Thor Core MX Gear Review

JC Hilderbrand | March 14, 2008
Light weight and creative venting were highlights on the Core gear. Even with the fitting issues we rode this stuff a lot.
Light weight and creative venting were highlights on the Core gear. Even with the fitting issues we rode this stuff a lot.

The Score

Thor is known for its clean lines and relatively simple styling in its motocross gear. We couldn’t think of a better way to get some early season testing done than with some of the stylish Core gear. With a dozen color options to choose from, we decided to attempt looking like hard asses with a Concrete pant/jersey/glove combo. The smart-looking set has been getting used and abused for some time now and we’ve got the 2008 Core line pretty figured out.

The Scoop

Thor Core Pant

Top-shelf pants always get out panties in a bunch because they are prickling with cool features, high-tech materials and innovative design, but the Core duds did so more than usual – literally. The first time we slipped into the lightweight pants they felt just like we expected, but after only a few minutes of walking around and the high-cut crotch had ole’ Lefty in a bad spot. Strangely, it never bothered us while riding, but any time we got off the bike and walked around for a few minutes it brought on that familiar pain in the gut. We don’t want to smack-talk the development riders, but we’ve never had that problem with pants before. The doctor ruled out elephantitis so. Does Speedy Reedy have a little secret?

Aside from the sadistically tight crotch, which did stretch at bit after about half-dozen rides, the Core pants were awesome. Noticeably light, the 500D Cordura, 5840D ballistic, Spandura stretch and integrated filter mesh panels were tough, comfortable and reasonably breathable. A “split rear yoke” design makes for a snug fit through the hips and thighs while leaving enough room for knee braces. A half-length liner makes sliding in simple and cut down on heat buildup and the air scoop on the outer thigh helps keep temps low. We weren’t able to put any holes in the full grain leather knee patches or tear off the rubber logo/protective emblems like in years past. Thor really did a nice job building a quality pant, but for 150 bucks we need more room for cajone comfort.

Core Jersey

The Thor Core package was great except for a couple tight-fitting issues. Unfortunately  if you re gonna run tight Thor picked about the worst spot possible.
The Thor Core package was great except for a couple tight-fitting issues. Unfortunately, if you’re gonna run tight Thor picked about the worst spot possible.

It seems like if you’ve worn one jersey these days you’ve worn them all. The Core long-sleeve isn’t much different than anything else on the market. An oval mesh neckline, armpit ventilation, lightly padded elbows, sublimated graphics and soft, stretchy cuffs are all standard fare and held up fabulously like any $50 jersey should. But, again we had issues with a particularly tight fit. Everything on our size Large top was properly cut except that the lower sleeves were a bit snug on our forearms. This didn’t really cause a problem while riding with the sleeves fully extended, but it wasn’t possible for us to pull the sleeves up in high temperatures.

Core Glove
In terms of fit, this was our favorite piece of the Core ensemble. There was never an issue with the glove and we were pleased to find that it refuses to come apart at the seams – or anywhere else for that matter. Logos on the knuckles give a bit of roost protection and we’re a big fan of padded Clarino palms. The air mesh and two-way stretch panels on the backhand are comfortable and breathable. Very rarely did we soak the palm with excess sweat. It took a ride or two for the glove to fully loosen up and reach maximum comfort levels, but once there we didn’t want to take them off. The only gripe we had was that the odd colorway prevented us from sneaking it into photo shoots with other gear brands. This is a great glove.

The Sentence

We want to say that we love the Thor Core equipment, but overall the Thor gear is just good stuff. Riding with it is a pleasure, but once you’re off the bike and moving around the pits the tight groin and forearms are definitely not nice. We found that unzipping the pant and letting them sag gangster-style helped get us out of that bind, but you’ve got to be willing to droop your drawers. Styling might not be edgy enough for some, but the alternative colors help liven up clean lines. It’s a tough call. This is a set of gear that you definitely have to try on before buying, and make sure to walk around the dealership for a few minutes to get the full effect.

Product: Thor Core Motocross Gear

Sizes: Pant: 28-38, Jersey: S-XXL, Glove: XS-XXL

MSRP: Pant: $150-160, Jersey: $50-60, Glove: $35

Buy It Now: Core Pant; Core Jersey; Core Glove

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