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2010 Honda Fury First Ride

Monday, March 2, 2009
What is the price of cool these days? It seems to be getting more and more expensive – $300,000 cars, $85,000 custom motorcycles, $10,000 suits, $15,000 watches. If you’ve got the cash just about anyone can buy the perception of cool. But, like anything else, there’s always someone who thinks they can deliver that perception at an affordable price.

2010 Honda Fury
2010 Honda Fury. Cool or not cool?
Fords that look like Ferraris, scooters that look like sportbikes, cruisers that look like custom choppers ... And it’s often those who can bring that cool image to the average folks who become the most profitable. Seemingly this is the reason Honda has entered the custom chopper market. Why else would Honda, a company based on pushing the performance envelope and driving technological innovation, build a chopper? Because they can sell it for $12,999 and people will buy it in large numbers. Thus, the 2010 Honda Fury was born.

But don’t dismiss it as a shameless money-maker too quickly. After all, Honda is responsible for some seriously cool outside-the-box bikes – just not recently.

There will always be those who say it’s not hardcore or radical enough. In fact, I was part of this group when I first saw the machine. Now, having just spent a full day riding the new machine, I can tell you this: it works well cruising down the coast on a sunny day, looks relatively cool – nothing ground breaking – and at only 13K it’s undeniably a good deal. (I wonder what the price would have been had the economy not taken such a massive dive in the last year? Either way, it’s a buyer’s market…)

The majority of this bike is a collaboration between HGA in the U.S. and Honda Japan’s engineering crew, with a Japanese Project Leader who lived stateside for seven years. Thus, the amount of “Honda” in this Honda is far less than one might expect, without sacrificing its trademark quality. The only Honda Wing logo you’ll find on the entire machine is about half-an-inch big and it’s on the key. When was the last time that happened? They claim chopper guys are more interested in the design and build of the bike than the name on the tank. I’m not sold on this one. Just think how big OCC choppers are – solely because of the name on the tank.

As for the technical details, it’s easy to see Honda started with a blank sheet of paper for the Fury. Knowing its existing 1300cc V-Twin would give the most appealing layout design-wise, they used this as a starting point...

Turn the side-engine-mounted Harley-style key and thumb the starter. The Fury fires up with a docile rumble, the nice thing being it comes to life each and every time without any issues, which can’t always be said for those high-end, high-power choppers.
1300cc V-Twin is a familar Honda unit 
This 1300cc V-Twin look familiar?

Right off idle the torque propels you seamlessly, there just isn’t that much of it. Sound picks up and starts to serenade the ear drums, though never really hits the target intended. We can thank good ol’ Uncle Sam for that one. A set of aftermarket pipes will quickly remedy this. Once up to speed the Fury cruises with little to no vibration through the bars.
All of this is the result of an 89.5 x 104.3mm bore and stroke making for a 1312cc V-Twin engine, which sits at 52 degrees with a compression ratio of 9.2:1. Redesigned single overhead cams operate three valves per cylinder. Inside sits a single-pin crankshaft design to give that lump and
Alloy wheels come standard on all models
Alloys wheels grace all Fury models.
character the cruiser crowd holds so dear – it’s one of the reasons people love Harleys. And that lumping single-pin feel is there, just masked under layers of government emissions and sounds regulations. Dual balancers smooth out vibration as speeds increase to reduce rider fatigue. PGM-FI fuel injection feeds petrol via a single 38mm throttle body with an automatic enricher circuit so no choke is needed whatsoever. Simply push the button and hit the road. All-new twin exhaust exit spent gasses in style, designed to complement the lines of the minimalistic machine.

Typical Honda, the five-speed transmission is seamless and extremely smooth. Gears fall into place with a reassuring click and positive feel.
New chopper-style exhaust
New pipes give added style.
Clutch action is equally easy and still provides ample feedback.

This connects to shaft final drive, an area many have voiced complaints about, as it makes swapping to a larger rear wheel next to impossible. We asked the boys in red the same question and their response: "The shaft drive is in place because it’s maintenance free, makes for much cleaner rear-end styling and gives the Fury some Honda-type technology." It does work quite well, with zero driveline lash and slick engagement; though in context it’s a bit too good, detracting from the machines personality. The housing also has a very generic plastic feel to it, cheapening the look of the back end from the non-pipe-side view.

The chassis and suspension layout is where the Fury starts to get more radical. A 45mm fork with 4-inches of travel sits a caster angle (rake) of 38 degrees with 3.5 inches of trail. This makes for a 71.24-inch wheelbase, the longest of any Honda ever produced. Out back a single shock is totally hidden for the hardtail look and features adjustable preload and rebound. Biggest flaw here? The welds around the steering head are extremely sub-Honda in quality. Here's hoping they fix that for the production models.

The first thing one notices throwing a leg over the Fury is its extremely low 26.7-inch seat height. This combined with the tall bars and forward controls should make the Fury comfortable for all shapes and sizes. At 5’7” I was totally at home on the Honda, as were the taller members of our group. No one complained about the ergonomics at all.

This is where the Fury does best...
Cruising down the Boulevard. This is where the Fury does best.
The massive amount of rake (for a metric cruiser) makes for a somewhat harsh ride through the bars. Its fork stutters and skips over the bumps more than it really soaks them up due to the angle of attack. But I like it. It gives the bike a bit more street-cred, making it feel more like a true chopper should – rough and ragged. In fact, it’s one of the only things rough and ragged about this bike at all. The rear shock works well to counteract the fork and makes for a plush ride under one’s rear end, plus its adjustability accommodates various sized riders.

A 200-series tire comes shod on an 18-inch rear wheel for that ‘fat chopper look,’ while up front a large and skinny 21-inch wheel is wrapped with a 90-series tires. While neither sound conducive to good handling per se, the Fury does quite well. Easy to turn around in small areas and still very stable at speed, neither of those two qualities are very common for a chopper. This is where Honda’s R&D abilities shine through. However, Its biggest limitation is the footpegs grinding quite hard into the pavement at less-than-extreme lean angles.

Slowing things down is a 336mm single disk and twin-piston caliper up front and a 296mm single disk single-piston caliper out back, which are more then up to the task of getting the Honda to a halt in haste. It’s a Honda, thus we knew all of said equipment was going to work before we ever rode it, but key being their design. And really the key to the entire machine is its styling.
Choppers pull chicks
Do choppers really pull chicks?

The design centers around a high steering head, pronounced rake and open-air look up front, which then translates into a more substantial engine and rear end. Keeping clean lines throughout was key. The sculpted tear-drop tank is a work of art on its own and several clever technological advancements allowed this to be showcased. One of those being a patented top radiator hose that is hidden beneath the front valve cover. Forward controls, high fat bars, a 1950s-looking gauge cluster and custom-looking alloy wheels round out the chopper look.

The three standard colors (Black, Electric Blue, Dark Red and Silver) retail for $12,999, while a limited-edition Matte Silver with black wheels will be $13,499. Also, an ABS version will be released later this summer in the Black color only for an MSRP of $13,999. The standard models will hit dealerships in April along with a full line of Honda-branded accesories, while the ABS bike will come this fall.

And the Verdict is...

Honestly, I'm quite fond of the Matt Silver and Black color scheme, it behaves extremely well for a chopper (maybe too well), and at 13K the price point is hard to argue with. So did the cost of cool just get a whole lot cheaper? Sure. And I can guarantee you for a lot of people it will buy the new Fury. But the question is, whom? What generation will think the Fury is cool? I’ve got my money on baby boomers going through a budget-minded mid-life crisis...
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Honda Fury Spec Chart
The basic color options for 2010
Engine: Liquid-Cooled V-Twin
Displacement: 1312cc
Bore x Stroke: 89.5 x 104.3mm
Compression Ratio: 9.2:1
Clutch: Wet
Transmission: 5-speed
Frame: Steel Tubular
Front Suspension: 45mm fork, 4.0-in travel
Rear Suspension: Single shock, 3.7-in travel
Rake / Trail: 38 degrees / 88.9mm (3.5 inches)
Front Brake: Single 336mm disc
Rear Brake: Single 296mm disc
Final Drive: Shaft
Front Tire: 90/90-21
Rear Tire: 200/50-18
Wheelbase: 71.2 inch (1808mm)
Seat Height: 26.7 inch (678mm)
Fuel Tank: 3.4 gallon
Highs & Lows
  • Honda Fit and Finish
  • Bang for the Buck
  • Radical for Honda Styling
  • Radical for Honda Styling
  • Shaft Drive
  • Only 1300cc

