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2006 BMW K1200LT User Ratings

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2006 BMW K1200LT
2006 BMW
MSRP $14,700
The BMW K1200LT is a street bike that has an electronic fuel injection system and a liquid cooled engine.
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2006 LT
By: Charlie
Posted: December 6, 2009
Engine: 5 Suspension: 5 Handling: 5
Transmission: 5 Ergonomics: 5 Value: 5
Brakes: 5 Components: 5 Reliability: 5
I purchased my K1200LT new. This is an amazing machine. I've crossed the country on it a few times and ride from NY to Colorado just to do some serious mountain riding and the LT never had a problem. I use the bike as a daily commuter, so it gets a work out that it wasn't designed to do. The only down side to the bike is the cost of scheduled maintenance (only type this bike ever needed which is performed at the dealer), lack of variety of tire replacements (though the OEM Metzeler tires are outstanding, I'm just talking about variety here) and low speed handling. Anything below 10 mph and the bike is very difficult ride. People with a short inseam of less then 29 inch or less should realize that the seat height could be an issue. The only other down thing I can think of is the stock seat that I purchased with the bike was the BMW "Comfort Seat", which really wasn't comfortable on the road, I replaced the stock seat with an aftermarket seat the day after my first serious ride. On the open road or twisties this bike handles better then it should. I'm not going to keep up with a hyperbike with a good rider, but I'm not going to be that far behind them. I love passing H-D's on the highways and mountains. The H-D sweet spot for running on the highway is dramatically lower then the big Beemer and the LT is a lot quieter hence, no headache from the noise. Anyway,,, on the road, I'll come up to a H-D slow down, look at the H-D for a few moments then give a thumbs up about their bike, just as I pull away using my left thumb on the electronic cruise control accelerate function. The rider on the H-D will see is me riding next them to for a short while, giving them a thumbs up and then pulling away from them without touching the throttle! More then once they try to keep up, but they don't stand a chance. I get a kick out of that. Stereo is pretty good, but you should read the manual on the more advanced settings in the system. Central locks for the trunk and side bags and alarm are part of the package. Also the bike has AM,FM, CD (w/6 changer option), Weatherband radio, Intercom. Inputs for GSRM, Aux and cell phone. Windshield is electrically adjustable while riding, electronic cruise control (what a blessing riding thru Kansas or Nebraska on the interstate), trip computer, Xenon headlight, self canceling turn signals. The hydro electrical center stand is another one of those brilliant ideas that works on this bike. At 850 lbs the bike might be a bit tough to get onto it center stand, but all you need to do is push a button, and then the next thing you know, you're parked. Sweet after riding 14-16 hrs and you're so tired that you can't pick your leg up to get off the bike. Push the button and sit a moment before dismounting. Before parking you can use reverse gear (driven from the starter motor) to get into or out of a parking spot. Gas mileage is dependent on how hard you twist the throttle. On the open road at legal speeds I'll do around 55mpg. Around town and more spirited riding I'll get around 38mpg to 42mpg. Bike runs best on premium fuel. Ahh, the engine, sometimes I wish I could see it, but I don't miss that. Much less cleaning the bike this way. On the other hand, I haven't washed or waxed it much, I'm too busy riding and there is no oil or grime to see with a shaft drive. The engine has more then enough power, but as always power is addictive, so you always wish you had more, until you look at the speedo, then realize that you're moving along just nicely and without fuss. Sweet bike, I'd buy another without thinking twice.
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