Marsee X-Pack Deluxe Review

MotorcycleUSA Staff | June 13, 2003
The Marsee X-Pack is specifically designed for the motorcycle enthusiast.
The Marsee X-Pack is specifically designed for the motorcycle enthusiast.

One of the inherent problems with riding motorcycles is the inability to tote a significant amount of stuff with you at any given time. The most common solution is the classic backpack. While not high-tech, backpacks are extremely functional and allow riders to jam their things into a central location and carry it with them throughout the day.

Marsee Products has taken this utility luggage and put a high-tech spin on it to create the uber-cool 10-Litre X-Pack Deluxe. The single-strap bag is designed specifically with riders in mind and is chock-full of special pockets, holders, and accessories to result in a unique and impressive carrying bag.

Upon first inspection, it’s clear this is a bullet-proof mini storage shed for those day-long excursions on a bike, regardless of weather conditions. Measuring in at 19″ tall and 15″ wide, the X-Pack has enough volume to carry almost any item you would need for an afternoon on the road.

The exterior of the bag is made of 1050 ballistic nylon that is urethane coated for those days when unexpected rain storms hit. The nylon material is ultra tough and resistant to snags and tears.

The X-Pack was designed for motorcyclists, a fact evident in its use of oversized zipper pulls. Only a motorcyclist can appreciate the hassle of removing gloves every time you want to open those itty bitty zippers on most backpacks. The X-Pack eliminates this frustration with oversized, heavy-duty molded-tooth zippers with big reflective pulls. Piping and logos on the outside are also reflective for extra visibility.

The X-Pack differs from most bags in that it only has one strap that you drape across you body. Unlike some single-strap bags, Marsee’s offering is extremely comfortable thanks to a large padded strap with soft, ergonomically-designed padded molding that makes contact with the rider’s back and provides extra grip on both synthetic and leather jackets.

Strapping on the X-Pack is a breeze thanks to heavy-duty Velcro that securely holds the strap in place. For added security, Marsee adds a waist strap that secures the bag during those knee-dragging excursions.

The standard X-Pack ($75 retail) is functional, but the upgraded Deluxe version is even better. It includes special pockets for sunglasses, cellphones, wallets and a CD player and CDs. The Deluxe version, retailing for $109.95, also includes a hydration system that allows riders a splash of their favorite fluids when needed. Marsee calls this system the Flexi-tanker, and it consists of a 1-liter bladder that rests securely inside the X-Pack in a plastic container, with outlet tubes that can be routed on either side of the bag to the rider’s mouth.

There’s no question the X-Pack was created by and for motorcyclists. If you’re looking for a versatile and unencumbering pack for day rides, look no further. Marsee has you covered.


MotorcycleUSA Staff

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