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ynotaws   February 20, 2012 12:30 PM
WOW! I usually don't comment on blogs, but I couldn't let this one go because some of you die hard Harley guys really tick me off. I like Harleys as much as the next guy, especially the new V-Rod "Night Rod" edition..bad ass machine. But get your facts straight, you judge others and have this belief that if it aint a Harley, all others are immitators. If you want to get technical, Harley is also an immitation! The first production motorcycles were built in 1894 by a company called Hildebrand and Wulfmuller, then in the U.S. in 1901 by the Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Co....Harley didn't start manufacturing motorcycles until 1903. As far as the chopper, it was soldiers coming back from the war that turned their motorcycles into choppers to lighten the weight because Harleys were too H-E-A-V-Y...hellooo! So there again, Harley immitated what someone else did. Furthermore, a lot of the other bloggers got it right, a lot of the parts you find on a Harley, are not made in the U.S....just assembled here. And my favorite machine, the V-rod, the powerplant was a joint venture between Harley Davidson and Porsche! And lets face it, Harleys have mechanical issues, Hondas don't. This Honda has a clean, simplistic, flowing design that will remain dependable. Those of you die hard Harley guys, if that is all you like, good for you...I'll buy you a cookie. But before you berate others for not having a Harley, get your facts straight.
BrianH   April 24, 2011 09:47 AM
Hey Joe, I'm counting on the value to drop. Then I can buy one when the "fad" is gone and pick one up for $5-6000. I don't really know what your point is, though, because all of those "real bikes" like the Big Dogs and other cookie cutter chops have dropped in value by a far greater percentage than the fury ever will. I like the fury, but do not like how they put the 1300 in it (1500-1700 would have been better), don't like the look of the welds on the swing arm, the plastic fenders and chrome, and the side with the drive shaft looks awkward. I would not buy this bike new, as I don't think it's worth it, but I am putting it on my list of bikes I might want in a few years.
Ghostrider -Cool Bike  November 29, 2010 10:33 AM
I went for a ride on Friday, our group had 4 bikes, 2 of which were Furys, I have to say the things looked awesome in person, first time I had seen them. I currently own 6 street bikes, that day I rode my 06 Drifter, the Fury was a great counterbalance to the retro look of the Drifter. The Fury styling is futuristic and just grabs the eye, it really does look like a true custom. The bikes handled the street really well, even over some very rough spots it didn't want to break the rider's back or tailbone. I think I just found bike Number 7, I am sure my girlfriend will like it better than trying to hang on the back of my Buell XB12Scg or 86 Yamaha Fazer hot rod. And it has a much different look than my Duc S4, Victory Kingpin or Yamaha V-Max. I think I just hooked one of the 2 Fury riders from Friday onto a good deal for a Road King and so I'll buy his Fury. Switch out the cast wheels for some nice custom chrome jobs and it will be kickin!
OIF Medic -Fury  November 3, 2010 11:26 PM
I bought my Fury in April, and so far I have enjoyed every day of owning it. I looked at Harley, here in Yakima and in Seattle, Honda, and Yamaha. All had bikes that I was interested in. I really liked Harley's Fat Boy LO, Cross Bones, and of course the Rocker C. All are probably great bikes. I also looked at Yamaha's Stryker and Raider. Both great looking bikes as well. I checked out Honda last and from there kept going back to all three web sites comparing and dreaming about the bikes. If it was up to me I would take one of each. But after talking to some of the other guys at the base, most of them ride Harley's, Harley was the first off of the list. Don't get me wrong, I think Harley is a great company and makes some great looking bikes, but the mechanical problems and leaking is was turned me away from them. We do haver the guys here that think you are a "poser" if you do not ride a Harley, and honestly, they are probably the last group of guys any rider would want to be associated with. I honestly think a rider should ride what they feel best with. It's your bike ride what you want. As for Yamaha, I looked at price and overall appearence. The Fury is what got me. It rides great, I love the look, and have got nothing but complenments on the bike, from all types of riders and other people. The bike is perfect for me. And I have read the reviews and responses about Honda not being American and people not riding Harley's are unpatriotic and do not support America. To those guys let me say, I spent 15 months in Iraq for this country and am getting ready to do another 12 in Afghanistan very soon. So please do not try and lay that line on me. Overall I think the Fury is a great bike, and again ride what makes you happy. It's your bike and your life. See you on the road.
Bob B. -Orderly  October 2, 2010 04:41 PM
Me and my wife went to the Harley dealer and I was convinced my next bike was the 2011 Harley Davidson dyna superglide custom.The problem was my knees were cramped and I would need to get the forward controls and also the worrying and wondering when the first leak may start.My former bikes I have owned are as follows:Honda 1980 CX500 custom/Honda 1983 V65 magna/ 1993 Harley Davidson Dyna low rider/and 2003 Honda Shadow Sabre.None of the Hondas ever leaked a drop of anything,so that leaves us to the low rider which had an engine gasket leak covered under the warranty and soon to start leaking again in the same spot. Also on a hot day there was that so called wheeping of the side cover bolts which I got very tired of needing a rag with me.I dont believe half of these Harley owners that tell you there bikes dont leak,I talked with an honest 68 year old biker with a 3 year old Harley and he admitted the wheeping side cover bolts still are an issue.Also some other hard core bikers I know said they love there harleys but always have a rag handy. Now back to the Harley store,on the way home my wife suggested we stop at the Honda dealer.Well we did and I thought the Fury was awesome and when I sat on it I had mentioned to the owner that we were just at the Harley dealer and I now have a problem because I like the Fury better than the superglide.The Fury's forward foot controls and the handle bars are perfect for me.He said "Honda's are years ahead of Harley's with their liquid cooling,shaft drive and EFI.He also said that many people are saying the same thing about the Fury when they stop in his store that they cant believe how nice this Fury looks and want to sell there Harley or other bike for one.I am 48 years old and have torn knee cartilage and shoulder problems.I have decided that the bike I will own is going to be the Fury.After going on line and going back and forth from the Honda website and the Harley website a hundred times I just can't deny it that the Fury looks way nicer than the superglide and also nicer than the Rocker C which I had an eye on for awhile.I need a bike that will require hardly no modifications from stock form and this Fury is it.The Fury has sharp and impressive sleek lines at every angle with no bulky type items sticking out here and there like your Harleys.Chopper styling is what I love about this bike and without the huge price tag of a custom bike.So what if it's not a official"chopper" you can always call OCC and order one from $50,000-$150,000.And if your like me that will never happen.You can deny it all you want but this bike looks fantastic and I am a former Harley owner.I will say this much that the pipes will have to go to aftermarket pipes,but I would have changed the pipes on the Harley also.My neighbor bought a used 883 harley sportster with very ugly wide engine guard and windshield.He laughed at my shadow sabre and now I am laughing at him because his bad ass 883 with the loud aftermarket pipes sounds like a piece of scrap metal ready to fall apart when he takes off.And I bet it leaks.He will never impress me as being anything more than a insecure 57 year old man with a very ugly piece of welded together $3900.00 scrap metal that leaks oil. He is insecure and bought that bike for the name and sound which will only impress a person with absolutely no knowledge of motorcycles or another hardass insecure close minded individual.What impresses me is seeing a guy on a quiet BMW with a smile on his face when he rides and also what impresses me is seing a guy riding a 30 year old Yamaha 650 special because he loves his bike or a guy on a quiet Harley Davidson road king with stock pipes who is not insecure about the sound.And also what impresses me is seeing a guy riding a moped because he has always loved mopeds.Back to my neighbor with the ugly 883,his own insecurity limits his choice to only one bike maker and I on the other hand have looked at all other bike manufacturers on line before narrowing my choice to either the Harley superglide or Honda Fury.The best part is that this bad ass with the 883 sportster has a brother that rides a Honda scooter.I new you would enjoy this.What a goofball,it is okay that his brother ride what he likes but laugh at me for riding a Honda shadow sabre.You big jerk I cant wait to get my bad ass Fury and the bad ass Cobra pipes then you and your 6 year old $3,900 piece of noisy welded together leaky scrap metal can kiss my Fur"r"y Ass!
liewkiatsin -poor workmanship  September 6, 2010 09:06 PM
good comment Brian,welds is most important apart from selling the concept or geting the job done. It is common now that getting the job done is more important then good workmanship.Mass market cheap has it price.
flyerdog -seriously looking at a Fury  August 15, 2010 08:19 AM
I currently ride a Suzuki Boulevard C50. have had it for 2 years, and I am ready to upgrade. The Fury is just a gorgeous bike, but I'm not sure it is appropriate for long rides, in that it doesn't look like there are many mounting options for luggage etc...can any Fury owners here corroborate this? I'd appreciate it.
On another note, the feuding here between HD and all the others is silly. I could have bought an HD, but I wanted a liquid cooled, fuel injected bike (with a fuel gauge), for 1/3 the price. I have a friend who worked for HD at their HQ. You know what he told me? "Buy a Honda or Suzuki!!!"....true story.
Riding an HD doesn't make you a "badass". In fact often times the opposite is true, most hardcore HD riders have simply become caricatures in the eyes of the general public. With the Santa Claus beards, Huge bellies, the handlebars that make you look like a chimpanzee hanging from a tree limb etc...in any case
there is a reason HDs and accessories are so overpriced, they have sucked you into their marketing machine.
Ride what you want, and enjoy it all the while!!! Peace!
Realman -Real men ride scooters.  July 14, 2010 09:32 PM
If someone gave me one of these.. I would immediately put it up on ebay before my friends make fun of me. To each his own but this thing looks ridiculous and makes anyone who rides one looks ridiculous... But then again, I'm biased.. I really dislike most chopper/cruiser thingies and the people who ride them.. Let me rephrase that, I'm sure there are a lot of good people who ride these types of bikes.. They just happen to look like lowlife dirt-bags wanna be tough guys or men old enough to remember who hosted the tonight show before Johnny Carson. Sorry no office, My father, who was old enough to remember who hosted the tonight show before Johnny Carson rode a Harley and I was embarrassed to see him on one.
kidrez -fury  June 18, 2010 09:36 PM
i just purchased a honda fury and i love it. i went to several shops, harley,honda, yamaha, custom and tons of websites. i looked for about 2 months and i came across the honda fury and was sold. i have heard everyones opion including close freinds. yes i could have gotten a harley rocker or any other bike i wanted, but i chose the fury. ride what makes you happy because its your life. A BIKE SHOULDNT MAKE YOU WHO YOU ARE. EVRYONE ENJOY AND BE SAFE ON THE ROAD, pEACE kr
Roger -Best Buy  June 8, 2010 11:23 AM
The fury is gorgeous... Sitting on it feels great.. But is it a better deal than the 100 cu. inch Victory line of motorcycles. Trading off lots of power for a little more looks. Hard decision. Sportsters vibrate and just don't have to power to purchase.
joe -mr  May 29, 2010 03:34 AM
The fury will be around for the next three years and then it will go where all imitations go. To the dark void of hasbeen.

Its value will drop like a ton of bricks and it will be a piece of worthless crap. A try hard.

Every one who sees you riding will mistaken your Honda for a Harley you may have to have your script ready (No its not a harley its a Honda)or you could say its a Fury just like rebel intruder or virago.

Any way you pay for what you get and if you cant be an Elvis pressly then the best thing is to imitate him and sing a kareoki song.

f6ken -fury  May 9, 2010 10:59 PM
Like the bike, won't even think of buying until they make an 1800 or larger.
DocHoc -SGT  April 24, 2010 03:40 PM
I just bought my Honda Fury yesterday, I have only been riding it for one day but I love it! I don't care who makes what bike ride whatever makes you happy. And as for me the Metallic Blue Fury is the bike for me.
E. Rush -Fury VS Harley  April 18, 2010 06:44 PM
I have always been a Harley man, but have also owned Kawasaki's and Honda's. I say who cares!!! Just ride your own bike and keep your comments and opinions to yourself. I have a 2002 Road King I bought brand new and love it. I also have a friend that is getting ready to buy a Fury. All I can say to him is "Can I ride it"?. Go Honda!
brk -Real Bikers Don't Need a Harley  April 17, 2010 12:16 AM
Some of these posts are very entertaining. I really like the one about "real" bikers. Most of the wannabes I have met exclusively ride Harleys. I don't mean these people are wannabe bikers, I mean they are just wannabes. Unfortunately, these people cast a bad light on bikers that just happen to ride Harleys.

