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Bart Madson | October 5, 2007
Riders looking for a rock solid street boot need to look no further than the Solution Boot from Tour Master.
Riders looking for a rock solid street boot need to look no further than the Solution Boot from Tour Master.

Riders looking for a rock solid street boot need look no further than the Tour Master Solution Boot. The Solution has been my go-to boot for the past year of street riding and has delivered quality, comfort and protection.

The Solutions are a non-descript design and commuters could get away with wearing them with a pair of Levis on Casual Fridays. Like most of my favorite gear, there’s not a lot of flash or bling on this boot, none really. In fact, their styling makes my warped mind think the Solution is the grown up love child of my high school sh$tkicker cowboy boots and the grade school moon boots I used to play in the snow with. I’m not the greatest authority to judge matters of fashion, but in spite of its bizarre stylistic parentage I still think the Solutions look pretty good. Then again, at one point in my life I thought cowboy and moon boots were socially acceptable attire, so I’ll let you be your own style judge!

The highlight for me with the Tour Master boot is the comfortable fit. I have long, wide, flat size 12s and the Solutions provided a roomy fit, which I love. Yet, in spite of the roomy feel, they were in no way bulky. One thing I’ve grown to despise on other boot designs is a lack of foot mobility. Not a problem with the Solutions, which are very maneuverable and light, so it’s easy to move my feet and pivot the ankle around to operate foot controls while riding. The articulated leather panels in front and back deserve credit for the easy maneuverability, even if they are the inspiration for my Moon Boot memories. The ease of movement also contribute to their comfort off the bike, with a rider able to wear them all day long if needs be.

Another focus of praise on the Solution is the ease with which you pull them on. No cantankerous plastic straps to winch things down. Instead you rip the Velcro side flaps open, slide the zipper down, zip up, slap them shut and you’re good to go. The Solutions are great for commuters, because gearing up is quick and simple. You’ll have your boots on long before the time it took Mr. Rogers to swap out his shoes. But then again, Mr. R had to change his work overcoat for one of those sweaters his mom made him and go shoot the breeze with Mr. McFeely on his way into Never Never Land… Okay, maybe Fred Rogers wasn’t the best example for speedy dress changes – as even the slowest riders would be motoring home before Mr. R was halfway through, “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor, would you be mine, could you be mine…”

The Tour Master Solutions are so comfortable you might find yourself wearing them everywhere  including the occasional trackday.
The Tour Master Solutions are so comfortable you might find yourself wearing them everywhere, including the occasional trackday.

My only quibble with the Solution boot is Tour Master’s claim that they are waterproof. I wore the boots throughout an exciting three-day tour of the Alps this summer. It rained every day and while the Solutions held up at first, after a couple hours of constant driving rain, my boots and feet were waterlogged. The conditions were so extreme, however, that I doubt anything save rubber galoshes would have failed to keep me dry. The wet conditions did allow me to give high marks to the rubber sole, which provides excellent grip, even on slick surfaces. A fact which came in handy on my wet European ride, as there were a number of low-speed maneuvers where a steadying dab was needed in the rivulet of water streaming down the road.

I would rate the quality of the Solution boots as high. There are pricier street footwear to be had with more protection, but the Solution is a solid all-around pick. These aren’t the boots you want to wear if you’re the guy who has to order replacement toe sliders, but they can take the occasional road scuffs. I’ve worn them for 95% of my riding the past year, including a pair of trackdays, and they’ve been very durable. A leather guard on the left toe prevents wear from gear shifts. I could see myself wearing these boots until they fall apart, which I suspect would take more than a few years.

All told the Tour Master Solution Boot boot is a quality purchase that will provide a comfortable riding boot for years to come. Perhaps my best accolade for the Solution is that I am loath to leave them behind to test the latest batch of street boot designs.

So, to sum up, if you’re in the market for new street boot, these Tour Masters just might be the Solution. Get it? Tour Master Solution. Alright I’m finished here.

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