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American Chopper - OCC, PJD, JJ - Who Wins?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011
Jesse James Bike OCC Build Off
So who do you think is the winner of the American Chopper Live build-off between Jesse James, OCC and Paul Junior Designs? Here's a peek at what the three shops created so you can form your own opinion. Jesse James created the chopper above, Paul Jr. made the P-51 Mustang-based bike below, while OCC made the fire-breathing contraption in the third photo.
Paul Junior Build Off Bike
OCC Build Off
OK, fess up, who watched the circus sideshow known as American Chopper last night to witness the build-off between Jesse James, Paul Teutul, Sr. and Paul Teutul, Jr.? Come on, you know you’re guilty. So in a ploy to drum up ratings, the Discovery Channel came up with the bright idea to throw the bad boy of bike building into the midst of the family drama show between the Teutuls. Just what the show needed, another antagonist. The result - Jesse is still up to the same old tricks, OCC didn’t really give a rat’s ass about the whole thing, and Paul Jr. takes things way too seriously sometimes.

Discovery succeeded in portraying the three different camps exactly how they intended. Jesse came away as crass and abrasive but talented. Nothing new here. He spewed profanities, shot machine guns to vent, and Discovery gave his pit bulls some air time all the time while he bashed the Teutuls as posers. Discovery did try to portray a softer side when they brought out his daughter, but again, an orchestrated move. There’s no denying Jesse still has the skills to bend steel and fabricate a classic scoot, but the show didn’t do much to repair his image. Especially when he spouts off about doing everything himself, then brings in his buddy who’s an engine and tranny specialist, followed by the guys from Austin Speed Shop. This doesn’t even include the visit he got from Cole Foster. I give him props for bending his own frame, fobbing up his own fork and for creating a good-looking chopper. But there was nothing special about the bike, especially considering you can’t see over the bars and the uncomfortable stretch to reach the bars.

Paul Jr. and crew pretty much stayed true to what they do. They built an over-the-top theme bike heavy on the design factor but short on functionality. Did you see the size of those hoops? They’re definitely not built for canyon carving. I’ll give PJD props for a creating a fantastic looking tank and a sick industrial looking single-sided fork. The engine with its copper tubing and covers was cool, too. But I’d like to see what type of heat shields they built to keep the heat from the exhaust off the highly combustible fuel supply and American Suspension built the fork (as well as the frame). Paul Jr. was a bit pedantic in worrying about his dad saying Jesse was a “genius” as a bike builder and his social media plea was a little pathetic. That shop would be in trouble without Vinnie, who obviously brings the most skills to the table in the PJD camp. Give props to his fabricator, too, who is talented as well.

And then there’s OCC. Must have been harvest season in upstate New York because the whole crew was acting wacky. But I’ll cut them a break. OCC knew they didn’t have a chance in hell in winning what boils down to a popularity contest. They knew that going in. I heard it straight from the horse’s mouth before the show. They knew that because of the negative perception Senior has in the public eye, there was no way they could win a contest judged by the viewing public. So they took a different approach as comic relief. Their three-wheeled contraption looks like the star attraction at Comic-Con more so than a functional vehicle. Flame-throwers? A laying down, forward-facing riding position? A back wheel that’s better suited for spinning 360s than anything else? The best thing about the creation is its electric motors and its track system. Would have liked to have seen OCC draw upon the bike-building skills of Skeeter Todd, Rick and Mike, but even then the odds were still stacked against them.

So what do you think? I’m sure Discovery boosted its ratings last night, which was its primary goal. Voting is still going on as far as I know, so you can head over to Chopper Live if you’d like to cast your vote as the winner will be announced in a live show from Vegas tonight. But overall, I was a little disappointed in the show. With all his talent, Jesse played it close to the cuff and didn’t venture far from his comfort zone. Junior followed suit, coming up with a very creative design but again sticking to the theme bike comfort zone. I’ll give OCC credit for lightening up the mood around there and for building something totally unexpected. But it’s not a motorcycle. And in my opinion, there should have been a few rules or guidelines to abide by, liking requiring them to take their customs out for a 100-mile ride at highway speeds. But I’m as guilty as the next guy of spending two hours watching the show last night, even though I haven’t seen the show in a very long time, so Discovery succeeded in reeling viewers in with the concept. For some reason, though, I expected more.