- sushi-eating yuppie
Jonathonsdaddy -Fast ride and a COOL Ride - I'll have both please !!!  February 12, 2010 08:15 AM
I have a Sport bike for my daily commute. I am looking for an inexpensive cruiser for the Beer runs on my days off. I have been looking at a SPORTSTER 1200 and can get it for $ 8k out the door. Fuel injected - rubber mounted engine. Why would I spend $ 13k for a Fury ? I have my old reliable, lane splitting sport bike for the daily grind to work. Sometimes I get the urge to just take the SLOW RIDE to the 7 - 11 ...... I think we all need 2 bikes !!! Which 2 bikes is up to You !! Riding is Riding !!
Simps -Wake up !  February 4, 2010 10:34 PM
All these comments are unreal, Seriously ppl ! ? I started riding sport bikes 10 yrs ago (adrenalin issues), Cruisers were to be HD period ! I got back from Iraq(adrenal iss again) and decided to get a Harley and put a ton of $ in it, Loved the bike, ended up selling it for business cash. The first time in 10 yrs w/o a bike. This bike really caught my eye, I sat on it and I was hooked. It was between this and a 2010 FXDWG(Yea even I couldnt effin believe it). I liked the bike period. Stop w the Quality, price, better, crap, American, etc. same as ANYTHING else YOU gotta ride it, YOU gotta pay for it, YOU gotta like it. HD's and metric parts are all coming from all over. At the end of the day, like my time in the Corps, I can go out and make stories with my closest friends and like the Corps who cares how I got there its the brothers your with and the times you have. I learned the hard way, some of those ppl may not always be there and who gives a crap what they were on when you remember them if there's a gap in the pack some day
Jerry -Fury  January 23, 2010 06:37 PM
God, some of you people really scare me.If your going to drive bar to bar and say that guy is a poser and that guy is to, you really dont sound like and individual, more like a collective! If you think your **** dont stink because of what you ride then your more like the BORG! Let it be. There is a bike for everyone. Live to ride, ride to live. Get along! I looked at the Fury today and think it is a fine bike for me! Its not to top heavy, sits beautiful, comfortable, looks nice and dependable. JUST LIKE MY WIFE. You want talk about my wife! Watch it buddy and I don give a s*** about what you ride.
VMax rider. -A chopper is a style NOT a Harley.  January 10, 2010 03:03 PM
If you want a HD fine.. if you want a Fury fine.. don't let anyone tell you different. It's all about enjoying the ride and feeling good. That's the beauty of bikes... just about everyone can have a piece of the action and it just got a whole lot more affordable for most folks. If there's anything bikers need its more people on the rides on two wheels not less.
VMax rider. -A chopper is a style NOT a Harley.  January 10, 2010 02:43 PM
It always amazes me how HD owners get all defensive and sucked into arguments like they own the right to use the term "chopper" and how dare anyone else use that word to describe their ride. Get a life. No one is trying to copy HD belive me that would be a HUGE mistake. Choppers are a style of custom built bike and were around long before the term was used. Choppers don't have to have an HD in them to be a chopper any bike can have that style regardless of what's engine is pushing it. It be a very boring world if the all had the same engine. Any way its down to what each of us want in life and thank God their is variety because without it we'd be accused of buying a life style, wouldn't we.
Bob -Like the looks.  January 6, 2010 10:26 PM
Stopped by a cycle shop today and saw a blue one. All my bikes have been sport tourers, so I'm not really into choppers or cruisers but really like the appearance of the Fury. Most of the choppers and cruisers do not seem to be designed with an overall vision but put together with add on chrome parts from the plumbing department. From a design standpoint, everything about the Fury seems to follow the same theme. Choppers and Cruisers are not about performance or comfort but looks and sound. If you want performance or comfort buy a sport bike or a sport tourer.
Mike T -Generation Y No Hang Ups  November 28, 2009 07:31 AM
Lestat you are fulla shi&$# ex 1% my ass what are you doin typing on a computer for then tough guy and using words like "prudence" ha what a joke old man move with the times old fella theres a lot more bike companies competing in the bike market from all over the globe and competition is good, compete or step aside I say its a pity some of our car companies didnt and were bailed out by my hard worked for tax dollars. PS I ride a Italian Ducati and still love America its a new millenium grow up. American Japanese Italian bikes hell I would ride em all if I could long as Im ridin
Mike T -Generation Y No Hang Ups  November 28, 2009 07:30 AM
Lestat you are fulla shi&$# ex 1% my ass what are you doin typing on a computer for then tough guy and using words like "prudence" ha what a joke old man move with the times old fella theres a lot more bike companies competing in the bike market from all over the globe and competition is good, compete or step aside I say its a pity some of our car companies didnt and were bailed out by my hard worked for tax dollars. PS I ride a Italian Ducati and still love America its a new millenium grow up. American Japanese Italian bikes hell I would ride em all if I could long as Im ridin
Troy -Lame "Fury"  November 13, 2009 05:39 AM
This bike looks okay, IMO, but is only about halfway there. With a 99mph limiter, only 55 horsepower and shaft drive, Honda has (again) really missed the boat here. I'm not surprised, as Honda's cruiser offerings are mediocre at best. Reliability is always excellent, as I recently traded a VTX 1800 C that I had for two trouble-free years. But, there again, while I liked the bike, I had to do a LOT to make it look really good and perform better. It was also at least 100 lbs. too heavy. Back to the Fury, with its meager horsepower and torque numbers, and unimpressive acceleration times, this one can pass me by without hesitation. Honda...put some belt drives on your bikes. Shaft drive is heavy, loses too much power, and yours always look cheap. I've switched away from Honda for good.
DArryl -Leg room on the Fury  November 7, 2009 01:32 AM
All I want to know is,is there enough leg room for a 6'4 guy to sit on comfortably,and is the back seat a comfortalble drive for the passanger.

Strictly two wheels -enjoy the ride  October 16, 2009 01:08 AM
Does it really matter that you own a HD, Honda, Yamaha, Victory??? Overall, we are on two wheels. We get the best view of the road, best parking spots and the simply thrill of being on two wheels. Quit the bickering and enjoy the ride.
skeeter -Slacker  October 11, 2009 08:39 PM
This is a motorcycle site, not a clothing site! 90% percent of clothing is manufactured overseas, so tell us something we all don't know. Slacker, where do you think your Nike sneakers and Timberland boots come from? Unfortunately labor is cheaper in Asia, the Middle East, Mexico, and South America. Even most American flags are made overseas. Welcome to the new millenium! If the fact that it was made in China bothered you so much, why did you buy it?
Guess what? I got one. MADE IN CHINA.
Genuine Harley Clothing Apparel
You want to bash something / bash your head against the wall!
HDBreeze -Chopper craze...  October 11, 2009 06:27 AM
The chopper craze has been over for about 5 years. Honda missed the boat. The custom bike manufacturers still make some of the pro street and long stretched out bikes, but bobber-style and baggers are people want right now. Honda would have been smart to build a bobber instead of the Fury. Bobbers never go out of style. Also, Honda has the Wing and the ST, but they really don't have a touring v-twin. What about a VTX 1800 with a Harley-style batwing fairing, radio, detachable tour pack, cruise control, etc.?
skeeter -Real bikers ride Harleys.  October 11, 2009 06:06 AM
The Fury is just a lame attempt by Charlie to buy it's way into a market that is completly dominated by AMERICAN companies. It was created for all the latte-drinking sushi-eating yuppies that want to look cool at the local "pub". This bike will fail just like the Rune! lol
SLACKER -HONDA WARRANTY  October 2, 2009 05:33 PM
I had trouble with my honda and got all my money back except the taxes,
Put 8,000 kilometres on the bike, I had my problems, but you know what I am a happy consumer riding a VTX1300C pretty much the same motor as the fury and lovin it!
HD Happy Dipshits!
K -Fury impression  September 29, 2009 03:02 AM
Well done Honda, the first mass production real Chopper. Great Price, good engine match, low weight, all equals a reliable Chopper with warranty from Honda.

Now for those who compare HDs VS Metrics, I would say those days are gone, why? Take a deep look at any HD & tell me where are the parts made in, China, Japan, U.S & Canada. So its not fair to say HD is an American icon while the Metrics are just HD wanna be! From my experience I'd say HDs got the best gears & the best sound on the planet, Metrics got the best quality.
scott -fury owner  September 26, 2009 01:21 PM
blah blah blah, ya all think what ya like because at the end of each day it is what it is and it takes all kinds but it is to bad we proud fury owners got to put up with some of ya
Howard H -Accept and move on  September 23, 2009 09:54 AM
I thought this blog was to discuss the new Honda Fury and it's prospective market. Instead, we go back to the bantering of Harley vs. metric.

Personally, I have owned my share of metric and Harley's and have found each to have up sides and down sides. At 56 years old I grew up with the " You meet the nicest people on a Honda " era and Harley was an after thought for a bowling equipment company (AMF).

Quality is an issue with vast latitude for owners of both groups. America, if we want to own up to it or not has been chasing the Japs since 1941 in innovation,value,quality and marketing stadegies. No better verification is needed, who is the number one automaker.

Motorcycle companies are now marketing a culture and not a product. A trip inside a Harley dealer is like going to the mall for all your household needs. Someone is paying for all this floor space dedicated to clothing and everything the badge and shield can fit on.

Honda must be given credit for introducing a production chopper. Again, they are out front and testing the waters. If they feel the market is right for this product, options will be available to customize your Fury as you see fit and can afford. Remember, the chopper market is rather small, but profitable to those one offs. A production chopper with options puts a whole new spin on things. How many of us would like to have that second bike to ride around town...and a chopper no less. Well, now many of us can afford to do that at a fraction of the price.

But, lets not forget it's really all about the ride. When I'm on the road, I never look to see what bike that other rider is on when I give the down low salute. I am glad we are free to enjoy this wonderful activity. Live to ride, not what you ride.
Jason -Ride & Enjoy  September 15, 2009 05:24 AM
After reading all this crap about what is cool and what is not, it worries me how many people ride because of image. Every real biker rides because they love motorcycles, and the friendships that go with it, not what they ride or how much they spend. The coolest biker out there is the one having the most fun!
JB -We ride because we need to  September 14, 2009 05:01 PM
All the Hate! Man- you dudes sound like a freakin' wine club. A brother wants to ride it, let him ride. As long as we ride that's what counts!!
Bolt51 -Hondas and Harleys  August 28, 2009 11:00 AM
Hey, everybody... The best bike on the road is the one you're on. In case you didn't know, you don't buy a bike to make someone else happy... you buy it to make yourself happy. And if you're happy, what else matters? Insecurity makes people put others down... makes 'em feel better about themselves. I don't give a crap what someone else thinks about my bike. Little minds usually have little dicks to match. I'm currently on a 2005 Road King with 50,000 miles on it. My first bike was a '93 Honda Shadow 1100, put 23,000 miles on it; second was a Valkyrie Tourer, put 32,000 miles on it. And guess what? They are all great bikes. Sure I ride a Harley now, but I still miss the world's biggest sportbike in the twisties. And the Fury? Not for me, but my 27-year-old daughter (who is an LA model... she kinda knows style, guys) wants one so bad she can't contain herself. She's seen HD, Victory, Yamaha, and Suzuki, and her jaw dropped when she saw the Fury. Say what you want about the Fury, but when you see my daughter riding one, I guarantee you are going to see it in better light.
Troy LiVecche -American Made eh?  August 24, 2009 06:31 PM
Hey HD guys what is HD claim to fame? Oh yea American Made sorry I almost forgot. But wait after riding with my buddies with HD's I read SHOWA on one of the forks where is that MADE? YUP Jappan. So if HD's are american made so are HONDA and the other rice burners. in fact I think you HD huys should be pissed off at harley for lying to you! You guys should sue them for false advertisment! Because they are only assembled in the US! there are many other parts on HD's that are made in Japan but I dont want to get you guys too worried you can still work on your bike. The reason HD's dont break down AS muchas they usto is due to HD getting smart about Japan R&D because if you look back to the early years HD's V twin does not run on paper! Really who cares what someone else rides? we are all out on 2 wheels with the wind in our hair if we have any! and one last question foryou HD guys and gals.... How many Supercross, outdoor mx, superbike, baja, races has HD won? oh how about flat track b4 AMA made jap bikes run limiters so HD could win somthing? Have a great day and keep the shiny side up!
Reply to Jeff G -Quality vs Price  August 22, 2009 11:19 AM
Jeff nice convincing yourself you made the right purchase. Why not just come out and say it was "price" not quality. It is pretty hard to argue quality considering the bike's short life. You have no idea what you've bought because it hasn't been tested on the roads. No, you're not a follower, you're a leader because you bought a metric chopper. Way to blaze a path for all others to follow in your glory. Choppers weren't around until you bought your first Fury. Thank you for invalidating the entire American motorcycle industry with your purchase. In addition, thank you Honda for having the courage to create a v-twin chopper. I wonder where your designers got their inspiration? Yes, whose the follower?
Sturgis -Honda Rebel  August 22, 2009 11:04 AM
I always have to laugh at the anti-Harley crowd justifying their look-alike/knock off bike purchase on reliability and cost. I would like to dispel these myths: First, a huge block of the 2010 Harley lineup costs from $15-$20K. Of course if you want the top of the line touring bike your looking at $25K but a Goldwing is over $20K. Second, these bikes are much more reliable than they were in the past. How many 1980 Hondas do you see on the highway still going strong? By the way, if you do own a 1980 Honda good luck finding someone to work on her. Dealerships don't work on that old crap and any repairs that need to be made will cost more than the bike is worth. Let's talk about value and how buying cheap is not always the best idea. If you paid $13K for a Honda VTX recently and now have found it only books for $4,500 then your not alone. If you had spent $17K a few years ago your Harley would be sitting at about $15K right now. When you buy a Harley it is not just the name your buying, it is also the image and brotherhood. I don't have any negative feelings towards people who ride metric bikes. But, what I cannot take is a metric own justifying his/her metric bike by defaming Harley. Why not just say I couldn't afford one rather than saying I bought a Honda because it was cheaper and more reliable.
Jeff G. -Fury  August 5, 2009 09:50 PM
Had my Fury for two weeks now and really enjoy it. Could've bought a Harley but I'm not a follower and didn't want to have to work on it all the time. If there had been an American bike with the same quality and pricing, I would've bought it, but don't know of any. Like the Fury!
Chetter Bob -RE: it's about culture and community, stupid  July 29, 2009 12:08 PM
And by Rune, I meant Fury. Maybe those that bought the Rune, will trade in for the Fury, or the DN01. I'd rather drive a Can-Am Spyder or a T-Rex.
Chetter Bob -it's about culture and community, stupid.  July 29, 2009 11:58 AM
I remember when the Buell came out, and thinking, what! a Harley sport bike? With a belt drive. That's the dumbest thing ever. That's cause I'm a sport bike dude (and not some punk squid).

