2007 Supersport Shootout V “For My Money”

Kevin Duke | March 24, 2007
It truly is impressive how Honda has been able to build a stable bike with such radical geometry.
When it came time to choose a For My Money pick, our testers had no trouble selecting the 2007 CBR600RR.

Ken Hutchison
Editorial Director, MotorcycleUSA
5’8″, 190 lbs, 18 years riding streetbikes

The CBR600RR is the clear-cut choice for 2007. The latest version of the 600RR is smaller, lighter and more powerful than the one it replaces, and that is exactly what everyone was waiting for. It humbles the competition on the dyno and backs it up in the real world and it is very easy to ride fast. The other bikes in this class set the benchmark high the past few years and Honda just cleared that mark with room to spare. Nice job, guys, now do the same for that CBR1000RR next year, please.

Kevin Duke
Editor, MotorcycleUSA
5′-8″, 140 lbs, 22 years riding streetbikes

The CBR600RR is the no-brainer choice. Honda has somehow found a magic potion of some sort that makes its 600 feel like a – dare I say? – a 636. Motorcycle: The first half of that word counts for a whole lot in my book, and the CBR dominates this category in 2006. Throw in accommodating ergonomics, consistently high scores, and the lightest weight in the class, and I’d easily find the extra $500 or so to pay for the CBR.

Robin Haldane, Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer, MotorcycleUSA
5’11” 240lbs 13 years riding streetbikes

When it comes down to it I think I look at buying a new motorcycle a little differently than many others. I don’t obsess at peak HP or torque, I don’t look at who won the latest races. I simply think about what kind of riding I am going to do and then match a bike accordingly. Not often does this actually line up with the winner in our shootouts, however this year, surprisingly, it did. Honda has made such an all around great bike this year it wins hands down in my book. with comfort, agility, great power delivery, and stability. It’s hard to go wrong with the CBR600RR, even with it’s slightly higher pricetag.


Kevin Duke

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