H-Base Locks Review

MotorcycleUSA Staff | May 5, 2004
H-Base Locks
A massive chain and a base plate which is secured to the ground makes the H-Base Security System one of the toughest on the market.

Every year, tens of thousands of motorcycles are stolen in the U.S. alone. Unfortunately, many thefts could have been prevented with the help of a motorcycle-specific anti-theft device.

There’s no shortage of locks, chains, and cables on the market, but which ones are the best? The reality is that no device is fool-proof and your best bet is to combine several different devices and a little common sense to ensure the safety of your bike.

H-Base High Security Locks is one security solution that combines three proven safety devices into one apparatus. The H-Base lock features a base plate of ½” steel that bolts directly into a cement pad. Protecting the base plate and bolts from tampering is a ½-inch steel housing unit, and finally a Kryptonite U-lock and heavy-duty 3/8-inch chain, which can withstand 58,000 lbs of pressure and is claimed to be impervious to bolt cutters or a hacksaw.

We’re not sure if it’s as indestructible as the company claims but handling the 22 lbs. worth of merchandise is enough to convince us that a criminal is really going to have to work his ass off to thieve a bike that’s secured with this system.

Assembling the H-Base system is relatively easy and takes less than an hour. All the hardware is provided including a masonry drill bit for use with a standard drill. However we’d highly recommend you rent a mason’s drill, which is designed specifically to drill into concrete and hard surfaces. A heavy equipment hardware agency like United Rentals can usually set you up with the proper power tools for around $90 a day or $45 for four hours.

Drilling into concrete isn’t easy, but it can be done by most individuals and simply requires a little strength, a steady hand, and a little patience. Once the four holes are drilled in an existing concrete area, the base plate can be bolted down with the supplied 5-inch anchor bolts using a rubber mallet or hammer. Screw on the bolts and washers until the base plate is firmly attached to the concrete.

To secure a vehicle, place the ½-inch steel slide under

H-Base Locks
The H-Base system comes with everything needed, with the exception of a drill, which is required to install the cement anchor bolts.

the bolted base plate, place the steel housing over the slide, wrap the chain around the frame of a motorcycle or ATV, and secure the chain by sliding the kryptonite loop through the two holes in the slide. Then lock the Kryptonite U-lock in place and presto, you have the Fort Knox of motorcycle security. It would require one helluva effort to steal a bike or ATV from the H-Base lock system, and we can’t imagine what it would take to break through the chain, Krypto lock, and steel plates.

At $175, the security system isn’t cheap, but it seems like a small price to pay to ensure that your ride stays where you parked it. There’s no doubt in our minds that it would perform exactly as advertised. We’re not sure there is a better security system available on the market for the price of the H-Base High Security Locks system.

Check them out on-line at H-Base High Locks.com


MotorcycleUSA Staff

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