Alpinestars Supertech R Vented Boot Review

April 29, 2008
Adam Waheed
By Adam Waheed
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These are the same boots that grace the feet of 2007 MotoGP champion Casey Stoner and 2007 AMA Superbike champion Ben Spies.
These are the same boots that grace the feet of 2007 MotoGP champion Casey Stoner and 2007 AMA Superbike champion Ben Spies.

When it comes to riding, we motorcyclists need all the protection we can get. And when choosing a product to protect your feet, there is no company with more experience than Alpinestars. The Italian company has been building boots since 1963, and while a lot of things have changed since then, the company’s philosophy towards producing innovative, functional protective footwear is as true today as was 45 years ago.

For 2008, Alpinestars has released its successor to the top-of-the-line Supertech road race boot: The Alpinestars Supertech R Boot. Developed at the racetrack by MotoGP aces Nicky Hayden, John Hopkins and Dani Pedrosa, the Supertech R boot embodies the latest in protection, comfort and, of course, style.

Like its predecessor, the Supertech R boot makes use of a seperate bootie inside of the main boot. The inner bootie is constructed out of a lightweight, extremely breathable micro-fiber material. An integrated ankle brace uses gel-padded, double-hinged inner and outer plastic torsion bars that help protect the ankle and disperse energy loads in case of impact. Tough plastic moldings also help protect the riders’ heel and front edge of their toes from damage.

The outer boot is of multi-piece construction. A replaceable rubberized sole forms the base of the boot. The heel is of solid plastic construction and has integrated exhaust ventilation slits on either side. A replaceable heel plate slider reduces friction if you find yourself sliding across the pavement. The main part of the boot is built out of high-quality perforated leather. The boots inner side features a full length suede panel that gives the Supertech R a clean look yet protects the rider from heat and/or abrasion. The toe shifter area is made of a flexible material that gives the rider the perfect amount of feel yet prevents pinching of the toes in a crash. Like other Astars boots the toe slider on the outside of the boot can be easy replaced with a plastic or more durable magnesium slider. Lastly, the top part of the boot is made from an aerodynamic, hard synthetic material that protects the riders’ shin and has air intakes on each side.

Each boot is extremely light–weighing less than a quart of motor oil. The boot is designed for use with Alpinestars leathers in which the inner bootie goes over the bottom portion of the leather suit. However, the inner bootie can also be worn underneath the suit if necessary. The boots fit true-to-size and putting them on is quick and painless as the inner bootie uses a front speed lace draw-tie closure. The external boot uses a zip-style side entry system which has stretch material on the bottom edge to ensure the zipper won’t get caught or stuck. Velcro on the zipper and bootie lace ensures the boot will always stay tight. Finally, an adjustable plastic buckle slides in a metal ratchet to keep the top part of the boot conformed to the riders’ calf.

Alpinestars all-new Supertech R Vented boot is the most comfortable  highest quality road race boot we ve ever tested.
Alpinestars all-new Supertech R Vented boot is the most comfortable, highest quality road race boot we’ve ever tested.

Inevitably a rider is going to have to do some walking and these boots are flexible enough to allow a person to walk normally. In fact, for our feet, the boots are comfortable enough to walk around in all-day with absolutely zero pressure points. The foot and ankle dexterity allowed by the Supertech R Vented boot lends itself well on track and these boots have the best ‘feel’ of any boot we’ve tested to date. The ventilation system is another strong attribute and it works fantastically–especially on hot days.

Fortunately, we haven’t taken a spill yet (knock on wood) but we have ridden thousands of miles both on the street and the track with the new Supertech R Vented boots. And besides the small leather creases and heel scuffs, they still can be mistaken as new. In fact the only thing we’ve had to do to keep our boots looking fresh is the occasional toe slider replacement and a quick Simple Green wipe down. Boot maintenance is that easy.

Without a doubt the $399.99 price tag is pretty high, but on the flip side you definitely get what you pay for. These boots are by far the most comfortable we’ve ever worn–on or off the bike. And the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship is second to none. If you’re looking for a functional, yet comfortable long lasting boot, look no further.

Product: Alpinestars Supertech R Vented Boot

Colors: White, Black/Silver, GP Tracks Camo

Sizes: 3.5-12.5 US, 36-48 Euro

MSRP: $399.99

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