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61panhead December 28, 2011 01:03 PM
J.J. is a loud-mouthed punk. He wants everyone to buy his bad boy persona but he does EXACTLY the same thing as OCC and PJD. The only difference is that OCC and PJD are actually businessmen and don't fake being bikers. I hear J.J. talking up Red and White but I don't see him having the balls to actually prospect for a cut. Instead, he just narrates shows for Discovery that talk about REAL bikers.
srtmopar December 26, 2011 03:46 PM
diablo64..You sure like you some JJ.The way your all up on his balls.Your all over them.Im bias to both but the way JJ talks trash,it only shows how much of a hater he is and hes talking smack cause hes obviously jealous of the Tutels.Or hes just more of a tool than you.JJs too stupid and unself aware to realize any descent person doesnt act that way.The only people who follow him are the same type.Whats really sad is hes really probably just acting that way for ratings,talking about people on tv.So who truely is the poser?Ate up with ignorance.
kwaynee20 December 20, 2011 11:57 AM
wasn't particularly impressed with any of the machines. Jesse's in-house built was cool but plain looking. PJD's concept was cool but I wouldn't want to ride it. OCC's track vehicle looked like fun to play with but it wasn't a bike. Discovery is trying to milk the last few drops out of the Chopper series. Let a good show die with dignity already...
1947 December 12, 2011 12:56 PM
One of the REAL TOP builders is not available. The one who fabricated a street worthy HUBBLESS bike (and build 3 of them) is really head and shoulders above these people. It is unfortunate he let his life get a bit out of control or I'm sure he would be in the mix. To his credit he did win several of the original Biker Build Off shows. Billy Lane is a bike builder. HIs bikes are innovative and road worthy, nough said.
diablo64 December 11, 2011 05:30 PM
Im not sure what everyone sees in those silly bike that OCC or JPD make... order... whatever. I build cars and bikes as a hobby and was pretty disapointed in Discovery Channels decision to air those to goof balls as chopper "builders" What people like me want to see is actual building and crafting more like what Jesse James does. As for the bikes? Jesse's bike SMOKED!!! those other two things. Sr's thing was cool I thought, even possibly marketable as some sort of Polaris off road contraption thing. Flame throwers stupid tho. Paul jrs??? cmon... really? the thing is like 2 times the normal size of a real bike, and original? not really. Check out Cook Customs. A real builder built a bike called "nickel bike" looks pretty darn close if u ask me. Wasnt pauls frame nickel plated? hmmmm... oh and the owner of Cook customs even claims of building the bike with inspiration from a board tracker. Funny Paul said that too. I always wanted to tell those two jokers off {JR. and Sr.} Anyone with enough money and horrible taste could build those bikes. Honestly now,I dont even know if people think about this... ok, u got any of Pauls silly bikes, would u HONESTLY wanna ride ANY of them around? picture urself... I would be embarresed to show my face on any of his gaudy, tasteless contraptions!!!!! I really feel jesse when he says its his passion, its not a f- -ing joke building and putting ur pride in to these cars and bikes. Its offending watching those morons ruin the sport. Ha Ha "I dare you to ride that HUNK OF SHIT!" {quote: Jesse James} CLASSIC!!!! Jesse's bike does not look like the rest of his bikes. the frame is pretty radically different ex: very high neck, not a huge rake, everything is one off! and it works! if u dont make a motorcycle driveable its not a MOTORCYCLE!!! its a statue in the shape of a bike!! kinda changes the rules a bit! everybody else has to make stuff and worry about it working! making a crazy tank is onething any welder can do that! making a crazy tank ride and not leak or break for thousands upon thosands of miles... different story. ok bottom line. Jesse is the s--t. Does what he wants, says what he wants, tealls off what he wants, he is his own man! ps: JR has that face u jest wanna PUNCH!
susie776 December 10, 2011 03:00 AM
Sad truth is, Jesse called in two of his last true friends to help him (Cole Foster of Salinas boys Customs & Jeff Decker of Hippodrome Studios). They spent a week with him, miked up and on camera doing their thing, with out pay, away from family, just to help a friend. But, at the end of the show, Jessee's insecurities could not let his friends get any credit. It is just as well because Cole and Jeff would have been embarrassed with the outcome! BTW, Bacon and Austin speed shop helped alot "everything you see on this bike, i built by hand - JJ!".
apachik74 December 9, 2011 06:28 PM
SR. As soon as you get rid of your inferiority complex and jealousy towards your JR. You can resume your relationship with both him and Mikey. The man unfortunately (along with his crew) can't admit that Jr bested them. They have all the excuses as to why they keep loosing to Jr. JRs bike, although i wish he would stop with the themes, was the better of the 3. Jason is a computer graphics designer. He doesn't know (as Rick pointed out on one episode) about bikes. Jr is the better visionary and creative talent.
BigLow December 8, 2011 07:45 AM
Yea, Jesse's bike was sharp. But it's the same ol bike he always builds. He has no creativity. Sr knew he didn't have a chance, that's why he didn't build a bike. So he could have an excuse when he loses. Jr's bike was beatiful. The exaust was sweet, the one sided fork and swingarm, the rims, and everything else about it. It's only downfall was the ridability. I guarantee if his and Jesse's bike were parked side by side, Jr's bike would get a hell of alot more looks. If he can build all these theme bikes, I'm sure he can build an every day bike wich is easier to build.. Keep on hatin just like Sr...
