strong winds after switching back to the rocket I was amazed how much the wind pushed the bike around; I dont notice it anymore. The heavier bikes are more stable on the interstate but I think they could shave off a substantial amount of weight and still maintain the stability. When I had my fatboy I asked a freind who is a tech how he thought I could lighten it up and he looked at me like I was insane; "Ron, thats a Harley not a rice rocket, dont worry about the weight!" I agree with you; lighten it up, try an aluminum frame.
conan -XR1200  February 19, 2009 11:51 PM
Why so heavy?why! why! why!A awsome bike spoiled by Harleys obsession with heavy bikes!Im mad cause i like this one but the weight is unnessasary for such a bike.
Andrew -Feedback on your feedback  February 19, 2009 12:11 PM
Let's clarify several things. HD has no interest nor has EVER had interest in "stealing" or entering the superbike market. HD has always offered powerful and sporty HEAVY weight motorcycles to fit the AMERICAN market. BIKEYPIKEY-EPA compliance forces HD to fit OEM exhaust on all their bikes just like ALL the jap and euro bikes. That's why each bike is supplied with a bible of accessories. And I fully agree with the Supertrapps, but not with the tail. If it were so bad, why do ALL the japs offer tail-tucker rear ends for a mere $300 add-on expense? MIKE-So misunderstood. V-rod makes several models for several reasons so before you think one bike fits all, try a StreetRod if you can find one. p.s. Your ZX and Busas are like roller coasters, exciting for a few rides then you have to look for another thrill ride, sorry :-( Cyclemonkey: Rice rider, light in the step, enough said. You don't know enough to ride a cruiser so PLEASE stay on the track and off the open road. NEIL has it right! The XR1200 is made for the niche, not substitute for anything already made. Just remember, ALL the OTHER manufacturers are trying to copy Harley-Davidson, HD has NEVER tried to copy anyone else. FOLLOW UP: The XR1200 is stronger than an XL, more nimble than a V-rod, and more comfy than ALL the japs. You can hit the canyons all day, grab a bite and ride back home and not look like you just took one in the rear! So demo one (hopefully an un-corked one) before you make assumptions without experience. Ride hard and keep the wheels down.
Ron -XR1200  February 18, 2009 07:04 AM
I ride both cruisers and sport bikes so I am not a purist or a hater. I think alot of people have lost fact that there is another class of bike; the standard and this bike is in that class. While the standard is otherwise known as a naked bike or a street fighter. Included in this class are the Yamaha FZ1, the Kawasaki Z1000, the Buell 1125CR and lightning as well as the Ducati Monster and some other Euro bikes. I had an FZ1 and it is really nice to get the handling of a sport bike without the discomfort. This class is good for commuting and ripping thru the canyons and will often outperform a sport bike in a tight section of twisties because the rider position allows the bike to be flicked around much easier. This bike is going to compete with the monster because twins have gobs of torque making them very ridable and allowing the rider to always be in the right gear. This bike is going to be more accessible than the Monster, cheaper and less maintenance, yes a harley with less maintenance than its competition. They hit there mark with the exception of the motor; they should have put the 1203 from the Buell or better yet the 1330 that was in the XBRR racing platform. The V-rod motor is not the right application as it doesnt seem to start pulling until 5000 rpm with a power band between 5-7k. I rode a V-rod and found that my buddies softtail was more enjoyable to ride because it had on demand torque unlike the V-rod motor. Good Job HD.
torrezo -nice..  February 17, 2009 10:35 AM
..but why is this bike in the cruiser section?
Mike -V-Rods are lame  February 15, 2009 11:49 PM
Why would anyone want a V-Rod motor? It has more power than a typical Harley. Wow. So does anything on the road with 600cc or more. Maybe the XR-1200 isn't about pure horsepower. If you are not riding a Busa or ZX14 you obviously want other qualities in a bike besides pure horsepower. The XR-1200 is plenty powerful. The brakes and handling are even better. Ever tried to ride your V-Rod in the curves? I ride with V-Rods that complain constantly about the lack of ground clearance. I guess they should have bought Yamaha R1's. If you want a fun canyon stormer, city bike, commuter that turns heads faster than any V-Rod ever did, get an XR-1200.
