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Custom Builder Iron Slave Choppers Photo Gallery

We ran into Iron Slave Choppers'RJ Parkins at the Sacramento Easyriders show and became instant fans of his work after checking out his creative custom motorcycle called Old Soul.

With its kick starter, magneto, jockey shifter and foot-actuated clutch, 'Old Soul' pays serious homage to the glory days of yore.
Iron Slave's RJ is truly old school - he's not the type to run to the nearest part store, preferring instead to figure out a solution to the problem and building his own parts instead.
Scrolled and pointed, the Midevil Steel Forward Controls coming out of Iron Slave Choppers are unlike any that we've seen before.
RJ enjoys perusing the local antique shops for unique items that looks cool on a chopper. This vintage gas lamp now serves as a taillight.
This Overland oil gauge was another antique store find that fit the throwback feel of the bike perfectly.
Pride, Integrity, Guts. The motto on this antique brass belt buckle could double as Iron Slave Choppers mission statement.
It might look like an old Shovelhead on the outside, but with heads ported and polished by BC Gerolamy and Jim's lifters and rods, this ain't your typical Shovel.
RJ took a Fat Bob tank, sealed up the gas cap on the left side, and left the space where the speedo and console usually sits open.
Iron Slave Choppers are less about comfort and handling and more about attitude and style.
No electric start here. If you want to ride Old Soul, you'd better get kickin'.
We've seen plenty of thin metal sheet pans in our day, but the chain mail and leather arrangement on Old Soul is a first.
RJ used twin calipers on the rear disc just 'to do things a little differently.'
Old Soul garnered plenty of attention at the recent Easyriders V-Twin Bike Show in Sacramento.
Iron Slave Choppers Midevil foot controls are twisted and sick. And we love 'em.
All of the gold inlay on the tank, oil box, and rear fender was done by Candy Striper out of Sacramento, CA.
RJ loves to use antiques in his build, like this handle from a an old Army knife that dates back to 1918 that is now a pedal for the kickstarter.
Iron Slave Choppers 'Old Soul' is true artistry in iron.
With antique silver coins for washers, a knife handle for a kickstarter, and a brass gas lamp as a taillight,Iron Slave Choppers 'Old Soul' is unique and full of character.
Iron Slave Choppers likes the look of raw metal and the way the patinas take on different hues as it ages.
The longer you look at this motorcycle the more you'll appreciate all of the little details that make it stand out from the cookie-cutter customs.