I see this Fury as the same, a Japenese shaft drive custom? No Harley or Custom Chopper rider would be caught dead on this machine, I would fall over laughing if I saw one of these lined up in a row of hogs.

It will be a forever division, just like religion or race. I think the only chance for the Rune to survive is if it gets it's own new following, like those weirdos that ride Buells.
Sammy -I like it, but my wife still likes my Harley better!  July 28, 2009 10:24 PM
It is a good looking bike and I was considering selling my Harley to get this bike. I had my wife take a look at it and she says it's too futuristic and takes away from the traditional chopper look. Also, with my Basani pipes and screamin eagle kit, my bike is by far much louder.
N.F.L. -want to be!...........  July 24, 2009 08:10 AM
It's killin me reading the garbage some of you have posted. Especially the last guy who claimed to ride with the outlaws who cares! Let's clear this up first off it's not a chopper, second it stole styling design from Harley, third it will never change the fact it's a want to be something it's not and never will be. This bike is an embarrassment and to own one for any other reason than it's a honda makes you an embarrassment as well! There's no such thing as a cool want to be and last if you need a bike to be cool that makes you insecure please ride 15 ft, behind me! NUFF SAID!
lestat -The fury  July 22, 2009 02:58 PM
Hey pansies, I rode with the outlaws in 67-1975 with a tour in vietnam thrown in. I still see some of the boys, but prudence dosen't allow me to hang. That said I ride a 2004 Fat Boy, if one of those guys saw me on a fish head bike they would eat my dog. Ur either a 1% or ur not.
CHRIS ( ALBERTA CANADA ) -FURY  July 14, 2009 05:32 PM
Ok ,I must agree about the fury being a great bike and will do well on the market.. I have build a number of inline 4 cyl. choppers and they are a great blast from the past .. with this said , I think there are way to many people that use the brand name ( Harley- davidson ) and ( Chopper ). most people that build "choppers" these days , use rev tech / s&s etc.. there are no Harley Davidson parts unless they are home built , thus having nothing to do with the store baught market . I currently ride a HD softtail and my wife rides a Sportster , when I decide that she should have a crazy " Chopper " I will suggest the Fury .... great ride
Henry Essick Ii -Fury owner  July 4, 2009 10:36 AM
I just bought the new Fury 2days ado and I like it. It is entirely too quiet though and having just traded in my Road Warrior the Fury seems down on power. An 1800 cc engine might be exactly whats missing. Good looking bike though.
Rod S -Fury  July 3, 2009 07:21 PM
Been riding since 13. Had 38 hondas and some things never change,quality! Have always worked too hard for my money to buy a bike that I have to work on.I'm 51 years old and its still fun to see those high dollar Harleys either sitting alongside the road or in my rear-view mirror. And still what's up with the attitude,I love all bikes and enjoy meeting all riders,Isn't what its all about.Now the Fury, beautiful,clean,old school,and of course honda reliablity.Got 5 Hondas now,And it looks like I;ll have to make more room,because this one looks like number 6. My main ride is a VTX 1800R,and just love the the 80 mph 5th gear roll-on to 130mph.Always starts,always runs,sorry Harley I.m poor, NOT STUPID.Never had the tool kit out and doubt if I ever will! Sat on the Fury and I went Back to 18 years old and feeling young again! Thanks again honda!Got my Red one ordered.Please HONDA make A 1800 Fury, so I can have a Honda for every day of the week!!!
Frank S -Honda Fury June 27, 2009  June 27, 2009 11:53 PM
My first bike was a Honda Z50. After I grew a little more and older, my dad bought me a XR75. My Father rode a CB750F, so to say the least, I’m partial to Honda. When I entered High school, I had a Honda CB400. I’ve had my Fury for just under1 month, and everywhere I go, people are drawn to it! I have received nothing but praises. I love the stances, profile, and the ride. The only complaint I have is the governor on it. In 1st gear you can only get up to 45 MPH and in 5th your max is 110 MPH. Now you may be asking, why would he be driving over 110 MPH!?! Well my wife still rides a CBR1000RR, so she gets up and out on me!!!!! So when anyone figures out how to change this, please let me know!!!! Other than that, I love the bike and highly recommend it!!! 5 Stars
Alan P -reliability is what counts, along with a little cool  June 24, 2009 12:00 PM
Talking confidence and reliability:I know that when I get on one of the old Honda's I own, including a 1972 CB100, they will start and run without worry. I would take one of my 1982 Silverwings (I have 2 interstate models)and run title for title, non stop, with any Stock Harley until one of them broke. That is confidence in the product. I am not putting down Harley, I love the style and the looks but the reliability and upkeep is not for me. (the up front cost doesn't help much either). I have ridden bikes for 45 years and owned 18 or 20 bikes, yes most have been Japanese, you just can't argue with success. I presently have 7 bikes in my garage with my daily rider being an '03 Vulcan Nomad 1500, another very reliable bike. As far as the Fury goes, I have never been a chopper kind of person and would rather be on something to run 500 mile days in comfort. With that being said you can bet your bottom dollar the Fury will be a good bike for many years of trouble free service with a good cool factor. I enjoy all motorcycles regardless of brand and someday I will own a Harley but if i go on a long trip I will take the Vulcan or one of the Hondas simply for peace of mind. If my V star had the luggage I might choose it.
CB Fury -Smooth  June 15, 2009 08:34 AM
I purchased my Fury the day they hit the market and have had nothing but compliments over it. I got the black one since the limited edition was not anywhere near San Diego. I have had the wheels powder coated black and the boulevard screen put on. Do not like the screen, feel it needs to be about 3/4" taller with a lip. Other than that I love it... smooth ride and easy to handle. Yes the engine is only a 1312cc but with a over all weight of 663lbs, it pushes the bike nicely down the road. I get around 115 miles on the 3.38 gal tank before the fuel light comes on. It comes on when you still have .66 gal in the tank. I say around because I have a hard time not open her up and let her step up over 100mph on a open straight away. She handles great in corners, and yes I have scrapped the pegs but only when turning her around at 25 mph in the street, but no fear of her falling over. For all you who complain about the engine size... keep complaining because Honda will feed your desire for a 1800 down the road. For those that want a bike from a company that is more about selling merchandise than motorcycles...a company that has to close down true shops and make them put 70% merchandise/30% bike... I do not see what is American about that. Just keep the rubber down.
Mango -Honda VS Harley  June 14, 2009 12:04 PM
My next bike will probably be the Fury. When asked when am I going to buy a Harley I reply "I ride too fast and far to own a Harley." I have been riding the Honda brand for over 40 years, logged well over 100k miles and have NEVER had to put a Honda on a truck because of a break down. I have only spent $85 in 40 years for repairs other than standard tires' batteries, ect. You hearing this Brian? If it Honda has lousy construction how do you explain my success? Am I just lucky, I think not. Quality shows. Honda has the worlds biggest sales and has won the most races. And I don't have to spend big bucks each year for tune ups and fluid changes. It doesn't cost me $300 to get a tire put on at a Honda dealership. You what HD stands for? Hundred Dollars, you can't get any thing for a Harley for less. I don't have to buy an extended warranty to keep a Honda on the road. When I go to Bikeweek I ride, I don't have to truck my Honda to the event. I rarely get any of my friends who ride Harleys to take any long trips with me. The only time I have had to remove my tool kit on a trip was to work on a Harley of a friend. His oil tank just fell off. The same friend paid $25k for a Harley 2 years ago, he just sold it for $10k! Yeah Harley's really hold their value. If ridding Harley's make you cool, I'll stay hot, save my money and ride, ride, ride, worry free!
Japn -fury got my attention  June 9, 2009 07:25 AM
Ever since i sold my harley to put a roof on house ive been looking for something else. Well im done searching. Soon as i get the money i will buy the fury. You got my attention. Thanks
Pam -fury owner  June 4, 2009 07:26 PM
ok i have read all the comments and of course this has to be my bike is better...i have owned a honda since i was 5 startin with the 3 wheeler, then i went to odyssey, and then at 14 dad bought me the honda rebel..well my boys have yamaha dirt bikes it doesn't matter what you buy (name brands) its what your happy with..true bikers buy bikes for the ride and the sanity that it gives you the brand is called a preference..well yeah i would love to own a custom built chopper but reality is my bank roll cant afford that so when i saw the fury thats as close as i'm gonna gets...so now i will tell you about it since that is what is suppose to be goin on here its a very nice bike, it rides smooth and my 6'7 husband looks great on it..he has a hard time not lookin to big for a bike and this one is just fine. the bitch seat as everyone calls em i was worried that it was gonna be all that great but after riding i'm very pleased with that also..so we got our bike with the look that we like and the price we can afford so i'm thankful that honda finally came out with this bike...we have alot of die hard harley owners and they even agree...its all in what you like i dont buy things cuz of what other people think i buy for me considerin it is my money not someone elses..and as far as the made in the us thing yeah we would love to buy everything that was made U.S. but reality is its gettin harder and harder to find things made in the U.S. but i'm glad harley is still doing it for all the harley lovers...i'm a bike lover not name lover..so why put something down cuz of a name thats not bein a true biker.........we are the first to buy a fury in 4 states around here..and i have yet had one person say anything negative about it everyone is just happy we finally found a bike that we love so we can all ride,,,harley, honda, yamahas etc etc we all ride we don't individualize....but if your thinkin of buyin a fury you will not be dissatisfied...see ya on the open roads
Slim 40 -Fury  June 4, 2009 10:16 AM
I own a Road King Classic H-D,and as a TRU biker to bash on other makes of motorcycles isin't my style so what if honda came out whit a chooper it's a clean aforddable ride!My self i stick with American Built I have to say this one is a clean ride
Michele -Future Fury  May 30, 2009 07:26 PM
Wow... never before have I been so tempted into selling my Softail as I am now. I LOVE my bike, 2002 Softail, customized as far as I can go; after market pipes, badlander seat (which is more comfortable than people give it credit for), chrome primary cover, grips, swingarm, etc. Yet, when I saw the Fury today, in person, my first thought was 'I wonder how much I can sell my Softail for?' My only question now is, what color do I get? I tried looking for the 2011 color options, but no luck. I am trying to imagine the Fury in bright red.....ahhhh...yeah, that's the color. But damn, now what will I do with all my Harley paraphernalia?!?!? Hey....anyone wanna buy an awesome 2002 Softail?
Charlie -Mr T: American Quality??  May 30, 2009 03:57 PM
The only "american" bike with real engine quality is the v-rod, due to a PORSCHE engine design. Come on! The main reason for HDs actually running is overbuilt blocks to hold the crappy engines in place.
flyinmandavis -Fury  May 21, 2009 04:16 PM
Come on now, Its a Honda, and I took delivery today! A sweet stylin machine. Trying to get used to the fork, yes I am a baby boomer, but not in a mid-life crisis, am I? I think Atlas hit the nail on the head with this! Cant wait for pipes to hit the market, as well as some storage equipment! Yeah, this bike is a target for the Harley guys, they spent too much for a bike that requires a lot more maintenance. Keep the rubber side down!!
