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Ft. Worth Motorsports

Ft. Worth Motorsports is a motorcycle dealership located in Fort Worth, TX selling Can-Am, Honda, Polaris, Suzuki, Yamaha motorcycles. Contact and map Ft. Worth Motorsports through Motorcycle USA’s Dealer Locator.
5717 Highway 121a
Fort Worth, TX 76117
Can-Am, Honda, Polaris, Suzuki, Yamaha
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9 Users rated the Dealer an average of 2.2
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makenzie71 October 5, 2012 06:57 AM
The staff is rude, prices are marked up for the sole sake of haggling, and they continually spam every advertising service they can. What exactly is the point of putting ads on craigslist for the same bike in fifty different cities, most of which hundreds of miles away, when the local dealers offer better rates? Everything about this business is shady.
dheimer7 September 4, 2012 09:14 PM
Donny Heimer - Sept 4, 2012
My son bought a used Yamaha R1 a month ago. Bike was advertised by Ft Worth Motor Sports w/10K miles. After phone negotiations and driving 150 miles...saw that bike had 14K miles. Bike looked in Great shape so we bought it. Son drove it home. Next day baffle blew out of muffler. There was no abuse or damage...it just blew out of the end of the muffler, striping the rivets out as it went. Ft Worth Motor Sports - Denise will not make it good. Said it is not her forte. She doesn’t know much about it but will talk to someone who does. Several contacts from me…the customer...none from Denise. As a courtesy my Son has to shut engine off and glide into neighborhood. Paid well over the avg price for this bike. $4,000 over to be exact. One of the reasons given for the high price, by Denise, was because of the fancy aftermarket exhaust system. So now they will not make good after That fancy $4,000 exhaust system failed… one (1) day after purchase. Very unethical to say the least. I will make sure that I communicate on every available motorcycle comment blog to try to ensure that no one else gets screwed like my son did…Ft Worth Motor Sports… Ft Worth Motor Sports… Ft Worth Motor Sports.
GaryH July 7, 2012 02:33 PM
Worked with "George" on pricing of a new 2012 Sea Doo RXT is 260 . He said he could give me an "out the door price" about $500 cheaper than my other best quote. Re-confirmed with him on this price and hooked up my jet ski trailer and was ready to go...he call back and says "the total price with tax and tags would be $2,000 more"....obviously I'm not doing business with this dealership........
Anonymous June 9, 2011 01:42 PM
I brought my bike in for service. I purchased a part from them, upon their request I might add for $97.41. The service manager said just drop by anytime and they will make time and put it on for me. I took them up on it after about a month they had the part so I came in. Too busy. OK no problem I will come back later. About a month or two later came back, too busy. They said just keep the part here and next time you drop by...OK here we go again. Much later several months,same story too busy. Well I just put it on the back burner and after a long while, several more months decided to call and let them know I was coming so they can be ready for me. Oh I am sorry sir we sent it back and you have forfeited your money. They have the choice to do the right thing and choose to screw someone out of their money instead. Their business already has a poor rating by most users now I could care less if they went out of business with ethics like this.
KEN January 15, 2011 12:01 PM
GREAT STORE I have gone there for years good job guys! I bought my first bike there my sons first bike and just got my grandson one there. Butch is awsome guy always nice to work with someone who likes what they do. Great job guys keep up the good work o ya thanks Donny for the help in service last week on such a short notice it all worked good this weekend.
Paul Jackson December 1, 2010 08:05 AM
I've been going to Ft worth motorsports for some years now. I had some problems with the previous service dept and owners. Since the new owners have taken over i have bought a new motorcycle and atv. I could not be happier with he sales and service dept. I was looking at a brand called hyosung and the salesman was blunt enough with me to tell me that hyosung is not a quality motorcycle and directed me towards honda. Even a little more expensive i could not be more pleased with my VT750. I spoke to other people on the hyosung brand and all the same comments came back. No quality, no shops want to work on them, parts are hard to get and even new parts are deffective. I advise anyone looking for a new motorcycle or atv to go check them out.
Paul December 1, 2010 08:00 AM
I have gone to Ft worth motorsports for at least three years now. Before the management changed over i had some problems with the previos owners but since then nothing but good things to say about sales and service. I was looking at a hyosung and the salesman was blunt enough with me to tell me that was not a quality motorcycle and should look more twords the hondas. Even though a little more expensive i could not be happier with my VT750. I spoke to other people about hyosung and all the same comments came back. Not quality, hard to get parts, and even new parts still were deffective. I give anyone looking for a new motorcycle, off road or atv to visit them. And Be sure to get Honda!!!!
Jason October 4, 2010 10:37 PM
I took my bike to this shop to get fixed. First they made a parts list which was ok, When I took my bike in the invoice was 56.29 more than they told me. It took 4 1/2 mos to get my bike back. When I went to pick up my bike the frist time I asked Bryan the technician and Donnie the sevice manger if they test drove the the bike. Both of them said " yes it drove great no problems." I test drove the bike myself not more than 2 mins the water pump started leaking. The technician (Bryan) told me it was ok to drive it and if it jets worse to bring it back. What kind of technician would let a bike go with the part that he change leaking. I left my bike there so they can fix it right. 3 weeks later I went back to pick up my bike for the 3rd time and again I asked them if they test drove the bike and again they said "yes" so I took the bike home. Not more than 3-4 miles down the road the bike started to leak oil on the exaust in front of the rear tire. The following tuesday i called up there and told them what happened. I took pics of the part that was leaking they put JB weld on the part that was leaking and did not tell me that it could leak. I found out that the GM ( Bradley Niles) told them to do that. Again Bradley Niles is the main person there, and he told them to do that, what does that say about the way he runs fort worth motorsports No they do not want to work on my bike after I pay over 1,100 dollars to them to fix the bike which they did not fix. I WORN YOU ALL DO NOT TAKE YOUR BIKE THERE TO GET FIX. THEY DON'T PUT ALL THE PARTS ON EVEN IF YOU PAY FOR THE PARTS. IF YOU HAVE HAD WORK DONE HERE CHECK YOUR REPAIR ORDER AND THEN CHECK TOO SEE IF THEY DID PUT ALL THE PARTS ON. THEY DO BAD WORK.
Wayne Graff July 13, 2010 07:09 AM
This is NOT an official Yamaha motorcycle dealership. I can't say if they are an actual dealer for any one, because the Honda dealer is about 1 mile north of here, along with Can Am. The Suzuki dealer is the same as the Yamaha dealer, Yamaha Suzuki of Texas.
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