2007 Superbike MIller Sunday Results

June 24, 2007
Bryan Harley
Bryan Harley
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Yoshimura Suzuki’s Ben Spies got off to a slow start but then heated up the track to score a dominating double at Miller Motorsports Park this weekend. Spies moved up to first after fellow Yosh rider and race leader Mat Mladin highsided on Lap 4 coming out of Turn 1. Mladin jumped to an early lead and looked prepared to run his GSX-R1000 to the checkers until he fishtailed and crashed-out in one of the fastest sections of the track. Spies took the outside line when the restart flag dropped for the holeshot and never looked back. Spies ran the table at Miller this weekend with two victories in Superbike and a Supersport win.

AMA Superbike podium Saturday - Miller
Yoshimura Suzuki’s Ben Spies was a familiar face on the podium at Miller Motorsports Park this weekend. The Texan won all three of the races he entered.

Though it was Spies’ day in the spotlight, Mladin’s courageous run through the field after a painful get-off was the story of the day. Mladin was thrown hard onto his left knee but hopped down the tarmac to man up and return on a banged up GSX-R1000. It was questionable whether the bike would be in running order before the restart as the throttle stuck when his crew fired it back up and it had extensive fairing damage. But Mladin mounted up and fought his way from the back of the pack and zipped up to 10th place before the end of the first lap after the restart.

American Honda rider Jake Zemke joined Spies on the podium, finishing at 6.739 seconds behind the Texan in second place. Zemke had problems with his clutch early on but made on-board adjustments and ran a solid second. He and Spies ran most of the race alone up front while the real battle was waged for third.

Mladin and American Honda’s other ace, Miguel Duhamel, played cat and mouse for third and fourth while Roger Hayden hung around on his Big Green Ninja Machine, waiting for an opportunity to make his move up. Mladin finally swept past Duhamel on Lap 17 and looked destined to finish on the podium until the persistent Duhamel snuck his CBR1000RR by him with a few turns to go on the last lap to secure a third place finish. Despite not making the podium, Mladin showed the fortitude of a champion by even getting up from his wreck, finishing the race, securing important fourth place points which should keep his championship hopes alive. Hayden ran a consistent, aggressive race and rounded out the top five on the improving ZX-10R.

Corona Extra Honda’s James Ellison and Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Jamie Hacking both jumped the gun during the restart and suffered stop-and-go penalties which took them out of contention early.

Miller Superbike Race 2 Results:
1. Ben Spies (Suzuki)
2. Jake Zemke (Honda) +6.739
3. Miguel Duhamel (Honda) +9.782
4. Mat Mladin (Suzuki) +9.858
5. Roger Hayden (Kawasaki) +10.892
6. Tommy Hayden (Honda) +22.243
7. Jason Disalvo (Yamaha) +27.804
8. Aaron Yates (Suzuki) +28.420
9. Jaime Hacking (Kawasaki)+37.430
10. Luca Scassa (MV Agustu) +39.464

Superbike Championship Points:
1. Ben Spies – 382
2. Mat Mladin – 364
3. Jake Zemke – 293
4. Miguel Duhamel – 279
5. Tommy Hayden – 274

AMA Supersport Miller Sunday
Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Jamie Hacking picked up his second win of the season on Sunday afternoon at Miller Motorsports Park. The defending Supersport Champion looked to be out of the championship points race earlier in the season, trailing the leader by 30 points after Barber. Hacking has hacked his way back into contention and now sits only 11 points behind frontrunning Josh Hayes.

“My goal was to maximize on points today and we did that,” Hacking said. “I got off to a great start. (Cardenas) came by me in Turn 1 and I made a decision that’s all I wanted to see of anybody else.” Later, Hacking added, “Now I know I’m realistically back in this championship and I know the other guys know I’m realistically back in it too. Before I was on the outskirts — I was there but they weren’t really worried about me. Things have changed.”

Martin Cardenas would score the holeshot from the third row and was in the midst of a multi-rider battle for second place that included teammate Geoff May, Josh Hayes, Josh Herrin and Aaron Gobert. Cardenas and May jockeyed for second and third aggressively on the final lap with May having just enough to hold off Cardenas to the flag.

“I just sat behind those guys the whole time, just waiting,” May explained. “I couldn’t bridge the gap to Hacking, and I could get by them and leave them, so I figured I’d just wait until the end and get them when they didn’t expect it and take it from them.”

Hacking’s primary title rivals, teammate Roger Hayden and points leader Josh Hayes, failed to make the podium. After engaging in the battle royale for second place, Hayes faded to seventh. Hayden was bumped to fifth near the end by Gobert.

Hayes still leads the championship points standings with 185. Hayden is second with 176 while all eyes have to be on their side mirrors looking for defending champion Hacking who looms in third with 174.

AMA Supersport Miller Sunday Results
1. Jaime Hacking (Kawasaki)
2. Geoff May +5.886 ( Suzuki)
3. Martin Cardenas +6.280 (Suzuki)
4. Aaron Gobert +6.866 ( Honda)
5. Roger Hayden +7.488 (Yamaha)
6. Josh Herrin +10.262 (Yamaha)
7. Josh Hayes +11.166 (Honda)
8. Chris Peris +11.425 (Yamaha)
9. Chaz Davies +11.622 (Yamaha)
10. Steve Rapp +12.260 (Kawasaki)

Supersport Championship Points:
1. J. Hayes – 185
2. R. Hayden – 176
3. J. Hacking – 174
4. S. Rapp – 149
5. T. Hayden – 136

Miller Superstock Results:
Ben Spies made it four in a row in the AMA Superstock class with a convincing victory at Miller Motorsports Park. He finished 5.829-seconds ahead of Graves Yamaha’s Ben Bostrom. Bostrom did what he could to keep Spies within range but in the end the Yoshimura ace did what he’s done in five out six races this year. Win.

“After the re-start, I could tell Ben (Bostrom) was going pretty good when we got off the line. And I got a pretty good start and looked over and saw he got a good start too, so I knew I had to nail the first couple of laps because he does the first couple laps pretty good,” said Spies.

The Superstock race mirrored the Superbike race as the scramble for third place was the most competitive. Team M4 EMGO Suzuki’s Geoff May worked hard to keep Matsushima Suzuki’s Blake Young behind him early in the race. Neither would see the end of the race though as Young tucked the front on Turn 5 of Lap 7 and then May lost his third place position on Lap 9 due to a mechanical problem.

This opened the door for Jordan Suzuki’s Aaron Yates. Yates made his way up the field after an opening turn incident left him deep in the pack early in the race. Worse yet, he had to ride with a broken clutch lever on his GSX-R.

Rounding out the top fiver were the reigning Latin American and Venezuelan Superbike champion, Robertino Pietri, who finished in fourth place while Matsushima Suzuki’s Danny Eslick crossed the line in fifth.

Spies maintains an imposing lead in the Superstock class with 215. Yates moved up into third with 170 while May fell from being in a tie for second to fourth in the standings at 164.

AMA Superstock Sunday Results:
1. Ben Spies (Suzuki)
2. Ben Bostrom (Yamaha)
3. Aaron Yates (Suzuki)
4. Rob Pietri (Suzuki)
5. Danny Eslick (Suzuki)
6. Scott Jensen (Suzuki)
7. Chris Ulrich (Suzuki)
8. Chad Lewin (Suzuki)
9. Martin Szwarc (Suzuki)
10. Cory Call (Suzuki)

AMA Superstock Championship Points:
1. Spies – 215
2. B. Bostrom – 176
3. A. Yates – 170
4. G. May – 164
5. D. Eslick – 150