Rogy -xr 1200 is lame  February 11, 2009 04:59 PM
i ride a vrod. so looking at this bike is a throw back to some cheezy jap bike. i know motorcycles really appeal to personal taste and obviously this bike does nothing for me. i really do think HD should continue to utilize the vrod engine in more of their bikes. this is one awesome engine. this offering must hit a real niche market, but who would purchase this over a buehl or a bmw i am not sure. seems to me like HD has spent time on this when I believe their time is better spent on incorporating the vrod engine in more of their bikes
Wendy -ONE LEFT!  January 30, 2009 03:25 PM
This bike has created awesome feed back! This is a great edition to the Harley family! We have one left contact us today! Mention this site! Mitchell's Modesto Harley-Davidson. 209-522-1061
Daniel -Mine in France  January 26, 2009 08:25 AM
Have mine i France since last summer, Ohlins at the back suspension, all carbon fiver, free carbon fiber air box, stage 1 Screaming Eagle, waiting for someone to produce mufflers in carbon to fit exhaust nicely and lightly, cheers, Daniel
kiwi pete, Auckland ,New Zealand. -xr 1200  January 4, 2009 05:50 PM
Have just purchased an orange xr,I also have a 1200 bandit,and I love the xr already, a whole new riding experience, as long as you dont expect too much from the engine, it isnt a japper, i find the handling very good although the forks are a bit hard with no adjustment, as are the rear shocks.I just love the way Harley have stuck the oil cooler out in the fresh air.every comment I have had so far is that the styling is good and is the right step for Harley. Yes they could have put in a water cooled engine but is that what you really want in a retro bike like this, I dont think so, it would be like having a sopworth camel with an Alison v12 engine. Anyway just buy one and sit back and hit the highways.
Bikeypikey -XR1200  December 31, 2008 08:43 PM
The exhaust system is all wrong, H-D should've stuck a set of matt black high-level Supertrapps style pipes like on the old XR1000 - that would set it off a treat. Tail section is also damn ugly!
Brumby (editor HEAVY DUTY MAGAZINE Australia) -XR1200  December 29, 2008 09:11 PM
On an associated matter Seth Enslow, of Crusty fame, has been jumping an XR1200 in the Australian Outback with a view to setting a new H-D distance record in Vegas next year(2009). It has a very trick suspension and a heavily modified swingarm. The results are promising. Go to www.heavyduty.com.au and click on feature link.
Boyd Rose -XR1200  December 29, 2008 06:55 PM
I think its a great idea - the ones talking about the hp out etc are missing the point. Honestly, that isn't why they built it. I have a Ducati Multistrada, the XR with bags and the windshield would be perfect for outings with my Harley buddies. ( They snicker a little at the Multistrada). Good on you HD!
Ray -XR1200  December 28, 2008 02:36 PM
I bought the first in Queensland Australia. Love it. Hard seat though. A set of nice two into ones will set it off. I found the power good if you roll it on - you can't hammer it like a Jap bike.
Pete B. -Where's my money, b*!  December 24, 2008 12:38 AM
Where's my commish for modeling in your vid? :^D
CYCLE_MONKEY -XR 1200 comment  December 23, 2008 10:25 AM
I have ridden sportbikes for 26 years, and finally, here's a Harley I could be interested in. Though I would never have been caught dead riding a cruiser (except for the odd bike swap with my friends) because they're woefully underpowered, way too heavy, slow, and ill-handling and braking, I have always liked the look of the XR 750's. And what's with that friggin' primary tumor on the left side of the big twins?!?! So, for HD to finally come out with a bike that, while not exactly a powerhouse, seems to be powerful enough to be entertaining, and handle pretty well, and look great, hats off to them. As I said, this is the only one I'd ever consider as a second bike just for a less frantic pace. I'd take the black and orange. You can keep the ego, bad attitude, clothing and accessories, and "lifestyle" thank you. And as far as the suggestion of using the Porsche-Rod motor....Ugh! Even though it's true it's more powerful, the XR 750 theme is far more faithfully executed using a more stylistically correct sporty motor. HD's only gaff is releasing "our" bike to the Euro's first. Overall, 2 thumbs up!
Gene -wrong motor....  December 23, 2008 10:05 AM
Should have put the 1250cc v-rod motor... but most likely too much HP for that frame.