Mike -Fury  May 18, 2009 02:56 PM
Lotta years ago, I beat a 305 hawk almost to death. It was ragged when I got it, and more so when I sold it. Then I put tens of thousands of miles on a '72 350 four. It was my ONLY wheels. A year ago, I got the itch to feel the wind again; and since I know Hondas are almost bulletproof, the Shadow 600 VLX made sense to me. Got a few thousand miles on it now and just went to the local dealer and scoped the Fury. Sat on it. Rocked it side to side, front to back, good balance etc. Nice bike, and yes I did notice the welds. Curious, but not a big issue to me. I'll probably get one in about a year, soon as I can convince Mama that we CAN afford it...I may trade the VLX, but honestly, I'd like to keep it too. Guys I ride with ride Stars, HD, Buell and more. We kid each other about the brands, but we all love to ride. If what I ride bothers you, don't buy one. Oh, and the guy that said he would kick over every Fury he sees; might need some extra life insurance. That's risky behavior.
AL -Fury........I own one!  May 14, 2009 09:53 AM
I tried to get a comment on here but it never showed up. I have had 'Wings, Shadows, CB 350,450,500,750's. Ridden dirt and street. My CREDO'S are I have ridden from the age of 12 to now........I'm 53. My wife and youngest daughter also ride. All I have to say here is why is it so important for most of you guys to try and impress all of us. We like what we like and ride what we love.......motorcycling is cool.........PERIOD! As far as the fury goes........guys.....it is what it is, and there is no changing it......it IS a factory chopper....end of story. The best thing about it is...it is built by a factory with a solid rep, and a warranty.......and backed by a world class history. It won't snap your brains to back of your skull, it won't corner like a crotch rocket, and it won't make you infamous! BUT.....it will look good going down the road, start everytime, won't leave you stranded, turn heads, and won't make you broke! It's a good looking, reliable, solid ride no matter how you slice it. 41 years of riding tells me it is a really fine bike. I really get a kick out how many experts there are out here on all brands of motorcycles. I myself don't really care how techy something is........I like how I feel when I am tooling around on it and the freedom from worry it gives me. It's a hobby and it is FUN! Lighten up! I love my Fury.
AO -Just Right!  May 11, 2009 02:56 PM
I, like many others, do not care for owing $30-40K for a Chopper. I've always wanted one, but cannot afford or justify that much debt. I have a family and bills to pay. I own an 03 Sabre 1100 (payed off--all mine) and will be selling it to have enough for a down payment for the Fury. It has everything I want from a ride. Reliability, maintenance free, low monthly payments (because of the price)& looks. I, unlike many, do not care what others think about what I ride. I don't care for m/c or being another sheep in the heard. I do my own thing. Only punks talk about other's rides. Real bikers just ride and enjoy life. No matter what others think. I can't wait!
Gary -Fury  May 11, 2009 01:34 PM
With comments like these, no wonder manufacturers don't come out with new things. People are just not happy - period, no matter what comes out.
rdkng88 -Fury  May 10, 2009 06:21 AM
I added one to my garage yesterday to go with my 98 cbr 1100XX, 02 cbr 1100 XX, and my 06 Ultra Classic. My first opinion as I'm 6'3" tall.Yery nice chopper for the $$ I'm 58 and love the way it handles and the comfort now to get my hands on some aftermarket pipes.
OneOldFatGuy -Honda vs. HD  May 9, 2009 06:07 PM
I am currently undecided about buying a motorcycle, as my brain says no, but my testicles say yes. What I never understand is why HD riders always put down any other bike companies. I was raised in southern Wisconsin, rode HDs as a kid, Japanese bikes later, bought American cars, Japanese and German cars, and trucks. I only want the best built, longest lasting, most comfortable, best buy with any product. I won't buy an HD because they are Wisconsin built. I would buy one if they met all my other needs. Right now they don't. As a former military and civilan helicopter pilot I've had all the excitement I'll ever need, and I have always tried NOT to let my ego take over my judgement when flying. If you HD riders REALLY like excitement, go to your nearest airport and learn to fly helicopters. Then you can talk to me about the freedom of the road. Until then, you're all a bunch of pretenders. Try the third dimension and call be when you've tried up, down, backwards and sideways.
Al -Grow Up  May 8, 2009 09:10 PM
guess what guy's,i sold my ultra classic last year and was looking at custom choppers,one that the head light doesn't fall off 2 miles down the road,yea I've road Harley's science 77,guess what,i bought one.that's right a fury! grow the **** up and get your head out of you ***,there's no perfect bike and I'm sick of every body's opinion that there bike is!
bto -choppers  May 8, 2009 01:01 PM
Curvi -The Fury  May 7, 2009 10:54 PM
How entertaining these comments have been. Tell you one thing, I’ll never be able to out do what’s already been done, out spend what’s already been spent, or build bigger than what has already been built. Same for speed. I can’t out do or over ego anybody. It’s all been done. So, what is cool? Not so much the bike, but the person riding it. About 5 years ago I bought my first bike, an 02 Honda Rebel 250. One day, as I was sitting at an intersection waiting for the light to turn green, (grinning from ear to ear, proud as a peacock, and POSING) a really nice green chopper come rumbling up from behind and stops next to me. Smiles and nods are exchanged. The light turns green and the chopper dude, with ease, could have over powered me and passed with pipes screaming in my ear with total disregard. But guess what, he respectfully lets me go ahead since I was there ahead and runs along side and back like it is taught when getting your license. NOW THAT TO ME IS COOL! Total respect for your fellow rider is cool, not these cheap shots some seem compelled to make. I have since sold the Rebel and bought a brand new Shadow Aero. I love this bike and nobody can take that away from me. You can accuse me of being a little biased, so here it goes. I like the Fury a lot! I think it’s cool! The first word out of my mouth when I seen it,….COOL. I would buy it in a heart beat, can you loan me 13 grand? LOL. Stay cool everyone.
T -Furry  May 7, 2009 02:33 PM
All Hondas are now made in Japan-not the US.
BGK -Fury  April 30, 2009 04:14 PM
Just a simple tavern-to-taven bike... nothing more...
Roger Ramjet -Steve Atlas's Fury Article  April 30, 2009 10:11 AM
Too many of the comments here are arguing about whether the Fury is "real" or a "wannabe," whatever that means. What about Steve's article? It's called a "First Ride," yet there is very little information about how the Fury actually rides. Comments about the exhaust note, front and rear suspension, vibration, etc. are very general. Worse, there are no performance numbers. What are the 0-60, 0-100 and quarter-mile stats? What about braking? No 60-0 numbers. What about the headlight quality? The seat comfort? The instrument readability? The electronics? Most of the article and most of the commentary focuses on looks and image. I ride for performance and "feel" first and looks second (or third). I don't think I'll buy this magazine. It doesn't even compare to Motorcycle Consumer News for thorough reviews.
MC Taz Man -Buy American  April 28, 2009 09:58 PM
For all you people whining about buying American, the Honda Shadow line IS built in the US.
Jim -Honda Fury VS Unreliability Harley  April 25, 2009 10:33 AM
I bought my Sportster new in 2002. I bought it because I liked the look and feel. When I bought it I also bought a $1000, 7year extended manufacturers warranty. (Not a "dealership" warranty) I have my Sportster serviced ON TIME at every scheduled maintenance interval at a Harley dealership and STILL it has been in the shop yearly for transmission problems. I love the Harley look and sound, but I'm tired of worrying about whether the ride will end in yet another ride on a tow truck! For peace-of-mind I'm going HONDA next. I like the Fury. But more importantly, I like the line in every HONDA brochure (WHICH YOU WON'T READ IN ANY HARLEY BROCHURE!) it reads "FEATURING HONDA RELIABILITY".
Russ B. -Does the bike fit you? Then who cares about the make and model.  April 23, 2009 07:36 AM
Its just nice to see another manufacturer putting out another new bike that will hopefully fit well with some riders that couldnt find a bike that fit them well before. Fuuny how many people in this forum are going to buy a bike they never even sat on, lot of brain power behind that decision isnt there? Any new motorcycle is great, from any manufacturer. Its like anything else, everyone has a different opinion, it all stems from what you personally or those around you have had the best of luck with. Dont know why this whole forums filling up with nonsense. The only right bike out there for anyone is the one that fits them best for their safety. Make, model, doesnt matter. If your wondering, I ride a Honda Shadow ACE 750 fully laid out with custom chrome, not because I wanted a Honda vs any other make or needed a certain image, it was because after sitting on about 45 bikes over several years, its the one that fit me best. If you havent learned that yet and all you care about is makes and models, maybe its time you go sign up for one of those rider ed courses. Be thankful instead another manufacture introduced a new line, even if its not your cup of beer.
Aaron -Buy american?  April 22, 2009 08:10 AM
Hardly anything is purely american anymore. NOT even Harley, half the parts come from china and other countries. Who cares, the fury is a nice looking bike, maybe not everyones tastes but it will sell. I'm so tired of hearing go get a real bike buy american, your not a real american if you but a honda. Just shut up and ride! half the people that talk crap don't even have a motorcycle and don't even no what its about, its about the ride not what you are rideing.
cmblake6 -Looks sweet!  April 19, 2009 07:55 PM
For the guy that was all "buy American", mine was built in Ohio. I've owned and ridden Harleys, Triumphs, Beemers, Hondas, on and on. I traded my 98 Valkyrie for my 03 VTX1300, and it was because my VTX just FIT my butt. This Fury looks about nice enough to swap my regular version! Almost. We'll see.
CROWE VTX RIDER -RELIABITY  April 12, 2009 07:37 AM
I'v owned them all. The name dosn't keep them out of the shop unless the name is HONDA. I'm 61 years old, and I'v been riding street bikes since I was 16. I owne a VTX1300 now,soon as I can get a FURY I will. When I go down the highway my butt will not be numb, theeth won't chattering togeather. PS I won't even think about not getting where I'm going.
Maggie -Honda Fury  April 9, 2009 10:16 AM
Does anyone know if they are selling these in Washington State
ReliabilityRules -As long as it gets me from point A to B  April 8, 2009 11:14 PM
without breaking down I don't give a dang who makes it. The true posers are those who have to walk around like a billboard and only look at things skin deep.
vmaxpilot -nothing looks like it,nor runs like it.......  April 6, 2009 05:52 PM
There is only ONE motorcycle that stands on its own,and over 20 yrs. proves my point..... The VMAX.... Oh,even Harley made a clone,shame on them..(he-he) Know any other bike that ran a run as long as Mr.Max..? and still held its place as one of the quickest off the line motorcycles for ALL those years... Thats what I thought.. LOL
Valkyrie Greg -2010- Honda Fury  April 5, 2009 09:44 PM
I ride a 1997 Honda Valkyrie, and love it. I bought a HD Sportster from my son when he went to Iraq. (No match for a Valkyrie, but it will make a good trade on a FURY.) I am on the waiting list for a Fury. My Valkyrie will be for the long or overnight rides; when I need gear and comfort. The Fury will be my show bike. I am buying the Silver one, because an artist who paints bike designs and pin strips told me the Silver one is the best "Canvas". He thinks he can make it "showroom". Life is good; I am retired, have a 1997 Valkyrie, and soon to have a 2010 Fury.
