Love Hate Choppers Marlowe B Interview

March 6, 2008
Bryan Harley
Bryan Harley
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Marlowe B and Ami James of Miami Ink fame are opening a new shop tattoo parlor bar. That s what I call one stop shopping.
Marlowe B of Love Hate Choppers was at the Biker Fusion party at the Dog House in Daytona and gave us the lo-down on his new enterprise with partner Ami James of Miami Ink fame.

While attending the red hot Biker Fusion party at Dog House Bar & Grill on Daytona’s infamous Main Street, we caught up with custom builder Marlowe Buelvas of Marlowe B Customs fame. I first ran in to Marlowe at the Cincinnati V-Twin Expo at the OCC intro for its two new production bikes, but didn’t get a chance to chat. We got an opportunity to take a quick break from the festivities at the Dog House to talk about his newest enterprise, a new crossover tattoo parlor/bar/custom shop that he’s opening up with partner Ami James.

Name sound familiar? Ami is best known as the tempestuous personality of Miami Ink. A talented tattoo artist and a TLC persona, Ami and Marlowe are collaborating on Love Hate Choppers, a venue that will allow them to showcase their talents. Drop in, get some ink, belly up to the bar afterwards to take away the sting, and order a handcrafted one-off custom while you’re there, all without leaving the building. Talk about one stop shopping. Here’s what Marlowe B had to say about his latest endeavor.

Motorcycle USA: How’s Love Hate Choppers coming along?

Marlowe B: It’s a whole new venture. So far the industry has embraced us with open arms and have been behind us 100%. I always worked on Ami’s bikes in the past, so it just kind of took off from there.

Motorcycle USA: How’d you come up with the name?

Marlowe B: Ami and Chris Nunez came up with it.

Motorcycle USA: Where’s your shop located?

Marlowe B: We’re out of Miami Beach. Besides a shop, it’s a tattoo parlor and bar as well.

Motorcycle USA: How many bikes do you plan on building each year?

Marlowe B: We’re looking at maybe six or seven bikes a year. It’s more about exclusivity. People buy customs because they want something unique. We don’t want to herd cattle, so it’s not really about quantity so much as it is quality.

Motorcycle USA: What’s your background in the industry?

Marlowe B: I started out racing Pro BMX. That kind of got everything rolling. After that, I moved up to racing superbikes. I started building choppers on the side in 1992 and that’s what I’ve been doing since.

Marlowe let us in on the fact that they are currently shooting a pilot for a TV show. After the pilot is finished, they plan on shopping it around to the networks. Given Marlowe’s building skills and Ami’s inside knowledge and connections to the TV industry, it won’t take long before somebody recognizes its marketability. Hopefully we’ll be seeing a lot more of Love Hate Choppers in the near future.

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