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2011 Harley-Davidson CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The 2011 CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide is the most expensive model in the 2011 H-D line-up.
The 2011 CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide is the most expensive model in the 2011 H-D line-up.
Returning for 2011 is the $36,499 CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide. Based off one of our favorite long-range touring bikes, this Electra Glide is the ultimate in terms of luxury touring and performance and is also the most expensive model in Harley-Davidson’s line-up. Only around 1500 bikes will ever be made which raises the exclusivity factor further.

All Electra Glide CVO’s come in only one single colorway: A special Black Ember & Rio Red with Flame graphic paint scheme. The inner fairing assembly, inner fairing cap, rear fender filler strips, are all color-matched. The paint scheme is understated and we adore the burgundy red hue the bike was painted with, however we aren’t sold on the gaudy flame graphic. The Roulette-style wheels (17-inch diameter front, 16-inch rear) feature an elegant contrast chrome finish and the exhaust muffler end caps appear to be weapons grade.

A cocoon-like fork-mounted fairing and short windshield protect both rider and passenger from wind and road debris. Like the Road Glide Ultra, the Electra gets the same reshaped seat with adjustable backrests for both the rider and passenger. The passenger seat also has an “Ultra Electra Glide” monogram. The big luxo-tourer has a separate heating element for both seats. Further rider comfort comes in the form of heated grips.

The 2011 CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide is avaliable in only one color.
The CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide uses a fork mounted front fairing.
The 2011 CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide gauges use a cool looking diamond cut inset within the gauges.
(Above) The 2011 CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide is avaliable in only one color. (Center) The CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide uses a fork mounted front fairing. (Below) The gauges have a cool diamond cut inset.
The seating position is slightly more upright compared to the Road Glide Ultra and even though the fairing is attached directly to the fork, there is no perceivable difference in steering effort. The instruments are easy-to-read and feature a visually pleasing diamond-cut inset in each gauge pod.

Like the Road Glide Ultra, the Electra gets a modular handlebar-mounted Road Tech zumo 660 GPS. But this one is integrated into the Harmon/Kardon audio system, feeding you step-by-step voice directions through the speakers which makes it that much easier to reach your destination.

The controls to operate the audio system are integrated into the handlebar-mounted switch gear, plus the wires are tucked within the bar which gives the cockpit a clean, refined look. It’s a nice touch and this attention to detail sets Harley-Davidson motorcycles apart from the competition.

Like the Road Glide Ultra, the Electra features three fixed hard case storage solutions. Each bag is lined with a soft CVO monogrammed carry-out liner which makes it easier to lug your belongings around when you reach your destination. Each bag also has internal lighting to make it easier to see at night. There is also a 12-volt cigarette-style power plug to power electronic devices. The cases can be locked and unlocked remotely with the power lock system. The top case also has an integrated and color-matched LED brake/tail lamp and a fixed chrome rack. Additional storage solutions come in the form of fairing storage boxes located in either side of the fairing.

On the road the Twin Cam 110 V-Twin has adequate power to get you moving forward quickly. The added engine displacement was much appreciated during our ride through the Sierra Nevadas at upwards of a mile above sea level. Engine throttle response and the fuel injection settings are well calibrated with the engine running spot-on. The transmission shifts though each gear without fuss and offers a ‘tight’ yet reassuring engagement feel.

The Electra Glide steers easily for a bike that weights nearly 900 pounds and generally feels slightly more agile compared to the heavier Road Glide Ultra. There is also a surprising amount of available ground clearance for a bike this size and requires a considerable lean angle to get hard parts to touch down. The suspension’s damping characteristics are well tuned and do an admirable job of isolating the rider from the effects of bumpy pavement.
The CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide continues to be one of our favorite long-range touring bikes.
The CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide continues to be one of our favorite long-range touring bikes.

A good quality and easy to manipulate braking system complements the Electra Glide’s friendly handling manners. The brakes offer acceptable stopping power plus incorporate ABS so you never have to worry about locking up either tire in a panic stop or when riding in inclement weather or on slippery surfaces.