Larry -Too little, too late  April 5, 2009 03:51 PM
Leave it to Honda to build this bike 5 years AFTER the chopper craze is over and make it a little 1300. Even if Honda had built it 5 years ago, they missed the bus. Buy one, ride it a little, get feeling like a badass... then some guy on an Ironhorse or Big Dog is next to you at a light... so much for that whole badass thing. The chopper craze was about excess at first. Bragging rights went to the guy who spent the most coin. Later it was about name dropping of builders who were all the rage. Now all those dumbasses who bought those high dollar choppers realized they need a practical bike. They sold the chopper at a loss and bought a Street Glide. If honda wants to be cutting edge, build a bagger. That's what's big now.
Big Ben -Fury  April 2, 2009 08:51 AM
Bravo Honda!
Fallguy -You know its true  April 2, 2009 07:05 AM
Awww come on Jack we all know your on that Sportster.
HD hater -Honda  April 1, 2009 03:00 PM
Have any of you ever saw Honda Rune??????????It's better and prettier than any HD ever made!!!!!!Who cares what the people in the U.S. thinks???????Because,you know, you are not the whole world and that's the bottom line cause HONDA said so.
Jack -fallguy  April 1, 2009 01:45 PM
Better than your Mom! HO HO! That's just a guess though because I've never ridden a sportster.
Fallguy -HAHA  April 1, 2009 04:19 AM
How does that Sportster ride Jack?
Bill -Fury  March 26, 2009 05:52 PM
I am Asian and I like it. Harley too big He He he
Jack -Let my Fury meet your Fury  March 25, 2009 03:58 PM
I plan on kicking over every Fury I see.
Fallguy -I don't worry about the haters!  March 25, 2009 07:22 AM
Why, you ask? First of all 60% of them are on Sportsters anyway because they can't afford the bigger models. They buy the least expensive HD made just so they can say I ride a HD and I'm a bad a$$! I even hear HD riders say the Sportsters were made for the lady HD riders anyway. But hey if you need that HD emblem to feel good then so be it. Now if you buy a Harley because you like the ride or for "their great quality ;o)" then that is cool; but don't hate just because of the bike another guy rides when in reality your really the poser. In case you all didn't know most of the guys in the MC clubs wearing the colors and rockers thinks everyone else in the world are posers.
Tarzan -Fury  March 24, 2009 08:14 PM
Way to go Honda! I've been talking about a metric chopper for over three years now. I was hoping that Suzuki would be the one to do it first. I hope this is the start of a new market. You should not have to have a 300+ dollar a month payment to have a bike. If HD was really concerned about the American consumer as much as the all mighty dollar. They would have the best maintenance record in the world for the crazy prices they charge.
Jack -is back  March 23, 2009 06:29 PM
Hyosung = garbage
Jordan bare -Analogy  March 22, 2009 06:19 PM
I mean relevant btw haha
Jordan Bare -Analogy  March 22, 2009 06:17 PM
Hey guys and possibly ladies, Im gonna be honest, I don't have a bike but I plan to get one soon, now Im torn between the Star's Midnight Warrior, The Fury of course, the HD rocker, or buying my uncles HD Fat Boy. Yes I am "the younger generation" and I have taste. We all know taste cost big bucks, something I don't have. I work my butt of for a small amount of money each week. I just think its time to but a toy for myself, haha. Now, back to the main topic, the "Fury", I see all verbal conflicts going on. The Fury is infact a knock off of the Choppers. Now, If you ask me which would I prefer if I could afford it. I would go with a Chopper all the way! I love the stylish, BA looking, american ride. But, the case being... I CAN'T afford it. So what would I do? I'd tell you what I'd do... I'd do exactly what I would do if I was going to buy a watch or a pair of glasses. I'd by the cheap knock off of a rolex for a watch or a rip off of oakley... Why? It's definately obvious, it's cheaper and stylish. Points been made its a cheap knock off of a Chopper. Now am I leaning towards the Fury over all the other choices I have presented. No, but I have considered it. Actually my hearts definately set on the Midnight Warrior. I love the look of it. I don't know all the specs and what not, I could qoute the online specs of the bikes but, Im not going to BS you guys. I don't have a knowlegdable amount to make an accurate or even irrelevat arguement. I'm just throwing my opinion out there, maybe you'll understand maybe not. With all the being said... I just want to RIDE! Thanks for reading, Peace be with you all.
EDDIE -CRUIZERS  March 20, 2009 09:02 AM
You know; i hear you guys talking but i say this, if i can have a harley that looks like that for 13k i would have been gotten one by now. I own a hyosung gv650 $6200 and i love it, its hassle free fast as hell, probably faster than most of the bikes yall are talking about right now. It lets me run errands and helps me save money at the pump in style. this is my first motorcycle and when i ride the same guys talking crap right now are the ones waving and giving the thumbs up, SO EVERYBODY JUST RIDE AND SHUT UP!!!!!!
LarryJ -Wise up  March 19, 2009 09:05 AM
To the people who are bashing the fury, take a chill pill. The fury is an inexpensive knock off of a custom built bike that most of us cant afford, sure but here is the thing. I have owned a bike from several different manufacturers and the one that gave me the most trouble was a harley. (94 1200 custom). It was always needing something from my wallet. The most dependable was and is my VTX1300c. There were several others but the point is Honda made a cool looking bike for the average joe who wants to feel good about themself when they ride. Nothing wrong with that. I am glad that there is an inexpensive chopper on the market that looks cool and doesnt cost a fortune. I have allready placed an order for mine.
Don -Get A Life  March 19, 2009 07:13 AM
The harley guys say it's a lifestyle but is that the real reason we buy a motorcycle.And the isue about the 1300 for you harley riders the 1300 will blow a stock Harley away.I think the Fury will be a good bike for person who don't want to spent there rest of there life paying for it.
Matt -Sucks  March 18, 2009 02:59 PM
Its a Honda and its another crappy wanna be!
Choike2 -I'm "FURY-ous"  March 16, 2009 03:30 AM
At least there are no shameless implications involving yet another "custom prototype" coming from the So.CAL/Honda design team. What it shows me is another way to "cash in" on the market. My girlfriend wouldn't know the difference between this P.O.S. and my BOURGET, and Honda knows this. Besides diluting the perceived value of quality customs, the marketing guru's at Honda exploit yet another segment of American society.
Valkyrie Dude -Fury  March 15, 2009 11:03 AM
I ride a honda but come from a family of Harley Folk and have heard it all about the Harley but decided that I would rather ride than work on my Ride. Harleys are cool but they are all alike just like the rice burners. it just cost a fortune to change any bike. I dont care what my buddies ride just as long as they are riding. I have one partner with an older harley than my bike has half the miles 4 times the hours in the shop and rides 1/3 as far because he rides to the harley dealer to look cool, I ride in search of the perfect road but to each his own. When I ride to the Harley shop with him to admire the sweet looking motorcycles there, as I walk back to my Bike there is a group of Harley Guys looking at it and watch me leave on it, and they wont even think about challenging the Dragon. The Fury is cool and have thought about buying one because it looks like it would be fun and being a honda it has got to be trouble free. Wont sell the Dragon Lady though. TO EACH HIS OWN if a person wants to ride a skateboard then so be it. My Dragon was assembled here in the states just like the Harley to.
patrick -ones mans wife is anuther mans girlfriend  March 12, 2009 11:20 PM
go to a fest bike parking put a star raider fury victory or a custom bike in a row you find your if it is one of those because all the hd guys will be checking them out bro works at hd lotta guys that work there drive a variety it is about what trips your trigger you and the road like a women she has to make you smile feel good in your hands and when your not ridin her your thinkin bout ridin my first bike was a honda 350 1972 decked out for the highway currently own a 86 areo coupe grand prix 2.2 mint every time i ride either im tickled work hard play hard good job honda give me more to think about
Walt -NOT a chopper!  March 11, 2009 10:07 PM
I've been around choppers/custom motorcycles since I first viewed David Mann's artwork (marketed by Ed Roth) back in the mid-Sixties. By definition, a chopper is a stock machine that is stripped clean of saddlebags, windshields, crashbars, big fenders, big gas tanks, et al. If Honda wanted to do it up right in regards to a "custom motorcycle" they could have just offered up a bare-bones package consisting of a VTX 1800 engine (air-cooled version) in a conventional dual-shock frame (with no rake and some stretch). Forget the shaft drive (since it doesn't allow for a wide selection of custom wheels). RC Components is the only company that makes a good selection of custom wheels for shaft-diven machines and they ain't cheap! The aftermarket would take care of the rest of the bike. I guess that the powers that be at Honda have never heard of the phrase, "owner involvement." Real choppers/customs have their origins in a garage/shop. Real choppers/customs are NOT mass-produced "consumer" items from an assembly line. Ya dig?
gdntent -hondas ha!  March 11, 2009 07:21 PM
until youve riden a harly you just havent ridden a motorcycle! get some balls! buy american!!!!!
GB -hey Ron  March 11, 2009 05:40 PM
park a HD next to a Victory and you'll see why Victory is a better bike. it's guys like you with that HD attitude that makes real riders shiver with disgust.
GB -fury  March 11, 2009 05:30 PM
why buy a honda fury for 13k when ya can get a victory vegas for the same price?
CURZMAN -FURY  March 10, 2009 09:41 AM
rowdy g -proud honda owner  March 10, 2009 03:25 AM
ride what you like.stop talking about other peoples bikes.worry about your own.half of everybody with the big mouthes dont even own a bike
Keith -Comparison  March 9, 2009 11:32 PM
Style-wise the Star-Raider would have been ahead of its time in 1982. I don't know who designed that thing, but it just proves that the eighties aren't dead. Engine size: The Fury is a cruiser, not a sport bike, and its style alone will appeal to a younger generation. No hardcore biker or hardcore biker wannabe would ever touch this bike, or any Honda cruiser for that matter. For me, the only compromise here is the shaft drive, and in the end that just means less maintenance. The Fury is sleek and clean. The tank styling alone blows away any current production bike out there. Hate to break it to you, but not everyone needs the Hayabusa engine in every bike. Harley Rocker: Problem number one with the Rocker is the price. Problem number two is that it doesn't take the chopper aesthetic far enough. The Fury addresses both of these problems. The rocker incorporates a couple great ideas - rear fender/swingarm, passenger seat - but just isn't groundbreaking enough. Re: safety and the sloppy welds - come on guys, its Honda - what are the chances HONDA would overlook something like that? This isn't OCC. It was probably just a misguided styling cue.
Racer1 -Wow...  March 9, 2009 09:35 PM
It's a BIKE! Nothing more or less... A Harley is a BIKE too, nothing more or less... Ride what you enjoy RIDING... the brand is actually the least important part of the riding experience unless you stare at the writing on the tank the whole time! I don't understand brand loyalty at all, there are great manufacturers in Japan, England, Italy, Germany, Austria and the USA who all have something for everybody - people who devotedly limit themselves to ONE BRAND are clearly into something other than the riding experience, and are limiting their choices and enjoyment to a crazy extent. This bike seems OK to me - most people will putter about on it anyway and the 1300cc block is more than enough for parking at bars and High Street posing. It's nothing I would own, but seriously, motorcycling is a big tent and if this brings in a few more riders, it's good for us all. "... the only choice for any real American will be an American motorcycle" Seriously - what a childish, dumb ass, blinkered, comment that is Anthony - clearly you have no clue about motorcycles, riding or anything other than being brainwashed by a marketing manager - sad.
