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JC Hilderbrand | May 25, 2007
One Industries Trooper Helmet
One Industries has been gaining popularity with its helmets over the past several years. Excellent features like the Trooper’s Kevlar-reinforced fiberglass shell and a Savoire suede removable liner make this lid equally as nice from inside or out.

The Score

A few crashes and countless roost-induced dings, nicks and scratches had my last helmet in a state of disrepair. In our ongoing attempts at ultimate coolness, we noted the sweet-looking One Industries helmets worn by Factory Honda rider Andrew Short. We already had some Fly gear on delivery so we figured why not go whole hog and top off our ensemble just like Shorty. A call to the appropriate rep and we soon had not only the top-shelf Trooper lid in the mail, but the price-point Kombat helmet was included to showcase the full line.

The Scoop

Trooper Helmet

This is perhaps one of the best looking helmets on the market. One’s graphics and design departments deserve a raise, but the beautiful form also serves an important function. A wrap-around goggle strap guide is easy to find when feeling around with your hands. The indentation in the Kevlar-reinforced fiberglass shell along with the beaded rubber goggle guide sucks in the strap and holds it there until the rider is ready to remove their goggles.

Other curvy attributes are the exhaust vents at the top which channel air directly across two exhaust ports which help pull heat out of the inner EPS shell. There’s also an air scoop on either side of the chin bar, two forehead vents and a two-piece front air intake. Make sure that you take out the removable/washable Savoire suede liner and check to see if any of the DOT or Snell stickers is blocking the vent holes – ours were.

That liner system is one fine comfort control as the micro-suede material is extra soft on the skin. The cheekpads are covered in it as well as the chin strap. The Bionic Black Trooper impressed us with its fit and finish qualities. Oversized aluminum visor washers meant that we never lost our visor and things stayed tight throughout our abusive test. The only complaint we can justify lodging, and just barely, are that it takes at least a couple rides to break in and the black paint really showed scratches from smacking branches and brush.

Kombat Helmet
As you might expect, the Kombat helmet doesn’t have quite the high-end feel to it as the nearly twice as expensive Trooper. However, compared to other helmets in the $170 price range, One’s offering has plenty of bang for the buck. Like the Trooper, a rubberized noseguard offers extra value. Just be careful if you like to hang your lid on your handlebars, it’ll rip the roost protection right off.

One Industries Kombat Helmet
Don’t be discouraged if you can’t afford the pricey Trooper. One offers the Kombat helmet which is just as attractive given its $170 price tag.

A thermo alloy resin polycarbonate shell is insulated by the same EPS foam and then coated with a Nylex liner to act as the rider/helmet interface. Though comfortable, we had issues with the liner pulling moisture from our sweaty noggins.

“It didn’t seem to wick the sweat and dry quite as quickly as I’d have liked,” said test rider Brian Chamberlain. “Once it got wet the Nylex liner wasn’t nearly as comfortable as the suede-type. Overall I was impressed with the quality of the helmet, the look and the fit. Only a few minor issues arose but it’s easily worth the 170 bucks.”

As with all dirt helmets, long stints at high speeds can bring out issues with noise. If you plan on using either of these helmets for dual-sporting, go ahead and invest a few cents in a set of ear plugs.

The Sentence

With the difference in shell composites, we think the Trooper offers better protection than the Kombat, but we’d wear either lid for any kind of off-road ride or racing application. Each of them objectively exceed Snell M2005 and DOT standards, and both are worth their respective MSRP in our opinion. With so many original design schemes to choose from, it’s no wonder these are as popular as they are. Though intact, we’ve crashed and banged our Trooper enough that it’s probably time for a replacement. We always like to try something new, but in this case we’re willing to make an exception.

Product: One Industries Trooper and Kombat Helmet

Color Options: Trooper – Racing Blue/White, Racing Red/White, Racing Black/White, Bailey Replica, Bionic Flat Primer, Bionic Black, Bionic Flat White, Hurricane Flat Red Chrome, Lechien Replica Black/Gold, Lechien Replica Blue/Green

Kombat – Racing Blue/White, Racing Red/White, Tribal Flat Black, Tribal White/Purple, Flame Flat White, Flame Silver/Red, Camo Flat Black/Red, Rockstar Energy, Monster II.

MSRP: Trooper – $299; Kombat – $169

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