AMA SBK: Michael Jordan’s Team

March 5, 2004
By Dorina Clarke

The original posting regarding Michael Jordan’s team had information in it that came directly from a source on the team.
However, team rider Montez Stewart held a press conference yesterday to clear up any inaccuracies that were previously given to the media.

Following is a press release regarding the team and Michael Jordan’s affiliation, courtesy of AMA Pro Racing.

Montez Stewart
Montez Stewart’s helmet, bike and leathers are all adorned with Jordan logos.

Team 23 Racing representatives today confirmed companies affiliated with NBA legend Michael Jordan will sponsor Montez Stewart in this year’s AMA Repsol Superstock and Pro Honda Oils Supersport classes.

The effort is owned by Edward Scott LLC with primary sponsorship from Brand Jordan, a subsidiary of Nike managed in coordination with the five-time NBA MVP Jordan. The 31-year-old Stewart will ride the #123 Yamaha R1 in Repsol Superstock and the #123 Yamaha R6 in Pro Honda Oils Supersport.

“We’re thrilled to see a company affiliated with basketball legend Michael Jordan sponsor a team in the AMA Chevrolet Superbike Championship,” AMA Pro Racing Vice President, Director of Communications Kerry Graeber said.

“One of our primary business objectives is to provide an avenue for companies like Brand Jordan to reach new markets through sponsorship in our series. This is a perfect manifestation of that vision.”

“It’s a blessing to have Brand Jordan and the rest of my sponsors behind me,” team pilot Stewart said. “I really don’t think I would have the opportunity to race in the AMA otherwise.”

Team officials said Jordan’s willingness to support his friend Stewart and his interest in motorcycle racing opened the door to the basketball icon’s corporate partners.

Additionally, team officials said Brand Jordan saw the sponsorship as an opportunity to support Jordan and his new recreational endeavors, particularly in developing products for official Team 23 Racing use.

“My goals of course include winning, but its tough racing against some of the fastest guys in the world,” Stewart said.

Additional Team 23 Racing sponsors include Gatorade, Alpinestars, Parts Unlimited, Gemini Technology Systems, Dunlop, PJ1, and Ferodo Brakes.

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