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Rutted Right-Handers with Damon Huffman Photo Gallery

Former Supercross champion and factory off-road racer Damon Huffman gives a five-step tutorial on how to manage tricky, rutted right-hand corners.

2. This photo shows the last bit of braking before committing to the rut and removing my foot of the brake pedal. My weight has started to come forward for the seated position and I'm getting ready to drop into the front of the seat.
3. Now I'm fully committed. I went from braking, to totally off the brakes and in the perfect position to enter the rut. I have my foot fully extended parallel to the rut, and my left elbow high. These two moves helps keep my weight to the inside and the bike laid over so when I hit the rut with speed the bike does not stand up on me.
4. I'm in the apex of the rut now. My leg is still extended out in front of me so if the front end pops out of the rut I'll be able to catch myself, and my left elbow is still high applying down pressure holding the front end in the rut. I'm leaning with the bike because the rut is holding my tires from sliding out. At this point I know I'm in solid and can start to focus on the end of the rut and start to look ahead.
5. Now I'm accelerating out of the corner. I'm out of the rut and still have my leg out to help counter balance the acceleration of the bike. My head is up and looking down the track.