2004 Supercross Toronto Results

December 4, 2004
By Brian Korfhage
Suzuki’s Ricky Carmichael and Red Bull KTM’s Nate Ramsey kicked off the 2005 World Supercross season with convincing wins at the SkyDome in Toronto on Saturday night.

Carmichael made it two in a row in Anaheim  proving again that its only that first-round curse that prevented him from winning here earlier.
Ricky Carmichael won by over 20 seconds in the 250 main on Saturday night.

In the 250 main event Carmichael scored the holeshot, but was quickly passed by Kyle Lewis. However, RC would get by Lewis by the time the second lap rolled around and from that point it was smooth sailing for Ricky, winning the 250 main by over 20 seconds.

“I have a good head start on the competition,” said Carmichael. “This race is important to me and the THQ World Supercross GP title is very important. I am going to continue to train and ride as hard as I can. It’s great to be back after missing the entire season last year.”

Mike LaRocco moved up through the field and took over second place on lap six when Lewis crashed going over the finish line jump. LaRocco held on for second place, while Yamaha’s Tim Ferry roared through the pack to take the third and final position on the podium.

In the 125 class, Ramsey grabbed the holeshot and cruised to the easy win at the SkyDome. Bobby Kiniry put in a solid ride for Honda and took second.

“My bike was great out of the gate,” said Ramsey. “Once I had the holeshot, it was all about riding smart. There were a lot of lappers tonight. On lap five, I ran into my first lapper and had to play it smart.”

THQ World Supercross GP
1. Ricky Carmichael, Suzuki
2. Mike LaRocco, Honda
3. Tim Ferry, Yamaha
4. Heath Voss, Yamaha
5. Nick Wey, Honda
6. Tyler Evans, Suzuki
7. Keith Johnson, Yamaha
8. Jason Thomas, Honda
9. Damon Huffman, Honda
10. Doug Dehaan, Honda

125 Results:
1. Nate Ramsey
2. Bobby Kiniry
3. R. Lockhart
4. M. Maximoff
5. S. Homans
6. R. Gauld
7. K. Gregoire
8. P. Chamerlain
9. B. White
10. K. Keast