Sidi Crossfire SR Review

JC Hilderbrand | August 3, 2007
The Score

2007 Sidi Crossfire SR
2007 Sidi Crossfire SR Boots

The price of quality footwear is swelling faster than Barry Bonds’ off-season biceps. At the top of the high-dollar motocross boot spectrum is Sidi with its immensely popular Crossfire SR model. With so many riders sporting these spendy kicks we had to try a set four ourselves. The $425 pricetag is quite the kicker, but as soon as we got our set it was fast apparent that these boots are truly worth every cent.

The Scoop

Sidi is extra proud of the pivot system utilized on the SR boot. The Dual Flex System is widely recognized as one of the most comfortable and safe versions of a hinge system on the market. We have to agree after sampling the incredible front-to-back flexibility and rigid side-to-side tolerances. The secondary hinge is located a few inches above the main pivot and just below the second buckle. This flexes much less than the primary joint, but it does allow for additional micro-movements and helps accommodate the increasingly popular use of larger knee braces.

The closure system consists of four cam-lock buckles which are simply the best we’ve ever laid fingers on. The strap memory system is terrific and we’ve yet to re-cinch our straps after finding the proper adjustment. Another area of tailored fit is the adjustable calf system. The heat shield can be moved between two optional mounting points which allows for up to 22-inch calves according to Sidi. We don’t know how big your cankles can go, but the adjustment allowed us to bet a much tighter fit with the short setting. The heat shields are extremely durable and were the first thing we noticed when riding with the boots – they grip the bike like glue. The rubber material has yet to dry out or harden and remains extremely tacky against a bike’s frame. They do leave a fair amount of black residue, however.

2007 Sidi Crossfire SR
Sidi Crossfire SR boots in action.

Another guard that does its job admirably is the kickstart and footpeg protector located on the inside of each foot. These hard parts have gotten fairly chewed up in our testing which proves to us that the boot would be much worse off without them. The other area which took a lot of abuse was the lower hinge joint on the inside of the leg. Both boots have some heavy chunking out of each, but only once has the retaining clip come loose on the pivot. At the very bottom is where the boot earns its name. The SR denomination stands for “sole replacement,” and swapping this high-wear component is as simple as it gets. A set of 17 quarter-turn screws hold on the SR sole which is said to be stiffer than the Crossfire TA model. We haven’t ridden in the TA’s, but we didn’t feel that the sole was exceptionally rigid. It was plenty stiff, however, to handle the abuse of motocross and off-road riding.

All of these features are on the exterior alone, but the inside of the Crossfire is just as well developed and pleasurable to wear. Sidi opted not to use a bootie to cut down on bulk and heat retention, and instead uses a full-length piece of Lorica to comfortably wrap your foot and shin. The Lorica fiber has the look and feel of full-grain leather but with better breathability. An inside layer of Cambrelle lining was chosen for its rapid drying characteristics to allow the boots to recover quickly and avoid mold when put away soggy. Our black set of boots dried much faster than our previous set of Alpinestars Tech 10, and the absence of a bootie also keeps our feet much cooler than in the A-stars. However, you might consider a half-size smaller with the Crossfire because there is so much room in the foot compartment.

The Sentence

Did we mention that nearly everything is replaceable? All of the exterior parts from the main hinge up can be swapped out. Shelling out big bucks for a quality product is one thing, but being able to keep that product in tip-top shape throughout years of service is how Sidi elevates the boot industry. These are easily the best boots we’ve tested for any kind of motocross and off-road riding with the possible exception of dual-sport and trials. When it comes time to dole out the next boot testing assignment, my Sidis and I will be conspicuously absent – I can’t imagine wanting anything else.

Product: Sidi Crossfire SR Boot

Color Options: Black, White, Blue/White, Red/White

Sizes: 7.5-13

MSRP: $425

Buy It Now: Sidi Crossfire SR

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