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2010 Q3 Motorcycle Sales Down 18.3%

Thursday, October 21, 2010
Motorcycle Industry Council
Sales data from the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) shows a continued 18.3% drop in annual sales for 2010. The quarterly sales data claims 555,440 total units sold year to date, compared to 679,806 units from the same time last year. The 18.3% decline is identical to the overall totals in the January through June second quarter report.

On-highway motorcycles sales, which is the largest segment of the report, continues a 14.3% decline with its 265,095 sales down 44,327 units from last year. Scooters sales are down 10.9%, at 2856 units off 2009’s pace, though a slight improvement of the -12.2% of the Q2 report.

Off-road sales went in the opposite direction, worsening from already double-digit percentage losses in Q2. Off-highway sales through September were down 21.4%, with Q2 sales off 17.9%. Dual-sport sales showed a similar decline, down 13.8% through Q3 (-10.5% in Q2).

ATV sales were down 23.6% through September. It should be noted that Polaris Industries’ recent announcement of a large increase in sales, was fueled in large part by its side-by-side Ranger models. The MIC does not include side-by-sides in its ATV sales data.

2010 YTD Sales 2009 YTD Sales % Change
Totals: 555,440  679,806 -18.3
ATVs: 186,688  244,309  -23.6
Scooter: 23,432 26,288 -10.9
On-Hwy: 265,095 309,422 -14.3
Dual: 19,969 23,174 -13.8
Off-Hwy: 60,256 76,613 -21.4
Motorcycle Totals: 368,752 435,497 -15.3

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Logan W -You think it's bad now  October 28, 2010 09:56 AM
Just give it a few more years and it will really tank! California and the GOV'T are Killing motorcycles and the industry. The only way to ride is on a "Track" everything else will be closed to public. The Gov't that run the states would rather see their own personal projects paid for. No worries they will never feel the effect of a poor economy while they drive a 100K car live in a Million Dollar Home and put their kids through private schools. Good Bye Dirtbikes, Jeeps,Quads, Side by Sides and everything else. Next thing you know the USA will be called CHINA
Zippy -Change  October 25, 2010 06:11 PM
Hows that hopey changey thingy working out for the USA? If I do not know what my taxes and insurance costs will be in 2 months I ain't dropping $16K+ large on a bike.

I have the money, I am saving it until we get the country back.
Looking for another -Vroom  October 25, 2010 05:28 PM
I'd buy another but they keep raising the prices just for changing the color. Was looking at a 2010 concours but waited for the 2011 for a $300 price increase for a boring color. Now I'll just keep waiting for the super low discounts on leftover 2010's
DRMANIA -TOY STORY  October 25, 2010 10:17 AM
As I see it, the two wheel industry doesn't use these bad economy times to elevate the status of bikes as "a vehicle". One of the biggest issue is that motorcycle are looked up on only as a toy to most of the population. Whether if u look at Europe (not even talking about Asia), there is allot more awareness of the advantages of two wheels commuting. When people have money issues, toys are the first to suffer. But, if the manufacturers/importers would have change their marketing a little, I think allot more people would see a motorcycle/scooter as a cheap and efficient way of transportation. At a time that the car industry biggest marketing agenda is getting 30 mpg's out of their "products", the two wheelers should have grabbed it with both hands. Sell handlebars to the crowd, show the advantages of two wheel vehicle to people who never thought they find themselves on a motorcycle, and this industry will gain power it never had before.
Charles -Credit  October 25, 2010 06:34 AM
The industry can also point to the number of finance institutions that don't extend credit to 'risky' customers. In 2006, a customer could walk into a finance company or bank with a 650 beacon, a good salary and job history and finance a motorcycle. Not anymore.
Rick Witt -Rider  October 23, 2010 07:11 PM
I've watched the process for the last 35 years. It's taken that long but "they've" about killed the off-road motorcycle industry and beware, because street bikes are in their headlights. That one will be tougher, but not impossible. (look at CA's new exhaust law). For years I thought I was just paranoid, however experience being the teacher she is I can see the writing on the wall. Our efforts and those of the AMA, WERA, etc are miniscule in comparison to the $$$ that are being thrown at us. Someone can prove me wrong, but off-roaders don't win many of the battles that are fought. It was good while it lasted. I feel bad for the kids whose parents have to shell out $8k for a bike and then tow them an hour and pay $25 for them to be able to ride it. I used to get p#ssed off, now it just makes me sad.
PD -For TG, what are 2006 total sales (excl. ATVs)?  October 23, 2010 05:00 PM
2008 total sales were 879,910 (excl. ATVs). At current rate of change, 2010 total will be 448,389, a decline of 49% from 2008 numbers. So, what were the totals for 2006? (Was 2006 the peak in recent years?)
TG -Even earlier years  October 23, 2010 10:46 AM
Wanna get really depressed? Compare 2010 numbers to 2006.
shnapper -Offroad  October 21, 2010 10:21 PM
No surprise on the declining numbers, especially in the off-road market. I would love to buy another dirt bike, problem is every year the states close more and more land and take away places to ride.. So no where to ride why own an off-road machine??