2008 250F MX Shootout 4MM

JC Hilderbrand | December 24, 2007
For My Money

Carter Gurneé - I ll take the Honda  please.
Carter Gurneé – I’ll take the Honda,

Carter Gurneé – 6’3″/190 lbs/Pro – 4MM

I would pick the Honda over the rest. I enjoyed riding it and even with my 6’3″ frame it felt solid and it felt as though I could put it anywhere in the turns. The power was far above the rest in all areas low, middle and top. If I wanted I could ride the bike a gear higher in tight turns and a gear lower on the long straights where the bike pulled further than the rest. A decent fit and excellent power are really important for me on these little bikes.

Chuck Sun - The Honda. Hell  I won a championship on one  didn t I
Chuck Sun – The Honda. Hell,
I won a championship on one,
didn’t I?

Chuck Sun – 5’9″/175 lbs/Vet Expert – 4MM

Back in the day when I was riding Bultacos and Husqvarnas, working on your bike was part of the experience. What I learned was invaluable in finding the right setup for each track condition I encountered. Today I just like riding more. I find that I enjoy finding the right setup, but I’m not so enthusiastic about the long hours wrenching. For that reason, for my money I would pick up the Honda (ok, maybe I have some fond memories winning a motocross championship on the Red Honda!). Where my riding is at right now, which was good enough to win the 45+ at the White Brothers Vet National in November, is perfectly suited to jump on a completely stock Honda 250F and have some great track days!

Alvin Zalamea - I wanna be like Bubba. Can I  Please
Alvin Zalamea – I wanna be like
Bubba. Can I? Please?

Alvin Zalamea – 5’8″/150 lbs/Vet Pro – 4MM

I would buy the Kawasaki because of the friends I have associated with the brand. The KX250F wasn’t my first pick in the shootout, but I like the bike well enough that I would rather buy it and support the people who support me. The Honda is the bike I would buy if I wanted to go racing, and the Suzuki wouldn’t be a bad choice either. As for the Yamaha, that’s a bike I just wouldn’t buy.

JC Hilderbrand – 5’11″/175/Novice – 4MM

JC Hilderbrand - Who are we kidding here  I m in it to have fun and look good  not win titles - give me the Kawi.
JC Hilderbrand – Who are we kidding here? I’m in it to have fun and look good, not win titles – give me the Kawi.

There’s no denying how wicked that CRF is, but my skill set isn’t going to get many trophies at this point anyway. What I need is a bike that suits my style – and that’s the Kawasaki! I’m a short-shifter by nature and the Kawi has as much or more pop down low as any of these little F-ers.

I grew up picking wild berries as a kid, and as they say, “the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice.” The same goes for choosing a new ride. The pickups I’ve owned have all been black, and I just got my Tacoma’s rims powder coated to match. Kawi’s efforts in the looks departments are above all others (and practical with the black backgrounds, about time someone figured that out). The Kawi carries a big stick – the ugly stick – and it beats the living crap out of the other Japanese machines. It looks good and fits what I need in a machine at this point. Dude, I’m in… Oh, yeah, and it’s the least expensive too.

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