DRAGONMAN December 7, 2011 06:38 PM
You gotta admit, jesse james bike was about the best looking bike on the stage. OCC's entry was,nt even a bike. Besides Paul senior dosen't do nothing to the bike himself to qualify him for the credit of the build. He hires a dozen or more talanted designers, electritions and machinist's who are all craftsman in their fields to do the work for him. His son Paul is far more talanted than his old man and the old man know's it. That's why they don't talk to eachother. The old man can't get past that fact. Jesse built a nicer looking bike to cruise to the bar on a saturday night. PJD's bike belong's in a frickin art museum not on the street's. But i'll put the black widow bike that Paul jr. and vinnie built years ago up against jesse's and now you got a contest. All in all though Jesse's attitude talkin scrap against the Tudel's didn't help his cause any. I guess once an outlaw , always an outlaw. Live to ride.
Soothsayer December 7, 2011 06:16 PM
I am happy thad PJD won...( I voted for you)...clearly the best of the three. My only suggestion to Paul Jr. is that if another build off appears, do what you always do (fantastic bike builder Paul and his team) but next time make it a bike that can be rode for long distances without having to stop for fuel more than onec every 150 miles. That would shut people up regarding your ability to build a steetworthy bike. Kuoodos to you Paul Jr.. I wish I were part of your team.

P.S. ... I understand your father's anger. He is threatened by your great talent and doesn't understand that he should be proud, not threatened.
DIEHARD888 December 7, 2011 04:56 PM
If you look back at the very first motorcycles that were spawned from bicycles that gradually had motors attached , piston, steam etc. Pauls bike has a very similar look to some of the very first motorcycles ever to hit the streets and thats what makes that bike a very unique machine . For those that must use profanity and homophobic put downs my guess is that you are very young and dont have the vocabulary yet to express yourself in an adult manner , nor were you even into bikes enough to know what the first motorcycles looked like . pity
DIEHARD888 December 7, 2011 04:51 PM
WEll sullivan then why dont you see if you can buy it ? Im sure PJD would make you a good deal on it !
DIEHARD888 December 7, 2011 04:46 PM
Jessie James has been weened on being a false bully and it proabably has worked to intimidate any people that threaten him . Obviously he was scared of this build off as evidenced by his non-creative 30 year old build that can be ridden even if it does have gas !!! You would need surgery after 30 minutes on that thing. I think PJD deserved the crown because they did what they knew was the POINT of the whole thing . Show off your building skills and make something thats unique and different . Grantewd it didnt say that but it goes without saying . For having the common sense to do that he pulled off an easy victory between one camp OCC that gave up from day 1 and the other JJ who just did the same old same old over again ,
phearis December 7, 2011 11:09 AM
Did Jessie James build a nice looking bike? Of course! It's great but it's the EXACT SAME bike he's been building for 15 years! If you don't believe me, take a look at everyone of his other bikes. They're all identical with only minor differences. Jessie James has absolutely no imagination and only knows how to build one bike. Jr built an amazing Steampunk Bike, it really is beautiful and I would love to have it for my own. As for the "cake Decorator" comments, who cares. Haters be hatin'. I doubt any of you could do what he did. And as for Sr? His bike wasn't a bike, he make a snow mobile and this was a "Bike Build-off". Automatic 3rd place.
bradj December 7, 2011 10:31 AM
I think there should have been some kind of outline of what to build.Paul Sr. didn't even build a bike. the other two where from different classes. Other shows have had builders build bikes two ride a distance two a event which would have made for a more fair and better show to watch.All vehicles could have won in there own divisions as far as i'm concerned. I give kudos to all!!
WilCon December 7, 2011 10:11 AM
Jesse admitted in the show he needed help and had people come in. Still made all the parts in his shop by hand. Yes he built a traditional not radical motorcycle. Thought that was the point of a "bike" build off. BTW I guarantee you Jesse would ride that motorcycle as far as you want to ride. Punk, yes, jerk, most of the time, built the better motorcycle definitely. PJD built a 20% larger display piece with riveted plates added to a fake gas tank. Thank god or it would have leaked all over the place they way they built it. Then they tacked more riveted metal to the fenders etc. The truck delivered the frame, the front fork and rear swing arm. Exactly what Jesse was talking about the entire time. It has a 1 gallon fuel tank, you can't ride it anywhere really except on stage. Anyway my 2 cents, title for the article should be "Cake decorator beats craftsman".
