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2009 Honda CRF250R Comparison

Monday, December 8, 2008

2009 Honda CRF250R
It's tough to find fault with the 2009 CRF250R. Fast riders notice a bog in the motor, but it wasn't a unanimous complaint.
There’s plenty of hype about the flagship motocrosser from Honda this year, but the 250R hasn’t seen the same advancements. But the fact that the little CRF didn’t get a neat fuel injection system means exactly squat in the 2009 crop of 250Fs. None of the other bikes got it either, and the Honda’s motor has been a great powerplant over the past years.

However, one of the major issues with carbureted 4-strokes is the dreaded bog, and the Honda’s 40mm Keihin is guilty as charged. Bigger carbs are typically more prone to this issue and the Honda has the biggest gas-feeder in the bunch. The rest of the machines use a 37mm Keihin, so the red bike really dumps in the fuel mixture. On a track like 395 where the jumps are good sized and there’s no shortage, the Honda got dinged by some of the faster testers.

“It was the Honda’s Number 1 complaint for me!,” says Alvin. “If I landed hard on jumps it would bog and that made it hard for me to relax or try to set-up for the next obstacle. The motor doesn’t rev out as far as some others, but has great power.”

Fortunately, the problem isn’t constant, and a couple riders never mentioned it. What everyone did feel was how potent the power output is from the Unicam engine. We squeezed 34 horsepower from the CRF at 11,000 rpm. The dyno chart reveals a significant advantage over the other bikes from around 10,500 to redline. Our testers agreed that the 250R has a good mill. Three of the five ranked the motor first. Sherri was one who couldn’t find any fault with the Honda. “Top-end to mid or through the low-end, I couldn’t find an area that didn’t produce power,” she says.

“The Honda and Kawasaki were relatively similar at 395,” adds Haaker. “On a 250F you need that extra grunt and immediate snap of the throttle to hold yourself up through the corner; that’s why you rev the piss out of them, so you don’t loose momentum. The Honda and Kawi had that extra motor to lean the bike over and rail or give it an extra blip to stand the bike up more when slightly off balance.”

2009 Honda CRF250R
The Honda loves to turn and the HPSD makes tuning the bike to track conditions easy and effective.
The Yamaha edged it out in the handling department thanks to its never -awkward approach, but where the Yamaha is unshakable, the Honda finds strengths in agility. The handling of the bike is one area where the CRF literally has something the others don’t. The Honda Progressive Steering Damper was really popular when it got introduced last year, and the nifty gizmo attached to the steering head is still one of our favorite things about the CRF.

“The Honda is quick steering and reactive as hell,” says Haaker. "It’s very refreshing and energetic. If you are an energetic rider and not stiff on the bike, it will favor you.”

As a national-caliber trials rider, Colton certainly moves around on the bike more than most, but even our other testers had success getting the bike to turn.

“The Honda chassis has a solid feel to it but there was an issue with the front end wanting to dance a little,” notes Zalamea. “I fixed that by going in three clicks on the steering damper and it helped a bunch. The bike would stay in the ruts and was really stable in the high-speed stuff.”

Having the ability to tune the amount of rider feedback is also a high mark for the Showa suspension. The really fast guys wanted a bit more rigidity and bottoming resistance, but the slowest tester had a hard time pushing the bike hard enough. In all it provides a very wide range of adjustability, but the overall package is definitely one of the more aggressive of the four bikes. The updated valving in the 47mm fork was one of the biggest improvements over the 2008 machine. Last year we complained about a spike in the upper part of the stroke, but ’09 brings a smooth action top to bottom.

2009 Honda CRF250R
What will it be like once Honda puts the EFI on the 250R? Finding faults is already hard enough on our shootout winner.
Sciacqua and Haaker were two of the speedsters who can push the bike past its limits. Tod had some issues trying to get the stock adjustments working for him, but the lighter Colton easily found his happy place.

“The newly re-valved suspension was a bit too soft for how I ride,” says Big Air Sciacqua, “but it still worked well in the turns and places where the braking bumps weren’t so big. I am sure that if I spent more time working with the Honda guys on setup I would have liked the Red bike more.”

“The Honda was exceptional,” Haaker argues. “We sped up the high-speed (compression) a tad and made the front and rear softer. I didn’t want to get off it. I was taking lap times and felt super comfortable dropping into the corners.”

When the dust settled, there was no doubt that the Honda deserves to be at the top for another year. It makes the most power, turns quickly and confidently and has an ergonomic package that could be considered a standard. Smooth, consistent shifting, renowned powerful brakes and good looks helped it finish first in four categories, and add up to nearly everyone’s top choice It's tough to predict what will happen with the 2010 model, but if Honda can successfully transition some of the technology from this year's 450R, it could be a long time before any of the other manufacturers catch up.

