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Bart Madson | March 30, 2007
World s Fastest Motorcycle is a two-hour DVD chronicling the epic three-streamliner shootout for the world motorcycle land-speed record.
World’s Fastest Motorcycle is a two-hour DVD chronicling the epic three-streamliner shootout for the world motorcycle land-speed record.

Last September three streamliners converged at the famed Bonneville Speedway to vie for the coveted title of World’s Fastest Motorcycle. When the salt settled, it was Chris Carr piloting the BUB Number Seven streamliner who ended the event the planet’s fastest man on two-wheels with his 350.884 mph time.

We did a fair job covering the unprecedented three-way battle for the world record with our 2006 Bonneville Streamliner Battle article and daily reports from the salt, but if you want to watch the action unfold with some amazing camerawork and the dulcet tones of Speed Channel’s Dave Despain narrating, make sure to check out World’s Fastest Motorcycle.

A two-hour DVD produced by Ignition3 and Chet Burks Productions, WFM is a closer look at the world’s fastest sport – land-speed racing. The 3rd International Motorcycle Speed Trials by BUB was land-speed racing at its finest, with three teams taking various turns as the fastest motorcycle on the planet while racing on the legendary surface of the Bonneville Salt Flats.

The event pitted three different teams for the title. The favorite and eventual winner, the BUB Number Seven streamliner owned by Dennis Manning (BUB) and ridden by seven-time AMA Flat Track champion Chris Carr. A second entry, the upstart Ack Attack streamliner owned by Mike Akatiff and piloted by former BUB rider, Rocky Robinson, gave BUB a run for their money. The third player, and sentimental favorite for many in attendance at the event, was Sam Wheeler and his E-Z-Hook streamliner, which Wheeler was the designer and rider.

WFM gets plenty of in-depth interviews from all the major players before, during, and after the five-day Speed Trials. WFM also gets inside the actual streamliners with onboard footage of both the Ack Attack and BUB machines as they make their record runs. These unique perspectives, as well as footage from the Ack, BUB, and E-Z-Hook shops in preparation for the event give viewers a behind-the-scene look at land-speed streamliner racing.

What really sets WFM apart from everyone, and I have to admit even MCUSA, is the breathtaking camerawork. There’s no shame in giving the Chet Burks Production and Speed Channel staff their due, because with an entire roster of cameramen and sound techs the quality is high.

WFM also makes use of aerial footage from a helicopter, which is necessary to truly cover the unique aspect of Bonneville’s 11-mile dragstrip. The camera work also captures the barren beauty of the Salt Flats themselves, whose popular and photogenic background you can recognize as the setting for many a car/motorcycle-related commercial advertisement – if you pay attention.

Speed Channel s Dave Despain provides the narrative in World s Fastest Motorcycle  having covered the event first-hand from the ground.
Speed Channel’s Dave Despain provides the narrative in World’s Fastest Motorcycle, having covered the event first-hand from the ground.

Dave Despain is the perfect choice as narrator of WFM. Speed Channel’s figurehead announcer speaks with all the authority his 30-plus years around professional motorcycle racing have earned. Also, like Anchorman character Ron Burgandy, Despain has a voice that could make a wolverine purr. It was a trip covering the event because all the journalists deferred to Despain during the press interviews (would you interrupt Dave Despain mid-sentence?), so I already kind of already had Despain’s voice narrating the event in my head.

The two-hour DVD is a compilation of the original two-part television show of the same name which aired on Speed Channel earlier this year. The DVD does include some extra footage in the form of a short documentary about the 1990 record-holding Easyriders streamliner piloted by Dave Campos, whose 16-year record was the one shattered.

I watched the WFM shows when they were televised on Speed Channel as a matter of professional pride just to see how well Speed covered the event, since I was getting elbowed all week long by their numerous cameramen. As a secondary and petty reason, I wanted to see if I made it into the final cut. After watching on my DVR it was my wife who noticed me in the background of one shot doing my best to film the BUB streamliner take off from the start line en route to its world-record pace. Not much screen time for MCUSA scribbler Bart Madson, but please, dear readers, don’t let that affect your decision for purchasing this fine DVD.

The World’s Fastest Motorcycle is a must for anyone interested in the Bonneville scene and we give it an enthusiastic MCUSA thumbs up.

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