2007 WSB Donington Results

April 1, 2007
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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It was a wild day at Donington with two incidents of massive championship proportions taking place. The first being James Toseland‘s mechanical DNF in Race 2 and the second a nasty Race-1 crash from Troy Bayliss, which sent the reigning champion to the hospital.

Troy Bayliss and James Toseland did not have the Donington results they wanted - Donington
Troy Bayliss and James Toseland did not have the Sunday they wanted at Donington, with the defending champ crashing hard in Race 1.

Toseland managed to win Race 1 in front of his English home crowd, but the World Superbike points leader couldn’t finish Race 2. While it was a mixed result for Toseland, Sunday was an unmitigated disaster for Bayliss, who lost yet more ground in the title with a DNF and DNR. But points aren’t all the Australian lost at Donington, as Bayliss may have lost a finger in the accident which caused him to crash out of contention in Race 1. Noriyuki Haga emerged victorious in the second contest after a fierce three-way battle between his Yamaha teammate, Troy Corser, and Suzuki ace, Max Biaggi.

Race 1 began with Troy Bayliss jumping out to the early lead. That the 38-year-old should suffer such an ill fate at Donington contrasts his early pace, with Bayliss setting a new lap record on Lap 4, which would stand for the rest of the day. On Lap 5, however, the metaphorical wheels came off in Coppice Corner with the defending champ experiencing a violent high-side. Injuring his right hand, with severe damage to his little finger, Bayliss was sent to the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary to receive reconstructive surgery.

With Bayliss out of the picture, Toseland, who was following the leader, was able to motor to an uncontested victory. Troy Corser notched a solid second-place with Max Biaggi finishing out the podium ahead of Corser’s teammate, Noriyuki Haga. The lone Xerox Ducati rider to finish a race at Donington, Lorenzo Lanzi tallied a fifth-place result.

Race 2 began with Toseland capturing the early lead, but as with the first contest, Donington did not want the early leader to finish. King James was undone, in frustrating style, by a mechanical problem on his Hannspree Ten Kate Honda. Haga, Biaggi, and Corser stepped up to battle for the lead with the two expected front-runners at Donington out of commission.

Haga and Biaggi went on to battle for the victory all the way to the bitter end, with Haga getting the better of his Italian rival when Biaggi ran wide on the final corner of the 23-lap race. Corser earned a second podium finish with his third-place result. Rounding out the top five, Ruben Xaus one-upped Lorenzo Lanzi with his privateer Sterilgarda Ducati in fourth and the Xerox Ducati in fifth.

Coming out of Donington the championship is now wide open again, with Toseland’s lead collapsing to a mere five over Biaggi. Haga holds third in the title hunt, 27 points behind the leader, with the Japanese rider’s teammate, Corser, now in fourth at 81 points. Suffering the most at Donington, Bayliss drops to sixth with 64 points, two points behind his teammate, Lanzi.

Donington Race 1:
1. Toseland (Honda)
2. Corser (Yamaha)
3. Biaggi (Suzuki)
4. Haga (Yamaha)
5. Lanzi (Ducati)
6. Nieto (Kawasaki)
7. Laconi (Kawasaki)
8. Neukirchner (Suzuki)
9. Rolfo (Honda)
10. Smrz (Ducati)
11. Muggeridge (Honda)
12. Brookes (Honda)
13. Fabrizio (Honda)
14. Bussei (Ducati)
15. Ellison (Ducati)

Donington Race 2:
1. Haga (Yamaha)
2. Biaggi (Suzuki)
3. Corser (Yamaha)
4. Xaus (Ducati)
5. Lanzi (Ducati)
6. Laconi (Kawasaki)
7. Rolfo (Honda)
8. Smrz (Ducati)
9. Muggeridge (Honda)
10. Neukirchner (Suzuki)
11. Bussei (Ducati)
12. Fabrizio (Honda)
13. Martin (Honda)
14. Nakatomi (Yamaha)
15. Brookes (Honda)

Championship Points Standings:
1. Toseland – 115
2. Biaggi – 110
3. Haga – 88
4. Corser – 81
5. Lanzi – 66
6. Bayliss – 64
7. Neukirchner – 46
8. Xaus – 45
9. Rolfo – 36
10. Nieto – 30