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Ken Hutchison | May 31, 2007
Comfortable and cool  Shift s Cammer Jacket gives rider s contemporary style without breaking the bank.
Comfortable and cool, Shift’s Cammer Jacket gives rider’s contemporary style without breaking the bank.

The Score:

This is the dawning of a new era in the design of riding gear and casual clothing. Riders want gear that emphasizes day-to-day functionality in addition to providing protection. Take the Shift Cammer Jacket for example. Not everyone is keen on wearing leather and the industry is taking notice by offering up riding gear tailored to fill the needs of the fashion conscientious as well as the frugal consumer.

The Scoop:

The Shift Cammer Jacket is popularly styled like a fancy gas station attendant’s jacket with a double-stitched, heavy, 100% cotton canvas shell equipped with reinforced shoulders and elbow areas. The reinforcements aren’t going to provide a ton of protection in case of a spill, but it should help keep some skin on your elbows if you eat asphalt.

It features a sewn-down collar to maintain its good look even in motion, three exterior zippered pockets and a few nifty little storage areas that help keep personal items where they belong. The inside pocket also includes a sewn-in port hole to make it easy to store and use an MP3 player or similar cord-equipped means of communication or entertainment.

In addition, the jacket is designed with openings in the shoulder and arms so you can deck out the jacket with additional hard elbow and shoulder padding. It also has snap closures at the cuffs and waist for a personalized fit.

Would I want to go down in this jacket? Not if I can avoid it, but if I did, there is padding and a thick shell to help absorb some of the impact. Nothing beats leather, but in this day and age the rawhide theory of protection is often forgone for aesthetics anyway, so why not at least look good if that’s the route you choose to take? With popular iconic bike builders rolling down the road in t-shirts and work jackets filling television screens around the globe there’s simply no escaping this trend. Instead, we should embrace it and companies like Shift are dedicated to building quality riding gear that can be functional while looking good.

Hutch sported the grey Shift Cammer Jacket on a recent trip around L.A aboard Roland Sands   Vintage  custom.
Hutch sported the grey Shift Cammer Jacket on a recent trip around L.A aboard Roland Sands’ ‘Vintage’ custom.

The Sentence:

Overall the Cammer’s a good looking jacket meant to keep you protected from the elements while cruising the local hangout. It’s lightweight and doesn’t restrict movement and is warm enough thanks to an insulated, quilted fixed liner to use on evening rides. If you take the time to waterproof it, the Cammer could be a long-term solution to many riders’ needs. Install the additional crash protection and the value is elevated from a mere jacket to a legitimate piece of protective gear. At an attractive $89.99, this jacket is the cat’s meow.

Product: Shift Cammer Jacket
Color Options: Black, Grey, Khaki
Sizes: S-XXL
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