2004 Motocross Red Bud Results

July 4, 2004
Ken Hutchison
Ken Hutchison
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The ulcers keep piling on for the warden of the MotoUSA asylum. With the inmates running rampant around the globe, Hutch has opted to get in on the madness more these days than in years past and is back in the saddle again.

In the premier class it was all Ricky all day long. The Honda CRF450R pilot continues his dominance of the series by remaining unbeaten so far in 2004.
Carmichael leads the pack - Red Bud
Ricky Carmichael became the first rider to win four AMA Nationals at Red Bud with his performance on Sunday.

“Kevin and Chad were running really well at the beginning of the race,” said Carmichael. “I was working for it. I just tried to keep that pace alive the whole time. I’m just happy to be up here after the time off. I love what I do, and the CRF450R is really, really good. It makes riding fun; you don’t have to push it so much. I just have a good routine going, and these guys keep me motivated.”

Behind him, Factory Connection Honda’s Kevin Windham and Factory Yamaha’s Chad Reed finished second and third respectively.

“It’s frustrating because Ricky is checking out of these races,” said Windham. “He’s getting away early and we just can’t run him down. I’m going to have to work on coming ready to race off the gate to have a chance to run with him.”
The crowd favorite, Factory Connection Honda’s Mike Larocco, finished 6th overall despite not racing any National prior to this one. “I’d have to say this is about as least prepared as I’ve ever been for a national,” admitted LaRocco. “I wasn’t expecting great results and I’m just happy to get out of here in one piece.”

Yamaha of Troy’s Mike Brown came away with the overall victory after James Stewart had problems in the second moto. Suzuki’s Davi Millsaps finished second thanks to a pair of fourth place finishes while Josh Grant surprised everyone with his third place overall.

“My bike was running good,” said Grant. “My second moto start was a lot better, and made it easier to stay in the front.”

Stewart won the first moto while Brown came in second followed by Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Ivan Tedesco. In the second moto Brown ran away with the win while Honda CRF250R rider Josh Grant earned his first trip to the podium in second. Two crashes by James Stewart in the second moto left him with a DNF.

This event marked the 30th year that Red Bud has hosted an AMA Professional Race.

250 Results:
1. Ricky Carmichael (1-1)
2. Kevin Windham (3-2)
3. Chad Reed (2-3)
4. David Vuillemin (5-4)
5. Ernesto Fonseca (10-5)
6. Mike Larocco (9-6)
7. Nick Wey (7-8)
8. Tim Ferry (6-9)
9. Sebastien Tortelli (4-15)
10. Joaquim Rodriguez (8-11)

250 Championship Standings:
1. Ricky Carmichael – 250
2. Chad Reed – 210
3. Kevin Windham – 200
4. David Vuillemin – 165
5. Mike Byrne – 127
6. Heath Voss – 110
7. Ernesto Fonseca – 105
8. Nick Wey – 103
9. Tim Ferry – 101
10. Sean Hamblin – 92

125 Results:
1. Mike Brown (2-1)
2. Davi Millsaps (4-4)
3. Josh Grant (8-2)
4. Nate Ramsey (5-5)
5. Broc Hepler (12-3)
6. Stephane Roncada (6-8)
7. James Stewart (1-DNF)
8. Ivan Tedesco (3-19)
9. Troy Adams (16-6)
10. Kelly Smith (17-7)

125 Championship Standings:
1. James Stewart – 225
2. Mike Brown – 194
3. Broc Hepler – 162
4. Nate Ramsey – 132
5. Ivan Tedesco – 112
6. Stephane Roncada – 104
7. Josh Grant – 102
8. Kelly Smith – 95
9. Ryan Hughes – 87
10. Danny Smith – 80

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