2006 WSB Brands Hatch Results

August 6, 2006
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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Troy Bayliss returned to his winning ways at Brands Hatch on Sunday, splitting victories with his leading championship rival Noriyuki Haga. Both riders logged a double-podium performance, but Bayliss’s 1-2 result bettered the 3-1 of Nitro Nori, so the Aussie extended his already sizable points lead to 77.

Ducatis Troy Bayliss rides like a man of steel - Brands Hatch
It wasn’t a double victory, but the 1-2 result by Bayliss laid down the law in WSB and extended his points lead to 77.

“I love having a hard and fair race with Nori and as much as I wanted that second win, I probably messed up a little bit when I let Nori pass twice,” explained Bayliss. “I wanted to have a look at his form and the second time I shouldn’t have done it but we’ve increased our points lead a little bit so I’m really happy with the weekend.” 

James Tosleand managed a second-place finish in Race 1 and Andrew Pitt took the final rostrom spot in Race 2.

The good fortune of Bayliss and Haga separated the pair from the rest of the pack, but the Yamaha pilot would have liked to close the gap on Bayliss this weekend.

“In the first race I could not push as hard as I wanted to in the last five laps and for the second race I used my other bike, which had other settings,” reported Haga. “I had a big fight with Troy and I was determined not to see his exhaust pipes again. It feels so good to win today. We have been close so many times, especially at the first race – where I crashed on the last lap – but for some reasons I have not been able to take the win. Today the feeling with the bike was very good and the tires worked perfectly all the way to the end.”

James Toseland coupled his second-place Race 1 finish with a fifth-place result in Race 2, losing ground to Haga, who had just a one-point advantage prior to Brands Hatch. Corser is fading fast in the points and is having trouble just bettering his Japanese teammate, Kagayama. Corser’s 6-6 result now has him 114 points behind Bayliss. Kagayama managed a respectable 5-7 byline.

Filling out the top 10 in both races and retaining his fifth-place position in the championship, Alex Barros was eighth and ninth on the day, not a bad result considering he didn’t even make the Superpole on Saturday. Standing sixth-place in the championship, Andrew Pitt bounced back from a disastrous double-DNF Brno performance to earn a 3-4 result. Another positive day worth mentioning was that of Regis Laconi, who took his turn as the top in the rotating trifecta of PSG-1 Kawasaki riders with his ninth- and fourth-place finishes.

Disappointment was also rearing its head at the British circuit and not even cheesy Superman promotions could get Lorenzo Lanzi into the top 10 on his Ducati Xerox machine. A bad season continued for Karl Muggeridge, who appeared to be back on form during qualifying but faltered again with a pair of DNFs. Also doing the double, but in a bad way, was Kurtis Roberts on the Pedercini Ducati. Fonsi Nieto and Michel Fabrizio also netted a DNF apiece on the day.

WSB Brands Hatch Race 1 Results:
1. Troy Bayliss (Ducati Xerox)
2. James Toseland (Winston Ten Kate Honda)
3. Noriyuki Haga (Yamaha Motor Italia)
4. Andrew Pitt (Yamaha Motor Italia)
5. Yukio Kagayama (Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra)
6. Troy Corser (Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra)
7. Chris Walker (PSG-1 Kawasaki Corse)
8. Alex Barros (Klaffi Honda)
9. Regis Laconi (PSG-1 Kawasaki Corse)
10. Ruben Xaus (Sterilgarda – Berik)
11. Tommy Hill (Virgin Mobile Yamaha)
12. Lorenzo Lanzi (Ducati Xerox)
13. Norrick Abe (Yamaha Motor France-Ipone)
14. Fonsi Nieto (PSG-1 Kawasaki Corse)
15. Sebastien Gimbert (Yamaha Motor France-Ipone)
DNF – Karl Muggeridge (Winston Ten Kate)
DNF – Michel Fabrizo (DFX Treme)
DNF – Kurtis Roberts (Pedercini Ducati)

WSB Brands Hatch Race 2 Results:
1. Noriyuki Haga (Yamaha Motor Italia)
2. Troy Bayliss (Ducati Xerox)
3. Andrew Pitt (Yamaha Motor Italia)
4. Regis Laconi (PSG-1 Kawasaki Corse)
5. James Toseland (Winston Ten Kate Honda)
6. Troy Corser (Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra)
7. Yukio Kagayama (Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra)
8. Chris Walker (PSG-1 Kawasaki Corse)
9. Alex Barros (Klaffi Honda)
10. Ruben Xaus (Sterilgarda – Berik)
11. Lorenzo Lanzi (Ducati Xerox)
12. Michel Fabrizo (DFX Treme)
13. Norrick Abe (Yamaha Motor France-Ipone)
14. Sebastien Gimbert (Yamaha Motor France-Ipone)
15. V. Iannuzzo (Celani Team Suzuki Italia)
DNF – Karl Muggeridge (Winston Ten Kate)
DNF – Fonsi Nieto (PSG-1 Kawasaki Corse)
DNF – Kurtis Robeters (Pedercini Ducati)

WSB Championship Points:
1. Bayliss – 307
2. Haga – 230
3. Toseland – 219
4. Corser – 193
5. Barros – 166