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2009 Honda CRF250R Specs
2009 Honda CRF250R
Engine Displacement: 249cc
Max Horsepower: 33.9 HP @ 11,000 rpm
Max Torque: 17.0 lb-ft @ 9400 rpm
Fuel Capacity: 1.9 gal
Curb Weight: 228 lbs
MSRP: $6549
2009 Honda CRF250R Highs & Lows
  • Top-end Power
  • Ergos
  • Transmission
  • Carburetor Bog
  • Love/Hate Rear Fender

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Crf816   September 17, 2011 10:00 PM
I just got a 2009 crf250r I like it so much better than my ya 125 a lot more power every jump is so much easier!
lefteris -crf horsepower  September 16, 2010 03:50 PM
a crf 250r 2008 how many horsepower does it have?
Aiden -Agreed Joe!  August 30, 2010 02:38 AM
I have a 2009 CRF250r and it rips! it pulls strong through all the gears and come out of corners FAST, great bike i love it.
Bodhi -Honda CRF150-CRF520  November 6, 2009 03:09 AM
im 13 and I just traded in my 2008 CRF150 for a 2009CRF250 and i gotta say it was worth it, the CRF250 is GREAT!!!!
chad -crf250r  November 5, 2009 08:08 AM
i have an 07crf250r and i think its a great bike even tho its ment for a motocross track i still drag race with it to and i havnt lost yet! i would recomend this bike thats even thinking about getting one.
chad -crf250r  November 5, 2009 08:08 AM
i have an 07crf250r and i think its a great bike even tho its ment for a motocross track i still drag race with it to and i havnt lost yet! i would recomend this bike thats even thinking about getting one.
hector -best looking?  July 17, 2009 12:46 AM
syke. yamaha and honda have pretty much the same looks, all brands have pretty much the same looks. the only thing about suzuki is it comes in wacky colors. if i had a honda or suzuki, i'd get something like a F-1 graphic kit.. dont get me wrong, the stock graphics and stuff look okay on thhe honda and suzki.. but if i had no kits, i'd go for ktm... you hate it or love it and i love it
jack -big hit  July 4, 2009 12:43 PM
Honda is so pretty but yamaha is the best.
Andrews -honda rockz  June 19, 2009 07:09 AM
yer hi im 13 and i might be getting a 2009 crf250r wen i turn 14 so i can race it and at the moment i have a 2007 crf150r and still running good you can always trust honda well anyways im dieing to get a 250 at the moment because they look sicker than any other 250 on the market
chaz -need help!!  May 21, 2009 01:22 PM
should i get a 09 honda 250 or 09 honda 450???
joe -crf250r  April 29, 2009 05:45 PM
I just bought a new one. I went from a 2001 CRF250 to a 2009 CRF250R the forks are way different and it is so much faster out corners.
John -Doug's a weenie.  December 17, 2008 09:46 PM
That Doug guy's an idiot, so don't waste your time with 'em Jc Hildenstein. Good reviews as always. I'm still pissed that Honda won, even if they are the best it's good to see some new champions ever once in teh while. I really thought the Kawasaki would pull through this year... guess not.
JC -Kan't Take no More  December 17, 2008 03:54 PM
All of the manufacturers are given the same opportunity to provide a bike and trained technician so that each machine can be represented in the best way. Despite the obvious value to KTM, Motorcycle-USA and all the readers such as yourself, Big Orange rambles from one year to the next wearing a very large set of blinders. We would absolutely love to have KTM on board, and hopefully that will be something we can arrange in the future. Trust me, it's not like we're trying to exact wicked revenge by leaving them out. As for the photos and bike evaluations we DO have, if you don't like seeing some of the top test riders in the country doing what the bikes are intended to do and hearing their thoughts, maybe you can find some super-sick land speed photos. Still not satisfied? Then shut off the computer and go play with your collection of pogs. You must be dying to try out that new slammer of yours...
Georgie -What's Dougs Bug?!  December 17, 2008 03:11 PM
It figures you would complain about no KTM and then proceed with insulting comments as if you're the know all...Typical spoiled KTM knobstick. I doubt it's their call whether they include KTM or not. The pictures are rippin'! Nice move on including one of the fastest pro female racers on your test, it seperates you from the lemmings that Doug speaks of. Even though I can't relate much to a female rider, I must say that the diversity amongst the riders you used is impressive.
doug -what a pitiful bunch you are....  December 8, 2008 09:01 AM
pics of "exploding" berms and pancakes highs and lows...give us a break dumb statements like: "a spike in the upper part of the stroke" "it could be a long time before any of the other manufacturers catch up" no KTM? you suck big time. you're a bunch of bed wetting lemmings