Like always, the Electra Glide continues to impress us. Its timeless styling and effortless performance make it one of our favorite bikes to pile numbers on the odometer. However, its road worthiness comes with a lofty price tag.

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Mike in WV -Milwaukee Moron  July 30, 2010 11:05 AM
Everyone knows the ploy HD uses with the Sportster buy back... No news there. Sporsters are chick bikes or starter kits for aspiring pirates. So tell us Moron...what is the name of this dealer in Detroit and exactly how is he writing off the loss he takes for your piece of crap Ultra? Got a beef with metric Moron? I'll ask again since you've never got up the balls to answer...so tell us, what advantage does a bolt in SAE units have over a metric bolt? What would happen to your precious theory if HD changed conversion units to metric??? Would you and the other pirates jump ship? The best performing bike HD makes is metric. SAE...Same Antiquated Engineering. lol You may be happy with that pushrod 96 grunting around the flat lands of Michigan, for those who enjoy performance, we don't go to HD. I've owned on rode HD for years...I got the right and the experience to know the difference in HD's and other bikes. HD is about as exclusive as Ford...they are a dime a dozen and the papers are full of used bikes with low miles. That must suck to buy a bike and dislike it so early on...The thrill may be in buying a Harley, but it damned sure isn't riding one. Unfortunatley for you Moron, it's not about looks and what you ride that define you as a person the way you think HD defines you. In a parking lot full of bikes at bike nights...no one stops and checks out a Harley...because they are so unoriginal...my bike however gets constant attention and yes, I like having a bike that is different...because I'm different as well...not a sheep hiding amongst the flock. Go ahead and polish your wood to the latest edition of American Iron under the glow of your neon bar&shield above your fire place...I'll be out here laughing at the parade of pirates.
milwakee mike -Response to Mike in WV  July 30, 2010 10:07 AM
Not all HD dealers can offer previous customers a "Full Price Buy-back" on their trade-ins. However our local dealer here in metro Detroit does sell so many motorcycles that they do offer full price buy-backs to their loyal customers. Almost every HD dealer participates in the "Sportster Buy-Back" program to get their custmers to purchase their larger models within a specified time period. Check it out!

Mike,...you are the MORON,...CHECK YOUR FACTSs. You must be one of those small minded retards that are pissed because your metric bike isn't worth the powdwer to blow it up.
Mike in WV -Full Purchase Price???  July 28, 2010 07:06 AM
Ever think that the reason they gave you full purchase is you spent too much in the first place? lol So let's see...if the Milwaukee Moron is telling the truth, then HD is continuing to make really bad financial decisions. The truth is that HD has to sell new bikes to show their stock holders that they are selling units, to take trades in at full purchase price is only going to set up a huge inventory of used bikes that will have to be sold at a net loss. No one in their right mind would pay full price for a used bike when they can get a new one for the same price. I could get a 2009 Ultra for 17k...and a new one out the door for about 21k. So tell us Moron...how is HD going to pull this off? Maybe they're making enough off of beltbuckles and ashtrays...there's lots of mark up in those. lol A buddy of mine just bought a 2010 RK and added pipes and performance kit and some chrome to the tune of 20k. He was thinking of trading in the RK for a limited and they only offered him 13K. Needless to say he was pissed. Moron...you and the rest of the brain washed can perpetuate the HD propaganda, but the rest of us don't buy it.
wildpig -mr wildpig  July 27, 2010 05:59 PM
well hell yes metric bikes are excluded from 100% trade in value-- most metric bikes an certain german bikes like bavarian etc--- aint worth 50% retail 20 feet out the dealers door.............. harleys forever....
unclewill -Hats off to you...  July 27, 2010 04:33 PM
...milwaukee mike if you have that kind of cash!
milwaukee mike -Now this is my kind of HD  July 27, 2010 03:09 PM
At 36.5 K this is a true bargain. I'm considering selling or tradeing my 2009 Ultra and getting this 2011 Ultra CVO. My local dealer says that HD dealers are giving full purchase price of your old bike in trade for new 2011 models. That sounds like a deal to me, and that goes for all the new models. Metric bikes are excluded from this sales incentive.