Simo -XR1200...  December 19, 2008 11:47 AM
Too heavy and uglier thtn a bucket of smashed worms. A rolling turd. My 1200 Roadster with the 4.5 gal. tank is the best Sportster and they don't even make them anymore. What a waste of technologly
Nodian1 -Hmm...  December 18, 2008 05:16 PM
Is it me or does the tail section of the XR1200 look a lot like the tail of the silver and black 2001 Honda CBR600f4i?
Jim W -Not if it were free  December 18, 2008 02:34 AM
From my point of view it's butt-ugly, not a cruiser and not a sport bike. There are lots other cruisers out there I'd own ahead of this.
dgover -XR1200  December 17, 2008 09:14 AM
Ok so now put it on a 150 pound diet, add 70hp, add a liquid cooled engine, and maybe now HD has bike I would consider purchasing.
Kando -HD XR1200  December 17, 2008 08:07 AM
Harley has no excuses now they can get 80-90hp out of this mill they can certainly squeeze 5-10 hp more out of the rest of the fleet!!
rodger -xr 1200  December 17, 2008 07:01 AM
I have one! got the first one coming to the basque country, incredible bike, rides smooth and enters curves correctly, the sound isnt like i would like it to be, i guess i will have to change the exaust system (jeje). I think that harley will take it to the states just a matter of time
Sean -Nice  December 16, 2008 06:44 PM
Not bad at all, I would be very happy to own one.
Mark -flashback  December 16, 2008 06:43 PM
Pretty nice for a Harley
bill d -harley XR1200  December 16, 2008 06:21 PM
saw the bike at the long beach show. not bad looking. but at the end of the day the buell lightning has better power, less weight and would beat the new offering on any road or track when ridden by comparably skilled riders for more than a 1000 less cost.
Michael Ilieff (Sydney Australia) -XR1200  December 16, 2008 05:35 PM
Saw the new XR1200 at the Sydney Motorcycle Show. Aesthetically it didn't do it for me. Thought the exhaust system looked overdone and awkward. Didn't like the air vents under the tank. They also looked awkward. Also it is still too heavy and underpowered (have ridden my mate's Buell) in comparison to other sport twins. An example is the Motot Morini Veloce. It weighs about 440lbs (dry) yet produces 140HP. Likewise the Ducati Monster or KTM Super Duke. It is still old technology. If HD wants a sporty V-Twin to compete against the Italians and Austrians, it needs to produce a modern motor. I'd rather buy the Nightster which I intend to do in 2009 after selling my Suzuki SV1000 (awesome power). Cheers Mick
neil vee -XR1200  December 16, 2008 12:00 PM
Coming from a different perspective - i tried the XR1200 and came away quite impressed. Strangely - although i dont think the bike is particularly eye-catching, it certainly got some rubber-necking as i moved through town. Its too quiet of course, but seems to have presence. The handling is fair - the back-end is a little squishy when pushing hard, and didnt enjoy road irregularities when cranked right over at speed. The brakes were fine. A most surprising thing - i found the riding position cramped and uncomfortable. The pegs are oddly placed... cramped for me. I admit however that i am 6ft4' but i was expecting a relaxed position. Power - dont think its anywhere near 90 HP. Will have to see what the independent dyno's indicate. But then - it may be the delivery that masks the grunt - after all, the engine is simply massive, and this must translate to the internals and their resultant inertia too! Concern - is this thing not too close in nature to a Buell? In a sense - a retro Buell? That would be strange wouldnt it?! I mean - Buell being a futuristic interpretation of HD, and the XR being a retrospective return from Buell back to HD. Price is good. I personally would like to see at least 90 HP on the rear wheel - but not gonna happen with air-cooling? In summary - it has Honda RC51 and KTM 990 Adventure S bike fanatic (in his early 30's) scratching his head! A Buell fan confused! I would consider one - and i find that confusing. Now thats what i call good marketing analysis, and niche filling. Neil Durban, Republic of South Africa (the land of Mandela).
Mitch -XR1200  December 16, 2008 10:47 AM
750 or 7500 units? I hope 7500. Harley was very smart to move this bike into the domestic market. I firmly believe that this model will broaden Harley's appeal and enhance it's image. Buell provides a similiar benefit, but in a different way. I can only imagine how many sick looking street fighters and cafe-racers that will be built off this bike. Flat black paint, loud pipes, clip-ons ... Many possibilities.
Tim -Two Down?  December 16, 2008 10:06 AM
No wheelie photos?!