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Oregon Legislators Look to Amend Helmet Law

Tuesday, February 15, 2011
H-D Carbon Kevlar Half Shell
With or without? The Oregon legislature is looking at House Bill 3141 which would amend the current helmet law, requiring only riders and passengers under 21 to strap one on.
Oregon legislators are reportedly lobbying for House Bill 3141 that would amend the helmet law for motorcyclists, leaving the decision to wear a helmet up to adult riders. Motorcyclists under 21 would still be required to wear a helmet by law.

The bill is sponsored by Rep. Andy Olson (R-Albany) and Rep. Tim Freeman (R-Salem). According to a report published in the Albany Democrat-Herald, 20 state representatives have signed on in support of HB 3141. Both Republican and Democratic representatives are supporting the bill.

The current law in Oregon requires helmets to be worn by all riders and passengers, regardless of age. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, currently 20 states and Washington D.C. require all riders to wear helmets. Three states - Illinois, Iowa, and New Hampshire have no laws in the books. Requirements in other states leave it up to the individual after they reach the ages of 17 or 20.

The Albany Democrat-Herald states that Olson anticipates the measure will go before the House transportation panel within the next couple of weeks.

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JC   February 17, 2011 06:56 PM
woodco100   February 16, 2011 07:18 PM
Hilde, this is not about us. it is much bigger. Could they invent the aspirin or the airplane today? Or would endless govt regulations and redtape make it nearly impossible.

It is truly about our future, let American salone they they will soar to amazing heights.

Bog us down with over governence by a centrally located autonamis authority and you have...well just look around you. ie Detriot.
wildpig   February 16, 2011 01:59 PM
i can say it best this way -- THE GOV MENT AINT YER FRIEND.
Hilde44   February 16, 2011 10:42 AM
Haha! Woodco and wildpig, you guys are a constant source of entertainment! I'm thrilled to see that you are so well versed on our Constamatution and the intricacies of immigration. Enlightened, concerned citizens such as you are clearly capable of deciding if wearing a motorcycle helmet is worthwhile.
jng1226   February 16, 2011 08:56 AM
Freedom of choice is the cornerstone of our society, no debate there. What pisses me off is people not being responsible for their choices. I live in FL where the minimum is $10,000 medical insurance (at 21) to not wear a helmet. That's a joke! Just falling over at stoplight on your unprotected head can result in $100,000+ head injury. Why do my taxes have to go to idiots who make vegetables out of themselves and don't have the appropriate medical coverage? Big wave surfing and drag racing don't have the financial implications for as large a segment of society as motorcycle riding. I'm as extreme as the next sport rider, check out my videos on YouTube (username jng1226). The difference between me and the ones I'm berating is that I have proper medical and life insurance ($100K/300K limits in addition to separate medical riders) to take responsibility for my choices, not to mention minimizing the burden to my family - at least financially in the worst case event. Don't talk to me about fighting for freedom, I've also done my fair share of that. For this topic, your freedom ends when it financially affects mine.
HokieRider   February 16, 2011 06:57 AM
WOW! You guys are taking this way too seriously. Wear a helmet or don't. Just be aware of the consequences that go with each decision. And for most states, it's not a safety issue, it's a financial issue. In PA, the helmet law was repealed because enforcing it was damn near impossible. The law used to require a DOT helmet, and bikers who got fined for wearing "fake" lids (ie a $20 piece of plastic that looks like a helmet) insisted that the gov't prove the lid was fake (which was a legitimate request, innocent until proven guilty, right). Thus, conducting a laboratory test that costs $800-1200 on each confiscated helmet for a $150 fine was not worth the gov't's time and money. Personally, I wear a helmet. I've already seen them save the lives of a handful of my friends (friends that ride cruisers, sportbikes, and cafe racers, so let's leave that argument out of this). But I support the decision of those who do not wear a helmet, it's their life and none of my worry. I just won't ride with them, and I'm sure they're crushed about that.
woodco100   February 16, 2011 04:40 AM
1226, every law is compared to the Constition. Have you read it lately? Good thing it was not your job to invent the motorcycle all we would be blogging about mimivans (start sopping hysterictally now) "I..I..I cant put a motor into a bicycle, someone might get hurt...WHY WONT THE GOVERNMEMT DO SOMETHING!!!"

Go watch some video of big wave surfing or Top Fuel drag racing (0-300 MPH IN 4 SECONDS!!!!!)

By the way, I stoppped wearing my seat belt the day the Governor signed a law saying they would fine me if I did not. I exercised my 1st amendment rights to petition my elected and appointed officials. (you do know the 5 rights afforded in the 1st amendment...right?) No ticket yet. I did work aggressively to defeat him the next elelction. Now he is a private citizen.

By the way, YOUR 1st amendment rights are petition, speech, religion, assembly and press. Please fight aggressievley to protect them. Freedom is not free.

wildpig   February 16, 2011 03:28 AM
1226-- its obvivous you've drank the gov ment coolaid..... when they blow the whistle for you to come outta yer house at 6 am an do push ups -- i'm sure you'll agree thats in yer best interests.... u prolly are in favor of photo voting requirement an are holdin out fer bein finger printed next---- in this free country.........yer ever thang the demos an re pubs look for in a citizen........................... mccaine said it best --- we can stay in iraq a hundert yrs....................
woodco100   February 15, 2011 08:46 PM
Hilde, perhaps you should sell your motorycle and buy a minivan. Or better yet curl up in the corner in the fetal position and shake in fear until someone from the gubmint comes by to tell you it is safe to go outside. Repeat after me..."All hail big government, all hail big government" Well, they are doing a bang up job running the economy, housing, banking and schools.

I am serious about this, they be the gubmint. Only they can make your personal safety decisions for you. You know, just like it says in the constamatution they have the right to. Oh yea, Michelle says no more salt either.
wildpig   February 15, 2011 05:06 PM
no your legistslators are exercisizin good jusgement in that they are protectin your God given rights, you should be honored an proud to have freedom loving legislators such as this. the gov ment is a monster that will not obey,,,,an you-- and your commie views are a large part of the problem...bout like the illegal mexcans demandin rights-- hell they got no rights nor should they if they are not citzens-- profound huh?
Hilde44   February 15, 2011 04:21 PM
Wow, my own state legislators showing the cranial might of fungus. Apparently Oregon hospitals need more revenue.