2004 Motocross Glen Helen Results

September 12, 2004
By Brian Korfhage
American Honda’s Ricky Carmichael put the finishing touches on his second perfect season on Sunday at the Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino. The Red Rider logged yet another dominating performance winning both motos to cap an unblemished season in 2004.

In the first moto RC ran away from the rest of the field and crossed the checkers 38 seconds ahead of Yamaha’s Chad Reed. The second moto wasn’t quite as easy, but the reigning motocross champion finished 25 seconds ahead

RC is pumped after winning the first moto - One more for a perfect season - Glen Helen
Ricky Carmichael not only won his fifth straight MX title, but scored the second perfect season of his career on Sunday.

of Reed.

“I never thought I’d do this again after sitting home watching Chad dominate the supercross season,” said Carmichael. “I’m almost in tears at this one. I love what I do and the injury last year just made me put my head down and try even harder.”

Reed played the runner up role perfectly taking two second places to take the second position overall. Sebastien Tortelli claimed the third and final spot on the podium with a 3-3 result.

Pro Circuit’s James Stewart capped off a spectacular 125 Motocross career with a dominating sweep at Glen Helen Raceway Park in San Bernadino on Sunday aboard the KX250F. The Kawasaki pilot stormed to victory in each moto, posting a 36-second win in the first contest and then blazing to a 1:07 second victory in the second.

The two wins bring Stewart’s season point total to a whopping 575, just one moto short of perfection.

Chris Gosselaar ended the season on a strong note taking second overall after posting a 4-3 result. Nate Ramsey took the third position overall with an 11th in the first moto and a 4th in the second.

Kelly Smith was fourth while Danny Smith rounded out the top five.

250 Results:
1. Ricky Carmichael (Honda), 1-1
2. Chad Reed (Yamaha), 2-2
3. Sebastien Tortelli (Suzuki), 3-3
4. Kyle Lewis (Honda), 5-5
5. Ernesto Fonseca (Honda), 7-7
6. Sean Hamblin (Suzuki), 4-12
7. Heath Voss (Yamaha), 8-8
8. Nick Wey (Suzuki), 12-6
9. Ryan Clark (Yamaha), 10-11
10. J. Laansoo (Honda), 13-9

250 Final Standings:
1. Carmichael, 600
2. Reed, 476
3. Windham, 444
4. Vuillemin, 351
5. Fonseca, 300
6. Byrne, 294
7. Wey, 287
8. Tortelli, 273
9. Voss, 257
10. Hamblin, 202

125 Results:
1. James Stewart (Kawasaki), 1-1
2. Chris Gosselaar (Honda), 4-3
3. Nate Ramsey (Honda), 11-4
4. Kelly Smith (Yamaha), 9-5
5. Danny Smith (Yamaha), 6-8
6. Mike Brown (Kawasaki), 10-6
7. Troy Adams (Kawasaki), 12-7
8. Ivan Tedesco (Kawasaki), 39-2
9. Broc Hepler (Suzuki), 2-37
10. Davi Millsaps (Suzuki), 5-17

125 Final Standings:
1. Stewart, 575
2. Hepler, 396
3. Brown, 368
4. Walker, 279
5. Ramsey, 278
6. Ivan Tedesco, 260
7. Smith, 235
8. Millsaps, 232
9. Gosselaar, 220
10. Grant, 212