Leo Vince Full-System X3 Exhaust Review

MotorcycleUSA Staff | October 4, 2006
When our 2006 CRF250R needed a little pick-me-up  we picked up the phone and called Leo Vince to see what was available. They shipped out a full system titanium carbon fiber X3 dual-muffler exhaust that gave our ride quite the boost  indeed.
When our 2006 CRF250R needed a little pick-me-up, we picked up the phone and called Leo Vince to see what was available. They shipped out a full system titanium/carbon fiber X3 dual-muffler exhaust that gave our ride quite the boost, indeed.

The Score

Leo Vince offered up its top-of-the-line Carbon Fiber/Titanium Full System X3 exhaust for our 2006 CRF250R project bike. The package comes with a titanium exhaust flange, head pipe, mid pipe, dual carbon-fiber/Ti mufflers and a carbon-fiber heat shield. It also includes recessed titanium mounting bolts, wash plugs, and uses springs in place of the stock clamps on all connection points.

The Scoop

Installation was a breeze and everything fit perfectly, meaning our mechanical skills weren’t tested, nor our vocabularies. We did notice a couple things to keep in mind. First, the mounting bolt where the midpipe attaches to the subframe is too short. As cool as the titanium stuff is, we decided to stick with the stock bolt because it grabbed more thread and actually protruded less than the one provided by LV. Second, if you want to install the riveted, metal decals, then make sure to do it before installing the mufflers. If you’re willing to shell out the considerable coin for this system, install the decals for that extra cool factor. Click on the photo gallery for a brief installation overview.

The performance levels felt great on the trail, with a cleaner power delivery and better response. Things weren’t so spectacular on the dyno, as we saw a gain of just 1.5 ponies, and the additional amount of torque was even less. However, that’s still nearly a 10% increase, and the bike now revs out much further than with the stock exhaust.

Step 10 - Moto on the left  off-road on the right.
The LV system was a good fit for our project bike because it offers the necessary means to adapt from motocross to off-road.

The stock components generate more power up until around 5,300 rpm, but from then on the Leo Vince unit starts to gather momentum, carrying more power all the way through the rev-limiter. Our stock pipe topped out at 33 horsepower at 11,100 rpm while the sexy LV system reached 34.5 at 11,000. The stock exhaust starts to fall off the pipe as it nears the 13,100-rpm rev-limiter where it recedes to 31.5 hp. Meanwhile, the carbon/Ti pipe holds strong in the 34-hp range until 12,600 and signs off at 33.5 hp, still above the stocker’s peak number. This bike revs like crazy, and if you’re wringing it out like it’s meant to be, then Leo will be a friend you can rely on.

At 98 decibels, the pipe isn’t too loud, but loud enough to make you happy if you’re all about a healthy bark. We thought the exhaust note was perfect. Toss in the spark arrestors and it’s ready for off-road, but 98 decibels might piss off your neighbor and is borderline for many club rides. However, it’s a lot closer to sane levels than some other pipes on the market.

The Sentence

This one will definitely stay on our bike. Performance gains are decent, and the looks and sound are vastly improved. But really, if we dropped almost $1,400 bucks on it, you can bet your ass we’re going to show it off. It might cost too much for the average weekend rider.

Product: Leo Vince X3 Full System Carbon Fiber/Titanium Exhaust
Color Options: Carbon Fiber, duh.
MSRP: $1,368.00
Buy it Now: Leo Vince X3 Carbon/Titanium Exhaust

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