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Bryan Harley | January 18, 2008
The Score:

While my affinity for shoes can’t match the zeal of Imelda Marcos, I’m still pretty particular about what I put on my feet. I like my boots to fit snug, I want my toes to be reinforced, and while they need to offer the best protection possible, they still have to be comfortable. And did I mention that they need to look great? I don’t want much, do I? Luckily, my Joe Rocket Meteor Boots have been up to the task of a busy riding schedule.

Fashionable  durable  and constructed solidly  the Joe Rocket Meteor Boots have been a valuable addition to my gear bag this past testing season.
Fashionable, durable, and constructed solidly, the Joe Rocket Meteor Boots have been a valuable addition to my gear bag this past testing season.

I’ve logged more miles in these boots than most others I’ve tested. They got broken in cruising around New York’s Hudson Valley on OCC’s production bikes, were put to the test in our 1200-plus mile sport-touring shootout along the California coast, and held their own helping me log another 1000 miles on the big bikes in our recent Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic vs. Victory Vision comparo. Which speaks volumes about their versatility. Regardless of the type of bike I rode or weather conditions, the Joe Rocket Meteor Boots have been a valuable addition to my gear bag. 

The Scoop:

You’ve got to love a boot that you can slip into easily. The Meteor’s are just that. Rip open the Velcro on the fold-over flap that seals off the top of the boot, undo the metal buckle of the adjustable ankle strap, and slide on in. The boots are 3/4-length and sit just below mid-shin high on me. The inside of the boots are very comfortable, with ample padding in the ankle area and a Dry Tech moisture wicking interior. Best part is, you’d figure these boots might be getting a little funky inside after 2500 miles of use, but there’s no tears or sign of wear to the interior (besides some fuzzies from my socks) and they don’t emanate toe funk when I peel them off after a day of riding.

I’m impressed with the JR Meteor’s overall dur ability. There’s not a loose stitch anywhere, even after tons of heel-toe lever action. The only mark on them is on the inside of the heel where I melted a patch from the suede-like rocket design in an unfortunate encounter with a hot exhaust pipe. Externally, the boots are mostly leather, with the suede-like decorative area that I just mentioned on the inside of the heel and a molded plastic area on the outside for side impact protection. The hard molded plastic area is also used to bolt down the metal buckle for the adjustable ankle strap. The silver buckle and the reflective patch on the heel add a little luster to an otherwise all-black boot. The soles aren’t too thick and provide plenty of grip on the pegs. I ordered mine in the same size as the Vans that I wear and they matched up just about right. And even though they weren’t designed for strolls through the park, I’ve done my share of walking in them without blistering. Credit their lightweight design and flexibility for this last revelation.

I’ve ridden in the Joe Rocket Meteor Boots through pouring rain on the Northern California coastline and the can attest to its claim of being 100% waterproof. The one negative to this is that I couldn’t get the Velcro at the top of the boot to fasten tight enough. No water got in because I had my rain gear over them, but there’s a little gap between the top of the boot and my shin that I haven’t been able to eliminate. I’ll give the boots credit, though. They’ve endured quite a bit of moisture being kicked up off of rain-soaked roadways and I’ve always arrived at my destination with dry feet.

The low points of the boots has to do with the way they cinch on. You’ve got one of two settings to choose from with the adjustable ankle strap and it just doesn’t tighten the boots down as much as I would have liked. This caused the leather right below the ankle strap and metal buckle to bubble up on both boots, but hasn’t affected its ability to keep the water out. The Velcro closure at the top does the same thing. By not being able to close it down tight enough leaves them fitting loosely from the top of my arch to the top of the boot. It’s this inability to conform the boot to the shape of my foot that keeps the Joe Rocket Meteor Boots from being a great pair of boots.

The Sentence:

Overall, I’ve been very satisfied with the performance of my Meteor boots. The construction is solid, the fit is good but not excellent, and the protection is adequate but not top of the line. The toes are reinforced in the gear shift area enough that they’re good to go for the next 2500 miles. The upper shin area also has a thin layer of armored reinforcement. The styling is sharp without being overdone. The Joe Rocket logo is etched subtly into the molded plastic of the side impact protection area and the rocket ship design incorporated on the suede-like side keeps them fashionable without being tawdry. For the price, they’re a good investment. With an MSRP of $107.99, wearing a pair of Joe Rocket Meteor Boots means that your feet are taken care of so you can focus on the road and enjoy the ride.

The motorcycle testing season is long  so it s important to have the right gear. I haven t been disappointed with my Joe Rocket boot s ability to withstand wear-and-tear.
The motorcycle testing season is long, so it’s important to have the right gear. I haven’t been disappointed with my Joe Rocket boot’s ability to withstand wear-and-tear.

Product: Joe Rocket Meteor Boots

Color Options:One color fits all – Black.

MSRP:$107.99 – $112.99

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