2003 WSB Silverstone Results

June 15, 2003
By Brian Korfhage
Neil Hodgson had a brilliant weekend taking both legs of the Superbike double header at the Silverstone circuit in England. The Ducati Fila pilot withstood a massive push by James Toseland in the first contest and Gregorio Lavilla in the second to sweep round six and stretch his lead in the standings to a massive 130 points.

The battle was tight between Hodgson and Toseland - Silverstone
Neil Hodgson doubled at Silverstone but he received some stiff competition from Toseland and Lavilla.

The first contest featured the two Brits going toe to toe for the duration of the race. Hodgson led Toseland, the only man to beat the series leader this year, all the way to lap 20 with Ruben Xaus just off the pace. Unfortunately for Toseland, he couldn’t overcome Hodgson and he had to settle for second place in front of the wild English fans.

“There were some places where the HM Plant Ducati was faster, but Neil had the edge in other sections of the track,” said Toseland. “The last part of the circuit was where I thought I could do it. I tried very hard through the last chicane, but I got a knock from someone and that was it – I had to settle for second. I really enjoyed the race. It was so close, even though I got off to a bad start.”

“It was an unbelievable race, Lavilla’s and Kagayama‘s lines were incredible,” said Ducati’s Neil Hodgson. “It was really tough out there because the lap times were slow, people were fighting for the next corner and just not getting on with the race. I battled and touched fairings with just about everybody!”

The second race started much like the first with Hodgson jumping out to a lead. However, this time it was Gregorio Lavilla running with the Ducati Fila pilot. Despite his best efforts, Lavilla couldn’t overcome Hodgson and finished the race just 0.493 second behind Hodgson. Ruben Xaus claimed his second podium of the day as he crossed the line third in the second contest.

“It’s not good to be on pole here at Silverstone,” said race-winner Hodgson. “I got an average start and everyone came underneath me. I tried to pick one rider off each lap and keep my eye on the leaders. Luckily JR and Ruben collided because they were going to be difficult to pass. It’s been a fantastic day for Ducati and I’d like to dedicate these wins in Britain to David Jefferies, my close friend who was tragically killed in the Isle of Man TT.”

James Toseland finished the second race in fourth and Yukio Kagayama was the top finishing privateer with two fifth places finishes on the Suzuki GSX-R1000.

Race 1 Results:
1. Neil Hodgson (Ducati)
2. James Toseland (Ducati)
3. Ruben Xaus (Ducati)
4. Regis Laconi (Ducati)
5. Yukio Kagayama (Suzuki)
6. John Reynolds (Suzuki)
7. Pier-Francesco Chili (Ducati)
8. Michael Rutter (Ducati)
9. Chris Walker (Ducati)
10. Marco Borciani (Ducati)

Race 2 Results:
1. Neil Hodgson (Ducati)
2. Gregorio Lavilla (Suzuki)
3. Ruben Xaus (Ducati)
4. James Toseland (Ducati)
5. Yukio Kagayama (Suzuki)
6. Regis Laconi (Ducati)
7. Pier-Francesco Chili (Ducati)
8. Chris Walker (Ducati)
9. Michael Rutter (Ducati)
10. John Reynolds (Suzuki)