AJ -Motor Size  March 9, 2009 04:38 PM
I have a 04 vtx1800c it has an awesome powertrain they should've dropped the 1800 in the fury now that would be nuts and smoke damn near any other chopper on the streets.
dino shokrai - honda chopper  March 9, 2009 05:51 AM
think of it, what is the real thing today? I had a v-rod and the H-D diehards would ont give me the time, although it looke hot ran strong, and the early ones where like no other, metric though, mertic like the new honda, what is this hate for cool jap bikes. quality is great other than the welds (bad very bad) but it is a great bike, I have 3 chopper riders in my complex that have 3 sns motor choppers,since I have 5 other bikes 3japs one brit,one Brutal, they look dowwn on me, I WONDER what they will feel if I rolled in with a honda chopper? Long live motorcycl riders all over the world :-)
mike k -fury  March 8, 2009 08:16 PM
what an ugly bike and like all v-twin hondas sounds crapy.
Dan -like it or hate it?  March 7, 2009 08:27 PM
C'mon guys, this bike looks pretty adequite. Nice clean lines. An ok powerplant. Steve says it rides pretty nice. That's good. I think a lot of guys are going to want this bike. Sure it could use a belt drive and the 1800 engine. And better pipes, and all sorts of other stuff you will be able to buy later. The welds? Guys read the story, it isn't even a production bike he is riding. My harley didn't have the prettiest welds either. I think it will be a way better driver than some of the custom choppers with 280+ rear tires, they can't hardly turn a corner. It looks way better than a Rocker. I would buy the Yamaha Raider first, IF it was my style. I ride a metric 4 right now and am looking for my next V Twin. If I can't find another Harley cheep enough I will buy a metric with a much bigger engine. And I don't give a crap if it bugs you haters or not. I was ashamed of having a Harley before because of this stupid hater attitude. Can't we all just get along?
Aladave -Furious  March 7, 2009 10:14 AM
First off, the first big bike I bought was a Honda CB 750 in 1970. Why did I buy it? In part because lots of folks told me "Man, you GOTTA buy a Harley." I thought "no, I don't, I'll buy what I want." THAT'S individualism, not lining up at somebodies' store like one of so many two wheeled lemmings. I may get a Fury, and couldn't I give a flying rat's rear end what anybody thinks about it. (My biggest complaint with Honda is that it didn't put a modified single throw crank hot VTX 1800 engine, bumped to 2000CC, in it.) I have an 1800 Gold Wing, a Royal Enfield thumper with a sidecar, and a Sportster. I'll buy and ride what I want, and if somebody doesn't like the scoot I buy, well, y'know what, it would be a good idea for you not to buy one. But don't tell me I'M a "wannabe"; I'm a BE - that is, I AM what I wannabee, and being a biker is about the person, not what he rides. Peace, out.
Anthony -Seriously...  March 6, 2009 02:09 PM
When it comes to buying a CRUISER, the only choice for any real American will be an American motorcycle.
antonio -i agree with ken  March 6, 2009 07:30 AM
i agree with ken..ride what ya wanta ride..as for poo-pooing metric look a like bikes, think about this...if the truth be told most of harley's are metric..even the motors have been farmed out to mexico..i know, i own one nice fxdf fatbob..my mechanic is honest enough to tell all..the only thing american about harley's anymore is the name...chevy trucks have isuzu motors..what used to be all american just isn't anymore..however, if one replaces stock parts with aftermarket u.s.a. made parts that will make new harleys more american..2 wheels rule!
Ken -Fury  March 5, 2009 05:53 PM
I think it will sell. Honda is known for dependability and this isnt a bad looking bike. NowI have to vent for a minute. It amazes me that everyone dogs the "wannabee riders/bikers and new riders but that really depends on your definition of biker/motorcyclists. Everyone seems to think they are the real thing and everyone else is faking. Remember Everybody started somewhere. Ive been riding since childhood over 30+ years I ride my Harley daily but I also have an old 76 honda 750 chopper homemade with a saw and welder not store bought and a 1985 kawasaki 454. I have owned almost every major brand out there and loved them all and sometimes with some it was love/hate. I Guess it just doesnt matter to me about the brand thing I ride because I love it and I love motorcycles and I think the Fury qualifies as one. Ride what you wanna ride just be yourself and ride! Keep the shiny side up everybody
fiddle mike -Canadian Dan- SOS  March 5, 2009 02:30 PM
If these Jap bike companies were truly turning out copies of HDs they'd be warehousing overpriced, under engineered pieces of junk. That kind of remark reflects buyer's remorse more than any deep thinking.
JD -Honda's Dazed and confused.  March 5, 2009 11:10 AM
Honda has lost some of it's style a few years back when it came to the "American" look. In the 80's Honda took their bikes and dressed them to look like American bikes. They left the power in the engines and we had some fun. Somewhere in the 90's and newer they took all the horsepower out out and left the horse's weight. The Rune was coool as long as it was exclusive, the Honda sold thousands more for less money. The New Fury is Johnny-come-late. This bike should have hit the market 4 years ago. This, like the new overpriced scooter, wannna be bike, DN-01 and going to end up as just footnotes on the way to Honda's exit from many streetbike classes.
Racer1 -Why not?  March 4, 2009 09:43 PM
Totally not my cup of tea (TOTALLY!), but why not? For a quasi functional chopper it's actually not bad looking - sure the welds could be cleaned up, but for 13K? I doubt it. And no Stan, LOL, birds dropping welds do not in the least compromise safety - look at 99% of welds that are hidden by bodywork. Of every single manufacturer making choppers, the one you should LEAST worry about for safety would be Honda! For what the kind of people who buy this bike will end up doing on it, the 1300 engine is more than adequate. It's a decent looking bike, built to a price that is around half of the competition. I think it will do OK -I hope so, because we need every rider we can get and this lowers the barriers to entry for people who want this kind of thang. The fact that it doesn't say Harley Davidson on the tank would be a plus in my book - shows individualism, a lack of sheep mentality and corporate brand worship.
Trip -Not your Grandfather's Chopper  March 4, 2009 12:17 PM
Ron, your definition of a "chopper" is accurate--50+ years ago. The original "choppers" or "bobbers" were production bikes that were stripped of any unecessary metal and doo-dads primarily to decrease weight and increase performance. Somewhere along the line, in the 60s and 70s, the term "chopper" came to be associated with raked-out customized bikes that were created solely for aesthetic effect. That definition is the one that lives on today and applies largely to the Fury. If it were created with the original chopper intent and in the original chopper image, it would look something like a naked sportbike, not a Honda-ized version of a raked-out custom.
Ben -Honda Fury  March 4, 2009 09:51 AM
I don't see the selling many of them. Probably be discontinued in 2010 1/2. I had to chuckle at SteveO's lack of enthusiasm during the review video. Don't worry Steve...the news guys get the crap bikes at first!!!
Les -Racist  March 4, 2009 09:29 AM
milwaukee mike and The Canadian DAN...products of inter-family marriages?
Stan -Safety  March 4, 2009 08:42 AM
I’m 62 and have been riding since I was 16. I don’t care what you ride; as long as you are riding. I have owned many different makes but seem to come back to American made. My concern is what I’m hearing about the welds being sloppy, etc. If the welding looks that bad what about the quality of the welding? Is it compromised, which brings us to the safety of the rider? We have all seen bikes with extended forks they look cool! But we all know that when you start extending those tubes out they start flexing and placing stress in ways they were not designed. This causes metal fatigue. Which brings me back to safety. I have seen what happens when tired metal brakes it’s not pretty!
dbass -its cool  March 4, 2009 07:32 AM
i'll try one
SamXRL -Fist of fury?  March 4, 2009 07:05 AM
Talk about a day late and a dollar short! I'm suprised Honda waited this long to enter with a bike like the Fury. The chopper market was rockin 4-5 years ago. Either way, they've came out with a nice and clean (smooth lines with not a lot of hardware showing) motorcycle. That said, for around the same price one can enter the market with a chopper that's accepted by all classes of riders and is (in my opinion) way more cool. That bike is the Victory Vegas and Kingpin 8-ball. If you're considering a chopper but feel the Honda is too steralized then go check out Victory's entry models. Oh, and remember--- "You ride motorcycles because psychiatric care costs too much"!!
Bigrick -Honda Biker? Hmmmmm...  March 4, 2009 05:21 AM
I ride a Honda! that's a fact and with the exception of the Big Goldwing's which I own one the second thereof, I think if I had the cash I'd prefer a Kawasaki Indian, since i can't afford the real deal. My bike is shown on ClassicWingSig site, I only say that because Wings like the 81 which I own still draws good comments even from the hardcore Harley crowd, "It has real chrome, weighs a ton, but runs like a small car, and still looks good and with less than 85K Made in America-That's right at the Ohio plant which sadly, the suits at Honda are closing or has closed for the most part, it's too bad they only provide service to big wallet clients, kinda like the Custom Chopper builders, I don't blame em, Has a kid I useta sit in my window on 74 and Champlain, Chicago's So. side back then there was a small "real" service station, always waiting to see that old timer on the big Electra glide witha Ton of light's mind you I did'nt know nothinng about a cool factor, just knew this was something neat, and would try to draw it! still love those kickstart 63's still can't afford one but maybe Honda is trying to remeber what it was all about that got em started in the first place-The love of the ride,not a bank book!
Ron -Choppers are for chopping - duh!  March 4, 2009 03:11 AM
I welcome Honda to the market, they took a bold move targeting affordability and the bike is really growing on me. I've always been a Star owner so I'm not foreign to metric cruisers but a Honda over a Yami, the whole idea takes some warming. What I really just wish is that people would stick to understanding of the whole Chopper genre. It's not fancy accessories, glitter and glam from chrome, or how much money can I dump into a bike. It's a minimalist attitude and how much I can remove or "chop" and still have a functional ride... Heck, we’ve even see some accessories coming directly from Honda. Think! If you begin adding all that stuff, maybe you're forcing yourself into a category of motorcycles where you shouldn't. Only you can choose your own ride, but use some degree of reasoning otherwise you end up on a garbage barge as a poser and there is zero pride of ownership in that. Get your head around the whole concept of Choppers not the skewed approach TV has insisted. My fear is that because model is targeting newer riders that the entire line will just become a mockery due to misunderstanding and lack of motorcycling experience. Too bad, it will take a lot of credibility away from those that are legitimate enthusiasts.
richard omuadaigh -honda fury  March 4, 2009 12:05 AM
kool very kool
jimmy -wanna bet  March 3, 2009 11:29 PM
