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May 13, 2005
Ken Hutchison
Ken Hutchison
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The ulcers keep piling on for the warden of the MotoUSA asylum. With the inmates running rampant around the globe, Hutch has opted to get in on the madness more these days than in years past and is back in the saddle again.

Dave  of SPD Products  explains the intimated details of the Xtreme Cycles Heathen at Bike Week 2005.
“Heathen is an idea we’ve been working on for a long time,” reports David, the chassis designer of his family-owned SPD Products and co-builder of the Heathen. “It’s a very evil, low, compact and rideable bike. It’s still choppered-out with a 46 degree overall rake with six in the trees. Its just prime-evil.”

Sometimes being ordinary just doesn’t cut it. In the case of the bad boys from Xtreme Cycles (941-955-2211) of Sarasota, Florida, it’s not even an option. Breaking the mold and stuffing a great big handful of immorality straight down your throat is more their style. If you don’t believe us then take a look at the hump-backed Heathen. This orange black and brutally bitchin’ bike has more attitude than a pissed-off boar – which this $55,000 bike just happens to resemble. If you like it… it’s for sale too.

The Heathen is the antithesis of the OCC-esque bikes. It is short and stocky, bold and clean, and it packs a punch courtesy of the 110-inch Rev Tech V-Twin. A raunchy and imposing crackle emits from the one-off joint venture exhaust routed out the front of the bike when its fired-up, forcing children to run for cover and biker babes to disrobe while fighting for a place to pose on this orange and black bad boy.

This bike is a hybrid of sorts – it’s a combined effort of Xtreme Cycles and SPD Products, they also came up with the ridged fenders and sculpted bodywork – all of which combines to form one mean-looking beast. The coolest part is that Dave of SPD prides himself on building chassis that not only look good but are rideable as well. The extra care that went into the development of the SPD “Pimp Drop” softtail chassis really comes across as something unique yet innately wicked, even when you’re just looking at it.

“The Heathen was just a freak,” candidly explains XC’s Dave Aulita of the bike he says took three weeks of 20-hour days to complete. “It was a new frame design that SPD had come out with. I work very closely with SPD. We do a lot of designs together. He came up with the frame so I decided to build a bike that was something totally different that nobody else has ever seen.”

Indeed they have. The bike features a number of extremely slick components that help separate it from the rest of the pack. When you first look at the bike it’s the killer paint-job that catches your eye. G.T. Graphics out of Sarasota Florida squirted the sick orange and metallic black tribal-flame paint job on the bodywork. Then you notice the humped tank. The purpose was to keep the bike’s overall lines flowing with the lines of the frame. The Pimp Drop frame doesn’t require this style of tank, but the Dave decided to capitalize on the unique feature nonetheless. A massive 300-series rear tire mounted to SPD’s own “Smackdown” type black wheels ensures it rolls in serious style.

The RevTech 110  powerplant would normally be the center-piece of a custom. On the Heathen though... it s just another trick component.
The RevTech 110″ powerplant would normally be the center-piece of a custom. On the Heathen though… it’s just another trick component.

“It was all hand made and I went off the actual frame that has a curved back bone.” continues Aulita. “So I just wanted to do something that followed that line and kept that arched back. I saw the orange paint on a Scion and from there we came up with this sun-glow tangelo orange at the House of Colors.”

In addition to all this eye candy, the bike incorporates a few other cool features like the hi-low air ride system that allows the ride height to be adjusted according to where the bike is doing its business. All the brake lines are hidden in order to keep the lines as clean as they can possibly be. Add in to the mix a generous helping of polished components and a right-side license plate mount/taillight to keep the fuzz off your back.

If the Heathen gets your motor runnin’, just wait until we show the baddest custom Xtreme Cycles has ever created – the Krime of Passion.

Spec Sheet
Bike: Heathen
Cost: $55,000 (For Sale Right Now!)
Manufacturer: Xterme Cycles & SPD Products
Chassis: Pimp Drop soft tail – SPD Products
Paint: G.T. Graphics
Motor: Rev-Tech 110″
Intake: D&M w/ ‘Sphere’ air-cleaner
Carb: Mikuni
Transmission: Baker 5-speed
Drive: BDL EVO 141 Right-side drive
Wheels: Smackdown – SPD Products

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