Gary Semics-Rule 3

March 8, 2004
By Gary Semics

Gary Semics tips will help you improve on the track and in the gym.
Gary Semics tips will help you improve on the track and in the gym.

In order to improve your race results, you first must improve your practice strategies. Then practice the correct techniques until they become automatic.

Absolute rule number 3: There’s a mind to the madness. When you go out to practice have a purpose behind your practice. Don’t just race around the track, making the same mistakes over and over. Always spend some time separating and working at your weak points and techniques.

Here’s tip number two of a ten quick tips series on how to become a better racer.

#3 Dragging the rear brake will keep the rear wheel from kicking up as much on certain bumps and obstacles.

When a beginner rider gets into trouble, like having the rear wheel kick up too high, he usually just freezes and waits to see what happens. One thing you can do to avoid this kicking up affect is to drag the rear brake when you think the rear wheel is going to kick up. This helps hold the rear suspension together and greatly reduces the kick up of the rear wheel.

The next time you see that you’re going to hit a big bump or a whoop harder than you wanted to, touch or drag that rear brake and you’ll see how much it holds the rear end down. This is another good reason you need to be able to use the rear brake from any body position on the motorcycle, because in this case, you will be standing with your weight back.