Finally we get a bike that is not done by a designer whose only credential is having a lot of tattoos. This is a legitimate, well studied and engineered form of transportation. If it is bland it is because that is where the creativity to stomp your own design will apply. On the design not on the engineering. Whoever says a 1300 is a small engine, shows he is just a boulevard cruiser. Made by Honda, I am sure this bike will kick the ass of the bigger bore bikes in handling and for us who rode in the 80's when a 1000 was a BIG BIKE, 1300 is more than enough for an able rider. Watch your side mirrors chopper dudes in leather vests and make sure you accelerate on the curves so as not to be overtaken by the legit chopper
Ron -Honda Fury  March 3, 2009 09:40 PM
First of all; Dont be a hater! I get tired of the different riding groups putting down everyone that doesnt ride the same bike as themselves. You dont have to hate someone elses bike to enjoy yours more. I ride sport bikes and cruisers and love each for what they bring to the table. Enough of the soap box; they did a good job with the styling. I have not been a fan of the sheet metal on previous japanese cruisers as they either tried too hard to look non-HD or too hard to look like a heritage softtail. This is one of a few jap cruisers that has sex appeal, the Raider is included. They should offer this bike with either the 1300 or the 1800cc motor and they should replace the drive shaft with a belt. The belt is a low maintenaince, low cost, no back lash option which should be used more often. Lastly, like them or not what seperates HD from the others is that they pay great attention to detail; they do not look cheap in any sense and neither should this bike; dont beleive me, park a Fatboy next to a Victory and see for yourself. So improve the welds, update the switches, guages or anything else that looks cheap. In the end I would probably buy either a dyna super glide ($12k) or a dyna street bob ($13k).
Jimbolaya -no great hondas  March 3, 2009 08:46 PM
The only hondas I like at all (what do they make, like 90 models?) are the interceptor, CRF250/450 & that's about it. My favorite (non-existent) new bike would be a japanese D/S, liquid-cooled, between 300-400 cc, linkage susp, great susp/brakes, e-start of course, wide ratio 6 spd (or 7), FI, great range. Maybe a twin rather than a single (if weight didn't jump much)? Lotsa options like: HO alternator for grips/vest/lights, luggage bags, small w/s, supermoto front wheel/brake rotor.
Jay Mack -Customs  March 3, 2009 07:21 PM
All these 'customs' would be cooler with a kick starter. Lighter, too.
steveinsandiego -honda fury  March 3, 2009 06:33 PM
several of you bellyached about quality. fact of the matter is that labor and material costs are rising. in order to price the fury within reach of a broad market, compromises must be made in its construction. if the fury were reflecting much better quality, the price tag'd probably be nearer $20,000.
brad -Making motorcycling more affordable......  March 3, 2009 05:51 PM
For those who are saying the chopper craze is over, I have to ask, then why are there even more chopper makers/dealers now than there were three years ago? Either it's not over yet, or there are a bunch of soon-to-fail chopper makers that don't know they are about to fail as viable businesses. There's people out there who wonder what it would be like to have a chopper, and with the economy the way it is, and typical chopper prices as high as they are, they'd never get to find out -- until the Fury hits the showroom floor. Any new bike that gets more people to ride is a good thing. And if they try a Fury and decide later that they'd rather have a cruiser, they didn't have to mortgage their house again just to get to try owning a chopper. Makes another aspect of the riding experience available to more Americans, and that's a good thing.
raven -hondas fury  March 3, 2009 05:48 PM
like anything else in the motorized industry it is all about taste, i have had four harleys,a couple of kowyees and what ever else,i now ride a 2007 star warrior and luv it,give the honda a chance,it could be the sleeper of the group,and as far as harley, the big american twin?????? harley builds a good harley,but not a good motorcycle,no technology,see-ya on the road,
Tom -Bigger version of 50cc "chopper"  March 3, 2009 06:13 AM
I've seen on ebay the little scooter sized choppers. They are often seen in swap meets and ridden around by big dudes with large smiles. We see something like that and think, "Hey that looks like stupid fun". No one thinks, "He should get a Harley". Everyone smiles and watches the dude sputter past in his retarded fun ride. Honda exudes the same philosophy. Hell the bike looks cool but we all know that cool is subjective. The Honda offers the same cool factor as that scooter. It's a copy that offers you a big smile when you ride it. For those that can't enjoy a copy then you are limiting your self to missing what biking is all about. It's about being in the wind and feeling the freedom of the road. This bike offers you a lower priced easier to afford and maintain version of a classic design. The more people out riding the better. I own a poser bike that I love. It's the Harley Crossbones. It's a copy of my buddies 49 Pan'. I've been a rider for over 25 years and love ALL bikes. I also own a sportbike and do track days on it. I also have been known to ride on a scooter to get an ice-cream with my girlfriend. The smiles generated by each bike justifies its existence. I was down on my luck once and had to ride around on a Ninja 250 and thanked GOD for that bike that summer. Sure my friends kidded me about it but they were happy I was out riding with them. Screw cages ride what you got! Brand loyalty is another form of sheep herding.
philamar -Fury  March 3, 2009 02:15 AM
Honda is just doing what it always has, pulling out the stops to get anyone interested in buying and riding a bike.This bike exists because this market exists. The bonus is the bike has excellent performance and ridability something you can't always say about a custom job. People have been putting extended forks on everything from BSA's to Honda 750's for years and calling them choppers but at least its another soul on a bike.
Billy -Fury  March 2, 2009 10:23 PM
If there is anything worse than a gangster Hell's Angel wannabe it is a cheap imitation wannabe wannabe. If you are really that biker that doesn't care what others think then you don't play dress up spend money on bikes in order to buy street cred, whatever the hell that is. Choppers - really, grow up.
milwaukee mike -jap crap1300  March 2, 2009 09:44 PM
13K for a girls bike, honda's really got their head up their poop-chute on this one. Well there may be a few people with alternative life styles that will be torn between buying a scooter or this moto-toy.
Booges -benroe  March 2, 2009 09:38 PM
“one only needs to take a look at the nightster, iron, muscle, and the entire dark line of harleys to see where the market is going”. That’s not where the Market is going, but where Harley’s Marketing is going. If I want to see where the market is going I look at what REAL custom bike makers of both metric, American, and sport bikes are doing not some corporations (American or Japanese) half baked idea of “cool”.
benroe -late coming  March 2, 2009 08:08 PM
they come out in the market when the market is moving on to a different kind of cool cruiser. one only needs to take a look at the nightster, iron, muscle, and the entire dark line of harleys to see where the market is going. too little and too late by honda.
Thomas -Save $ and sell your dignity at the same time!  March 2, 2009 07:57 PM
Does it come with an American flag made in Japan?
William -Fury  March 2, 2009 03:50 PM
13,999 for a 1300 cc V-Twin Chopper with limited everything. Take a gander to the Star Raider folks. 1900 cc V-Twin, blinged out or blacked out for less than 1k more. The Fury isn't half bad, but it misses the mark by a lot.
The Canadian DAN -Same old Same OLd....  March 2, 2009 03:42 PM
Jap cruisers are copies of H.D...... Now they are going after custom chopper like all the after market bike makers.............
Dr. Bombay -If at first someone else doesn't succeed...  March 2, 2009 03:34 PM
Harley did come out with a bike just like this. It's called the Rocker. All the same hype--custom looks, factory quality, affordable pricetag, actually works something like a real motorcycle, blah, blah, blah. Came out last year, I think, although it might as well as been 20 years ago. I think they sold four.
Steve Atlas -RE: GS Spell Check?  March 2, 2009 03:30 PM
You probably viewed an old page which had not been reloaded or the cache dumped as the correct version is up now and neither error is there.
Booges -You know it's true  March 2, 2009 03:17 PM
The best way that I would sum up the Honda Fury is: It is Honda’s “V-Rod”. Except for the EFI on the V-Rod all of the other “technology” used on the V-Rod is circa 1985. So why did everyone in the press make a big deal about overhead cams four valves and a 9000 rpm limit?...Because it was Harley doing it… sort of. If say, Suzuki came out with the same bike no big deal. Now as for the Fury being Honda’s V-Rod, nothing new or creative is being done here; actually, this chopper is quite conventional as far as custom-looking choppers go. If say, Victory, BMC, or even Harley were to make this bike not too much would be said because that is what they do and make. But Honda! Well, this is why this new model is getting so much attention. Not so much for the bike itself but for WHO made it. As I see it this bike will suffer the same fate as the V-Rod: it (Fury) will sell well the first year because of the novelty, then like the V-Rod it will be discounted and non-current models 1-3 years old (depending if Honda chooses to give the Fury a quick death) will be littering the sales floors. As a matter of fact I think this is why the Fury is a 2010 being released in 2009 so if there are any that don’t sell this year they can be lumped with the ones coming in next year or stacked next to some Runes and DN-O1’s.
GS -Spell check?  March 2, 2009 02:28 PM
...would give the most ascetically appealing layout... Perhaps you mean 'aesthetically'? ...neither sound conducive to good handling per say... I'm guessing this one should be 'per se'. Seriously, you guys get paid, right? Hit the spell-check button.
Dr. Bombay -Large numbers?  March 2, 2009 12:51 PM
I'm yet to be convinced that Honda will sell a lot of these. It's a chopper...sort of. Isn't it supposed to appeal to rebellious individualists? (The fact that they all think, act, and dress alike, notwithstanding.) Isn't a lot of the appeal also that they can parade on their $50,000 "customs" straight to the bar? Is a $13,000 mass-produced Honda going to provide that kind of street cred? The chopper fashion peaked five years ago. It's practically dead now. Perhaps Honda didn't notice.
Mister T -Last Line  March 2, 2009 10:37 AM
What generation will think the Fury is cool? The author seems to think that baby boomers are not only broken in the mind but broke in the bank accounts. This is just me, but I disagree. In my opinion the Fury will probably be sought after by the younger, underpaid generation of wanna be's who seem to be more obsessed with the cool factor than us old farts. I agree the price is hard to beat, but mid-life crisis or not, baby boomers have learned that you get what you pay for. I don't mind stretching the pockets and paying for American quality over a cheap way to just "look cool". The Fury just doesn't do it for me. That could change with the onset of a mid-life crisis though.
JohnG -Fury  March 2, 2009 10:02 AM
I will definetly be a Fury buyer... I have already signed up for the FuryForums.com deposit list. http://www.furyforums.com
Brian -Lousy construction  March 2, 2009 09:56 AM
Check out the gloppy welds on the frame at the steering head. I've seen better work done by high school shop class rejects. The point of these 'custom' choppers is form/quality of construction/fit and finish. These sloppy welds show it fails on these counts. As well as the el cheapo switch gear (they didn't even use the quality stuff from the VTX1800!). At least it has a ground pounding motor. Oh wait, they used the 1300cc job. It's cheap cuz it's cheap.