Joe Rocket GPX Gloves Review

August 8, 2003
Ken Hutchison
Ken Hutchison
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The ulcers keep piling on for the warden of the MotoUSA asylum. With the inmates running rampant around the globe, Hutch has opted to get in on the madness more these days than in years past and is back in the saddle again.

The Joe Rocket GPX gloves have comfort and style above what most sub- 100 gloves offer.
The Joe Rocket GPX gloves have comfort and style above what most sub-$100 gloves offer.

If you’ve ever gone down on a bike, you know that your hands are usually the first thing to hit the ground. Even so, many riders skimp on hand protection, fearing the $200-plus price tags on race-spec gloves.

Joe Rocket has quickly become one of the industry leaders in the epidermal protection arena, based mostly on providing decent protection at an affordable price. Their latest offering to the mid-priced glove market is the good-looking GPX.

The GPX Glove features 1.0mm thick cowhide construction supplemented with a healthy dose of strategically placed high-density padding and plastic protectors. The leather shell features a double-stitched, reinforced padded palm that puts a few layers of cowhide between your hand and the road. Perforations in the leather between the fingers provides a bit of ventilation for those hot days on the road.

While more expensive gloves have trendy carbon fiber knuckle protectors, the GPX has plastic bash plates that are sewn into carbon-look material over the back of the hand. Quarter-sized plastic pads protect the thumb and side of the palm. Considering its price, the GPX is an excellent looking glove, available in five color combinations, all-black, or

The GPX glove features a double-closure cuff  knuckle protection  perforated fingers and plenty of reinforced areas aimed at keeping your hands safe.
The GPX glove features a double-closure cuff, knuckle protection, perforated fingers and plenty of reinforced areas aimed at keeping your hands safe.

black and white. The multi-colored leather stripes provide a bit of flash without looking over the top.

Slide your hand inside the China-made GPX and you’ll notice its plush liner that separates this glove from others in its price range. Three closures, one on the wrist and a double Velcro wrist closure, should keep the GPX securely in place in the event of a get-off, although we have yet to try that trick.

The GPX was often chosen ahead of much pricier gloves when going out for a ride, as they proved to be very comfortable. We’ve been testing the GPX for nearly a year and they have yet to bust a seam or show much in the way of wear and tear. The typical first signs of glove wear are for seams to begin fraying or for the dye around the palm to start wearing off, but these have held fast despite a year’s worth of riding abuse.

We think the GPX is hard to beat for under $100. And you can take the extra hundred bucks you’d save over a fancy Italian brand to buy an additional pair for when these start to wear out.

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