Behind Sean Collier’s YZ250F

March 15, 2007
By Steve Bruhn
This is Collier s second year aboard Yamaha s YZ250F.
This is Sean Collier’s second year aboard the Star Racing/Lucas Oil/Yamaha YZ250F. So far it’s been tough but he’s hoping to return soon and finish the series strong.

Brad Hoffman, manager of the Star Racing/Lucas Oil Yamaha team, was wondering what he was going to do with his press day time at the St Louis Supercross. He had his riders Sean Collier and Broc Tickle there and their bikes, and his crew of mechanics and driver. While the riders talked to local papers and TV, Hoffman offered to take us through one of the team bikes!

We chose Sean Collier’s #42 Star Racing/Lucas Oil/Yamaha YZ250F. Star Racing is a support team which means they get bikes and support from Yamaha, but they are pretty much on their own except for suspension. The team starts with new production bikes, adds kit suspension, puts together their own engines and then utilizes trick parts from suppliers like LightSpeed and Ride Engineering.

“Sean is in his second year with the team,” said Hoffman about his absent rider. “He had a little mishap a few weeks ago and had a shoulder problem. He should be into racing shape in a few weeks and get some top-5 finishes.

“He is a really consistent guy, good on both supercross and outdoors. Outdoors he is pretty much always a top-10 guy. He is always there. In supercross I think he has a better chance of making a podium.”

The exhaust system of Collier s YZ250F uses a FMF titanium  Mega Bomb  pipe and a carbon fiber FMF silencer.
The exhaust system of Collier’s YZ250F uses a FMF titanium ‘MegaBomb’ pipe and a carbon fiber FMF silencer.

Collier posted a respectable 11th in the Atlanta opener but his shoulder injury has kept him sidelined as the series continues to heat up. Currently in 21st position, the Californian can realistically expect to rebound for a top-15 finish if he gets back into the mix fairly soon.

What’s weird about Collier’s setup? Sean himself, says Hoffman. “Sean is the weird part of his bike. His bike is normal, but he is weird! He’s good at test riding and knows what he likes. He’s not too picky, but he knows how he likes it.”

Making Sean Collier’s YZ250F

Motor – Crank Works crank and connecting rods; Wiseco piston; Web Cam camshafts
Ignition – Vortex, multi-curve settings
Carburetor – Stock
Suspension – Yamaha/Kayaba/Enzo “Our suspension is a team effort, but we get information and support from Yamaha, Kayaba, and Enzo. Everyone helps out together. Our suspension is available to buy.”
Tires – Dunlop
Exhaust – FMF titanium MegaBomb pipe, Carbon fiber muffler

Sean Collier s YZ250F
Like many support teams, Star Racing/Lucas Oil faces the stiff challenge of competing with factory equipment. Even though they are a step up from true privateer status, it’s still an uphill battle for Collier and crew.

Footpegs – LightSpeed, titanium
Brakes – Stock
Brake and clutch levers – ARC folding levers
Wheels – Alpina. “They are capable of running a tubeless tire. They have a straight spoke which doesn’t tend to come loose at all. We haven’t had any trouble. You rarely have to tighten them and they are lighter, so it’s good all the way around.”
Hand Grips – Smith
Handlebars – Vortex (not the same company as the ignition supplier)
Triple clamps – DH1 Racing
Steering Stabilizer – GPR
Hotstart Assembly – Sunline, with a Ride Engineering button on it
Clutch – Wiseco baskets, Barnett plates
Air Filter – Ready Filters
Chain – Regina
Sprockets – Vortex
Plastic – Polisport

Before Collier s mechanics work their magic  the YZ250F s engine is a 249cc  liquid-cooled  five-titanium valved four-stroke.
The 250F class is a constant battlefield in the quest for ultimate horsepower. Many of the mods in Collier’s engine are to cope with the added stress.

Graphics – Factory Effex (seat covers also)
Oil – Lucas Oil. “Lucas is slowly coming into the motorcycle market but it’s a good product and I think they will do well.”
Hardware – Aluminum bolts for lighter work like fenders, titanium axles and bolts. “All the important bolts are titanium.”
Extras – Ride Engineering aluminum accessories, ignition cover plugs, brake line guides, front brake lines, chain blocks, hot start button, holeshot devices; LightSpeed graphite skid plate, chain guide, and engine case guard; Weapon MX tank foam.
Team Sponsors – Yamaha Motor Corp., Lucas Oil, Toyota, FLY, FMF, North County Yamaha, Factory Effex, Vortex, Dunlop, Wiseco, Smith, Shoei, LightSpeed, DH1, GPR, Polisport, Sidi, Regina, Ready Filter, Sunline, ARC, Web Cams, Enzo, JD Built, VP Fuel, Ride Engineering, Mechanix Wear, Metaltek, Ogio, Barnett, Weapon MX, FASST Company and Alpina.

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