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Steel City Harley Davidson/Honda

Steel City Harley Davidson/Honda is a motorcycle dealership located in Washington, PA selling Harley-Davidson, Honda motorcycles. Contact and map Steel City Harley Davidson/Honda through Motorcycle USA’s Dealer Locator.
1375 Washington Rd
Washington, PA 15301-9642
Harley-Davidson, Honda
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3 Users rated the Dealer an average of 1.3
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promedtrans01 July 11, 2014 11:15 AM
I too had the same experience with Matt. I went there to trade bike and the trade value was acceptable but Matt's attitude was deplorable. He said I couldn't test ride a bike because I didn't have my endorsement with me. I then drove to DMV only to be shown I actually did have it on my change of address card which I provided to him w my license. I drive back and sit at his desk for 15 minutes while he talks on a personal call and ignores me. I give him back my license and no apology, no nothing. He was very insulting and rude. He insisted I buy a 2003 Heritage Springer w 33,000 miles on it over and over. The whole reason I went there was to find a more comfortable bike than my 48. I sat there basically for 3 hours. At the very end, he tries to act like he's doing me a favor by "buying" his Springer saying some sleazy line like "I'm not even sure if I'm allowed to do this" but.... Well they lost a sale as I have gone to Three Rivers Harley where I was treated with respect and given more than a gracious offer on my trade. He's a real sleaze ball. He had the nerve to call me twice after I left trying to sell me high mileage bikes. Fire this guy!
dgpeete May 5, 2014 01:21 PM
I bought an 08 Ultra. This was the absolute worst buying experience anywhere. Matt Evans will tell you it's because I didn't get what 'I wanted' for my bike. This is true of almost everyone that trades anything in, anywhere. You never get what you want. I'm okay with that, I did better than book value, so truly, It's okay. As I said, my wife and I dealt with Matt Evans whom of all people, as a sales manager, you think would have a good attitude to set an example to the sales staff under him, and those that work around him. This guy has the worst attitude of any sales person I have ever seen, let alone a manager. He is off putting, callous and quite frankly just plain rude and crass. Oh yeah, he also ignores you and tends to spend a lot of time walking around and talking. We spent over 16K on a bike, you would expect a bit better of an attitude, especially from a manager. Funny thing he said to my wife and I while we were sitting at his desk, is that he could care less about this place. He said his son is more important, and if it was Wednesday, he would have already been gone for the day. WOW, great first impression for us about Steel City and a great way to say something positive about the dealership you work for. If you couldn't care less, why should we. Perhaps Matt should take lessons from salesman Basil. If you do buy anything from Steel City I suggest you ask for Basil or even the General Manager, Sam Pokey Weiss. These two are truly class acts among the staff at Steel City Harley. They treat everyone who walks through the door with the utmost respect. How are you today sir, Yes sir, no sir etc. Way more than I would expect or need to hear, but very respectful none the less. Same goes for the parts department. Truly great people. They come out from behind the counter to ask if they can help you find anything. I have never been to a Harley Dealer where the parts guys come out from behind the counter to help you. Again a class act run department and the only positive thing I can say about Steel City Motorcycles. I have been back a couple of times since my purchase. First issue-I had no radio reception. There was no reception the day I bought it, but Basil whom showed me the switches and differences from the Electra-Glide to the Ultra said It may be because of spotty reception. Matt was the salesman, but never once came out to show me anything on the bike, nor did he even say congratulations, or Thank you. Second issue, the day I went to ride it in, to have them diagnose the reception issue, it wouldn't start and needed jumped. (BAD BATTERY) When I got it there, after a couple hours sitting around, Service also said the TSSM was bad, 3rd issue (ALARM MODULE). It worked when I road it in, yet they told me there was a problem with it and it needed a new one. They fixed the reception issue, (antenna cable was pinched -replaced with boom audio hidden antenna). Replaced the battery and replaced the TSSM and when I got home, I noticed I had no alarm at all, so I had to go back YET AGAIN!!! Why no alarm?? They didn't program the key fobs. How on earth can you replace the TSSM module and then NOT program the key fobs?? Bad service in my opinion, and I can assure I will never have my bike serviced there again, especially after sitting for better than 4 hours. Yes, they are slooowww. The whole place is sloowww. We spent over 8 hours there the day we purchased the bike. While they did take care of the issues at no charge, (they should have because it should never have left the showroom floor without being gone over by service.), I had to make a trip back to their shop to get these things taken care of. It's almost an hour and a half one way, and to have to go back again and again, BS. They didn't even offer a gas card as a courtesy or anything else for that matter. Ask yourself a question. When a company sells you something or gives you service that is not up to par, and you have to go back again, and again, would you ever deal with them again?? I have an even better question. When you are making a major purchase and deal with a person that is just plain rude and ignorant, would you deal with that person or dealer again?? I wouldn't. Do yourself a favor, steer clear of Steel City.
sulivancat October 14, 2013 09:09 AM
I tried to buy a used bike here, sales refused to run credit through any other bank but HD, they also refused to run insurance through any but HD. When I ask what the out door price was I was told not to worry about it, it is included in the monthly payments. They could not tell me if I could or not get a warranty due to the bikes age. I would not do future business here or recommend it to anyone.
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