Hoffman1313 December 7, 2011 08:53 AM
The best bike by far was Jesse's. Jr's bike looked like a pedal bike with a motor stuck in it. i dont think Jr's bike would make it around the parking lot. It was rigged the whole thing, Jesse brought the best bike as far as rideablity and craftmans ship and he should be very proud of the skills God has givien him. If i were to buy a custom bike it would be built by no other than Jesse James.
leward18 December 7, 2011 04:47 AM
It's true that Jesse James has the most talent out of the three, but in this particular build it doesn't look like he brought his A-game. Jr's design looks good, but I'd like to see what his team can do without a theme. Wish OCC would've actually built a bike, Rick and company know what they're doing. If you zoom in on Jesse's bike you can see that the exhaust pipes are pointing outward and not toward the foot peg. This may not be JJ's best build, but he's not amateur.
MetalXMan December 7, 2011 03:52 AM
PJD starting building bikes like JJ. His skills have evolved into a real art. That's why people are paying six figures for his stuff. My only complaint about Jesse is he acted like a High School kid. He gives bikers a bad name and his build wasn't anything spectacular.Good fabricator, just and infant brain.Nice work PJD... that's a crazy looking piece!
JMM December 6, 2011 08:54 PM
If you closed each of the three in a shop by themselves with all of the raw materials and equipment to build a bike, the only one of the three that could come out with an actual motorcycle is Jessie James. Jessie is a master fabricator. Both Paul Senior at OCC and Paul Junor at PJD rely on their team to do the fabrication. PJD clearly is the most creative and innovative designer. Jessis's bike while cool doesn't have the "it factor" to stand out as something special. For what ever reason, Paul Senior and OCC didn't bring a bike to a bike build-off. Read what you want into that. And Senior didn't even design the contraption, let alone lift a finger to build it.

Paul Jr. wins because his bike is absolutely a work of art. I doubt that Jessie could ride his bike across country with the exhaust terminating three inches in front of the right foot peg. He had better have a fireproof boot with a serious heat shield to avoid limping away with a charred stump where his foot used to be.
nstybob2010 December 6, 2011 08:19 PM
All you haters on jj dick! Its a build off, the point is to make a radical bike. JJ's bike is nothing out of the ordinary to the everyday custom chopper, other than he made it from scratch. Which he deserves props on but any competitive person that enters a contest will do what it takes to win and sr. and jr. did just that. JJ was hoping people would look at the craftsmanship instead of overall creative design. Point is jj bike has no wow factor.
iowaboynca December 6, 2011 08:02 PM
Bryan, this was a really good write up. You acknowledge your guilty pleasure of tuning in to watch the possible train wreck that may occur, yet you are critical of multiple facets of the show. This is endearing in media today that you can actually be critical of all 3 parties and not kiss their ass! Good Write up!
bgranata1981 December 6, 2011 07:56 PM
ok so everyone knows sr. is a dumbass!!! thats not even a bike,jr is a glorafied theme bike builder it seems that if jr. doesnt have a theme him and his crew dont know their ass from a whole in the ground!!! now on to a REAL!!!! BIKE BUILDER!!!! JESSE JAMES!!! sr. and jr. cannot compare to any of the builds jesse has ever done or other great builders like indain larry,billy lane the list goes on and on of some of the most greatest outlaw bike builders those 2 jackwagons cant come close to!! if people and the media stop looking at jesse as the guy who cheated on sandra bullock and realized hes a biker an outlaw its in his blood to be the way he is and that is why he is a GREAT BIKE BUILDER!!!! he should have gotten 1st but as always its a popularity contest any real biker can see that jesse's bike is a real winner not one of those put on your shelf toys those fakes call bikes and dont get me WRONG, NOTHING AGAINST NY I HAVE FAMILY ALL OVER THAT CITY I LOVE IT THEIR!!!! BUT LETS BE REAL JESSE JAMES SHOULD HAVE WON JUST TOTALLY BULLSHIT AND I TOTALLY AGREE WITH -bosceltic11- COMMENT 100% STILL A REAL LEGEND TO ME JESSE JAMES
michael389 December 6, 2011 06:41 PM
I like all the bikes but i prefier sr's bike really think it really wicked.
Eileen December 6, 2011 06:40 PM
Paul jr. You got it!! You are the man!!!
BMW01976 December 6, 2011 06:27 PM
Jrs Bike is the best by far...............................
abby709 December 6, 2011 06:06 PM
Jessie is just plain weard.....Paul Jr. will win
grondinr December 6, 2011 02:31 PM
I am Richard Grondin And I like paul jr bike better than pauls sr bike bc paul sr bike is not even a bike bc it has more than 2 wheels and has a tracks on it is more like a sled than a bike so my vote is paul jr