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35 North Honda

35 North Honda is a motorcycle dealership located in New Braunfels, TX selling Honda motorcycles. Contact and map 35 North Honda through Motorcycle USA’s Dealer Locator.
1575 N IH 35
New Braunfels, TX 78130-2818
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4 Users rated the Dealer an average of 2.0
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sm21 June 25, 2012 10:12 AM
Sounds like others have had problems w/the service manager like I had... brought the bike in UNDER WARRANTY at ~27,000 miles, catastrophic fork seal leak on the side with the anti-dive valve. I was told that "somebody had been in there before and a foreign bolt/nut was in there/had been used, that caused this"... at the time I didn't know better... but I DID know that my best friend's brother owned the bike prior (and my best friend worked with him anytime they worked on it), and NOTHING had ever been done to the bike (why would they, it was under warranty)... ended up costing about $200 for something that should have been covered, due to their lies! Now, the other fork seal leaked, went to work on it with an ex Honda MC mechanic, and we found 1) They used permanent lock tite on bolts that shouldn't have it on the caliper and another w/the start bolt (red) causing the start tool to bust off! when we attempted to loosen it... oh, by they way, they mixed the bolts and the star bolt was where the caliper bolt should have been!!! 2) They overtorqued the drain bolt in the bottom of the fork, 3) They may have overtorqued the mounting bolt for caliper (I can't say 100% for sure on this last one due to a tire change prior)... I was looking for a good dealer too, had used them years back, but that experience has me NEVER walking in their doors again & letting all our group's riders know the same (but I'd still rank them way ahead of Woods - Austin -- not to mistake them with Woods New Braunfuels, which has been good, just don't work on Hondas)
MTS July 22, 2011 09:45 PM
5 years of business down the drain… Took my 2002 Honda Shadow ACE to Kent Honda in New Braunfels in 7/2011 for a new rear tire. I had been using this shop happily for the past five or so years with nothing but good things to say. Upon picking my bike up (over a week delayed on their part) I noticed a brand new shiny gouge on my custom chrome drag handlebars. I called the service guy over to have him look at it and he confirmed that was exactly where the securing device (hook) was placed as the smudge marks were also visible. He did not take pictures nor create an incident report even with my request to do so. When I got home I also noticed the brand new tire was 6 lbs low in pressure and the chain was tightened crooked, all signs of an inexperienced or hurried mechanic. I called the store manager shortly thereafter, we met in person, and at the end of the discussion he denied how his shop could be at fault even with the other noted service flaws. The hook fit right into the gouge! I shouldn’t need to take before/after photos every time I take my bike in for work. I would gladly take my business back to them if they would own up to their mistake but not until then. I hope others do not receive this type of service in the future.
Kory Paulini September 13, 2009 03:52 PM
Great service department, never had an issue, time quotes are pretty accurate. Bought two new motorcycles from these guys i was so impressed. Will buy from again, makes you feel like a member of the family.
selling bikes that don't live up to their reputation May 10, 2009 09:03 PM
VTX 1300R complaint list 1.)A little over 3000 miles and the electrical system is out. I tried to start the bike, it made an electrical BZZZTT sound and everything quit. I have checked the fuses and no problems. Needless to say it's odd for a new bike to have such a problem. 2.)The speedometer has ALWAYS been optimistic since day one, to the tune of about 10 mph off, which was dismissed as BS by your service department shortly after I purchased the bike. As of now it bounces back and forth anywhere from 0 mph – 50mph, depending on what kind of mood it's in. 3.)The front tire looses air to the tune of about 5-8psi weekly, once again from day one of the purchase. 4.)The first week I had the bike 3 bolts just fell off while riding, it then took 5 phone calls and 3 months for your service department to finally get them ordered, then I had to go get them. Even after getting them I was so put off by the whole thing I still haven't even put them back on. Seems like to me that's something the people I bought a $10,000.00 bike from should do. 5.)At the speed of @70 + - the front end of the bike develops a nasty, whiny, buzzy sort of vibration which makes it sound like a bicycle with a playing card in the spokes. Sounds like it's coming from around the fender, radiator area. 6.)When I spent a lot of money on my accessories it took a month to get them in after 3 phone calls and 2 trips to pick up my bags and being told they were in. 7.)Neither here nor there but, the oil needs changed as well since I'm at my 3K mark. Man, that certainly is a long list to have for such an expensive, low mile, well built Japanese motorcycle touted for it's superior quality and ride isn't it? I am VERY dissatisfied, I have have owned MANY USED bikes over the years and NEVER had any problems with ANY of them. So far my experience with this one has been underwhelming. At this time I cannot recommend either Honda VTX motorcycles nor your dealership. That being said I would like to see the above list corrected in it's entirety in a timely manner and at an affordable price, I haven't even looked into the warranty on this thing yet, I have had it for a hair over 1 year and it's a hair over 3K miles so the thing isn't even broken in yet. Anyway, any one of the items listed above would be valid, and I have put up with it all long enough, frankly I feel ripped off for what I paid for the bike. I did a lot of research before settling on this one and it looks like I made a mistake. Braxton Curry 210-559-8983
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