2007 Motocross Red Bud Results

July 1, 2007
JC Hilderbrand
JC Hilderbrand
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Carmichael was able to relax and enjoy himself in the final laps of Moto 2. - Red Bud
Carmichael was a little lucky to get away with this one, but a win is a win, and when you’ve got 149 of them in your career you deserve a little luck.

James Stewart set the fastest lap time of the day at Red Bud by nearly half a second, and went ahead and won Moto 1 while he was at it. That’s all fine and dandy, but as the day wore on and the track got rougher, so did Makita Suzuki’s Ricky Carmichael. The Goat brought it home in Moto 2 and claimed his fifth consecutive overall victory to remain undefeated outdoors. He’s now just a single win away from reaching his goal of 150 combined SX/MX victories. Let’s not forget the key thing here – he’s doing it as a semi-retired stock car driver and with Stewart on the track!

It was actually Red Bull KTM’s Mike Alessi out to the early lead with Stewart and Carmichael right behind him. It didn’t last long, however, and after a lap the two heavyweights started moving. Bubba got by on Lap 2 and RC on Lap 3 which opened the floor to a battle of epic proportions. The war waged until Lap 6 when Carmichael went by and held the lead through the following circuit. Then, Stewart struck back just after the midway point and held off RC for the remaining half-dozen laps. Carmichael headed off the course late in the race which allowed Stewart a bit of breathing room.

Late moto mistakes would be the story of the day when JS made one of his own in the closer. Again Alessi holeshot the moto and was dispatched by Stewart who held the front position until Lap 12-of-14 when the Kawasaki rider crashed with Carmichael on his tail. RC had worked his way into contention from a mediocre start and fourth place at the end of Lap 1 and moved by Alessi on Lap 4.

“I didn’t get the best start in either moto,” said Carmichael. “And in the second moto, I had to pass a lot of riders on the first lap, which put me in position for the rest of the race. I put my head down and got behind James but I was unable to do anything. Unfortunately, James had some bad luck and fell down. That allowed me to move into the lead.”

Alessi held on for third and his best performance ever in the 450 class. His 3-3 was good enough for the final podium spot. Monster Kawasaki’s Tim Ferry was fourth with a 4-4 and Andrew Short put his factory Honda in the top-5 after a 6-5 tally. Jeff Alessi also had one of his best days ever with a 7-8-7. Those Red Bull KTM brothers are on the gas.

Motocross Results:
1. Ricky Carmichael, Suz (2-1)
2. James Stewart, Kaw (1-2)
3. Mike Alessi, KTM (3-3)
4. Tim Ferry, Kaw (4-4)
5. Andrew Short, Hon (6-5)
6. Grant Langston, Yam (5-7)
7. Jeff Alessi, KTM (7-8)
8. Kevin Windham, Hon (10-6)
9. David Vuillemin, Hon (8-11)
10. Michael Byrne, Suz (12-10)

Motocross Overall Standings:
1. Carmichael, 241
2. Stewart, 225
3. Ferry, 163
4. Short, 160
5. Langston, 159
Motocross Lites
The 250F boys were in turmoil this weekend with Makita Suzuki’s Ryan Dungey knocking himself silly in the second practice session on Saturday, and another title contender jetted to the hospital in extreme pain. Ben Townley, currently second in the championship hunt, had to make a trip on Saturday as well, but unlike Dungey, he was able to return for today’s race. It was a good move on the Monster/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki rider’s part and he toughed out a 2-2-2 result. Unfortunately for him, he’s still in second overall, but a DNS would have ruined his season.

The man he was chasing was none other than his teammate Ryan Villopoto. The red-headed Washingtonian swept his second consecutive race and is trying to build a runaway train.

“I have won the last four motos,” said Villopoto. “We (Townley and Villopoto) are both going to be battling for the win next weekend in Unadilla.”

Despite Dungey’s no-show, he’s still ranked fifth in the championship standings, but has a full moto’s worth of points to make up on fourth-place Jason Lawrence, who scored fourth on the day behind Sobe NoFear/Samsung/Honda’s Josh Grant (4-3).

Motocross Lites Results:
1. Ryan Villopoto, Kaw (1-1)
2. Ben Townley, Kaw (2-2)
3. Josh Grant, Hon (4-3)
4. Jason Lawrence, Yam (3-6)
5. Jake Weimer, Hon (7-4)
6. Tommy Hahn, Hon (5-7)
7. Ryan Morais, Yam (8-9)
8. Andrew Mcfarlane, Suz (13-5)
9. Chris Gosselaar, Kaw (10-11)
10. Kyle Chisholm, Kaw (9-15)

Motocross Lites Overall Standings:
1. Villopoto, 238
2. Townley, 218
3. Grant, 184
4. Lawrence, 176
5. Dungey, 150