Sidi Discovery Rain Boots

Ken Hutchison | February 22, 2008
Sidi Discovery Rain Boots are stylish without being over the top and carry on the Sidi tradition of quality construction and durability.
Sidi Discovery Rain Boots are stylish without being over the top and carry on the Sidi tradition of quality construction and durability.

The Score

We asked Sidi for some boots to feature during our evaluation of an assortment of ATVs and our connection was quick to send us a pair of Discovery Rain boots. One of the gripes coming from the ATV market in the past was that boots designed for motocross are not necessarily the best option for ATV riders. First of all, the riding position is more like a chair, so rider’s legs can get pinched by the taller boots. They generally offer a limited range of motion in the ankle and the very hard, durable sole has to stand up to the abuse from those tiny moto footpegs. The Sidi Discovery answers the call for purpose-built boots tailored exclusively for off roaders of the four-wheeled kind.

The Scoop

Sidi Discovery Rain Boots were designed specifically for ATV riders looking for a thinner, shorter boot with a grippy sole that provides good protection from the elements. The outer shell construction is a combination of split grain leather and Lorica that has proven to be both durable, water resistant and good looking. The design is fairly simple and doesn’t have too many wild looking components that are common to Sidi products, so it should appeal to a wide range of consumers.

The replaceable cam-lock buckle system is simple, consisting of only three straps. The locks are very easy to operate and very little effort is needed to open or close them. After a dozen rides, they have never come loose and retain a snug fit all day long. It sounds like a given, but not every boot buckle system manages to perform as claimed. These do. Even when they are filthy and covered in dirt they pop open without much effort and have proven do be able to hold up to being dragged through the brush, submerged in water and all the other abuse that comes from riding off road.

ATV testing puts your gear to the serious test. The Sidi Discovery Rain Boots passed with flying colors.
ATV testing puts your gear to the serious test. The Sidi Discovery Rain Boots passed with flying colors.

For those not familiar with Sidi nomenclature, the term Te-Por refers to the waterproof membrane in the interior of the boots. If you didn’t know it was there you’d never realize it, but it adds that extra bit of protection from water and validates the waterproof claim in the boot’s name. An expandable cuff helps to keep water and debris from getting into the boot from the top, but since they are not as tall as some boots, they are susceptible to being flooded from the top, so be aware of this when crossing streams and big puddles. Water can get in from the top because it’s not an air-tight seal – no boots are, even if you are wearing MX-style gear and the pants tuck inside. The interior is quite comfortable, with no pressure points or seams to irritate your feet and ankles.

The sole is not a traditional moto-style. Instead, it is a fairly soft rubber with walking-boot style tread pattern that is easier to walk in and works very well for ATVs as well as enduro riding. There is also a heel protector incorporated into the design to reduce the effect of impacts in the case of an untimely get-off and a matching shin plate that gives the Discovery a bit of additional protection from incoming projectiles, branches and other shin busting baddies that we all prefer to avoid whenever possible.

The Sentence

Overall, the Sidi Discovery Rain boot is an excellent choice for anyone looking to get into a high quality boot that is not too flashy but is on the upper end of the quality scale. It offers similar performance to Sidi moto-specific products that are twice the price in a package that is perfect for ATV riders.

While the added range of motion afforded by the shorter boot and softer sole may sacrifice a bit in the way of outright protection if you are going to go race on a motocross track, but for trail riding, dunes or other general purpose off road riding, the Discovery boot is a great option.

At $295.00 they are not the cheapest boot on the market, but they are one of the least expensive boots available from Sidi. We’re familiar with Sidi street boots and have been a fan of the quality products this company has produced over the years so there is no reason to believe that the Discovery will be anything but durable over the long haul. Expect it to provide years of protection for anyone looking for a great ATV or even an enduro boot.

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