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2010 Husaberg FE 390 First Ride Photo Gallery

Husaberg is now offering a smaller version of its groundbreaking enduro motorcycle with the idea that less is sometimes more. The 2010 Husaberg FE 390 is a mixed breed motorcycle that caters to a different dirt bike crowd. Read the full story in our 2010 Husaberg FE 390 First Ride

Can less really be more with the radical Husaberg design?
Off-cambers and slick sections are where the 390 shines. Actually, it excels at anything technical and you can ride all day without getting worn out – trail riders take note.
I rode the bike using the most aggressive of three available fuel map settings, but the power was still extremely smooth and linear.
Engineers installed a new crank with longer connecting rod that shortened the stroke from 63.4mm to 55.5mm. The 393cc engine uses a new piston with revised squish characteristics and slightly less compression.
Since it already had a superb-handling equation, Husaberg went the other direction with the 390 and tried to boost that 'rideability' factor by increasing inertia.
I enjoyed the extra ground clearance in the endurocross sections, but also on the trail where I crossed several slimy logs and the occasional misstep sent the 390 over a trailside object.
It doesn’t bounce or deflect, and the only handling issue I had to adjust to was an overabundance of traction – not exactly something to complain about.
The 'Berg just isn't made for this.
Try the FX 450 if you want to take
The front end sticks - everywhere.
So does the rear, for that matter.
Even though it weighs the same, it feels lighter than the 450 while riding. Tip it over, however, and the ‘Berg shows all of its claimed 251 ready-to-ride pounds.
All the FE models are green-sticker legal with a headlight, taillight and permeated 2.25-gallon fuel tank.
The FE 390 is geared toward extreme enduro riding, but we managed to overheat it during a photo shoot.
The pipe is away from crash-damage harm and the only time I melted my pants was when I manhandled it from the side and stuck my knee against the header. My leg never touched it during normal use.
Getting under the seat is quick and
easy, and the airbox/fuel tank
layout gives better weight
distribution and deep-water
A new black-anodized 22mm-offset triple clamp (up from 19mm) keeps handling very precise without being oversensitive, and the front tire offers as much grip as the rear.
The engine is really where the difference is at. A smaller stroke turns this ride into a much smoother, manageable version of the 450 machine.
It likes to play in the nasty stuff. In fact, it just likes to play period.
Washington provided plenty of technical riding to test the FE 390.
We would love to have this bike in the garage, because there isn't much else that competes as an all-around trail bike for our needs.
Priced at $8898, there are plenty of enduro riders who will find this bike attractive at all levels – especially those who embody the fun-first attitude.