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MotorcycleUSA Staff | February 24, 2004
Get as cute or profane as you want with the programmable Street Wavez license plate holder.
Get as cute or profane as you want with the programmable Street Wavez license plate holder.

If you’ve been searching for a license plate holder with one of those witty sayings on them but just haven’t found one with the right message, now you can make your own. The Street Wavez license plate frame is the ultimate in personal expression, allowing users to say anything they want … and we mean anything.

The plate holder is a CNC-machined polished aluminum frame that houses a 1″x 5″ LCD screen which can be programmed to scroll a message up to 118 characters in length.

Unfortunately, old school bikers will have to jump into the computer age, as the Street Wavez operates on a computer-based program that allows the user to type in messages via a serial port cable into a car remote-sized device called a RAT. The RAT can then be disconnected from the cable and used as a wireless remote control to select the appropriate message.

The Street Wavez plate comes with four messages already programmed in, but the fun comes from being creative and coming up with your own. The messages can be changed in an easy-to-navigate piece of software. Once typed in, simply disconnect the RAT and point it at the plate holder to transmit one to four messages to the LED receiver with an infrared beam. The RAT allows you to choose the message and whether you want it displayed continuously or only when the brakes are engaged.

According to the directions, the user need only “beam” the message at the infrared receiver and do so within one inch. However, the directions didn’t indicate the exact location of the receiver. After a bit of searching, we found the receiver located in the bottom-center position of the LED screen. After that, we had no problem selecting messages.

The Street Wavez holder comes with the cd  plate  directions  rat and everything you need to get set up and on the road in less than an hour.
The Street Wavez holder comes with the cd, plate, directions, rat and everything you need to get set up and on the road in less than an hour.

Installation of the Street Wavez requires a little electrical knowledge, as well. You’ll have to connect the apparatus to the electrical system in your bike so it functions when the ignition is set to its “on” position. The directions are clear enough to get the job done without any hassles and the entire process took us roughly one hour to complete.

One of the first things we noticed was that it was best to keep messages short and concise. Long messages get lost because the LED screen only allows four characters to be displayed at one time. So our message of “, the premiere motorcycle site on the web!” appeared to say “iere” at times while the message scrolled across the screen.

Once we had the Street Wavez installed, we had a blast programming things from the insane to the profane and beaming them to the license plate holder. Whether or not we would use it often is up for debate, but we think the $195 device pays for itself in terms of entertainment alone. Street Wavez also offers a holder for automobiles.

While the Street Wavez has a bit of a novelty feel to it, it’s pretty fun to create custom messages for trailing motorists to read. If you don’t mind coming up with short-but-clever messages and can handle not being able to change your “Peace & Love” message to “Back Off!” from the saddle, the Street Wavez might be MCUSA readers’ second most popular message board.


MotorcycleUSA Staff

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