Molly Hatchet Rocks Laughlin River Run

April 25, 2008
Bryan Harley
Bryan Harley
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They may be old school  but Molly Hatchet can still deliver some hard charging Southern rock.
Molly Hatchet’s lead singer Phil McCormack was a ball of energy on stage. Phil not only belted out some mean vocals but blew a mean harp as well.

Remember how I said in my 2008 Laughlin River Run preview that you never know who you’re going to bump into? Case in point.

I’m walking out of the Pioneer Hotel and Casino to get me a spot in front of the stage for the free Molly Hatchet concert Thursday night. I see this long-haired guy wearing a white straw cowboy hat and pointy boots checking out a black chopper with an ungodly rake angle.

“Now that’s a rake,” I said in passing.

“Yeh, I’d hate to try and turn that thing,” he said.

We both laugh and talk a bit more. I finally say that I’ve got to go get a good spot for the show. He gives me a big handshake and says, “I’m Phil McCormack, lead singer for Molly Hatchet.”

Go figure. Here I am just jawing with this guy because he seems pretty cool, plus he’s got long hair like me, and us long hairs always stick together, right? There were about ten minutes left before the show, so Phil let me ask him a few questions.

Motorcycle USA: Hey Phil, how long have you been with the band?

Phil: Off and on for 19 years, 13 years full-time.

Motorcycle USA: Do you own a motorcycle?

Phil: No. I have enough trouble on four wheels. I drive a Lincoln Continental.

Motorcycle USA: Are you having a good time at Laughlin?

Phil: I’m having an excellent time. I’m among a bunch of friends and family, so it’s been great.

I got a chance to rap with Phil McCormack  lead singer of Molly Hatchet.
I got a chance to rap with Phil McCormack, lead singer of Molly Hatchet.

Motorcycle USA: Do any of the other guys ride?

Phil: Yeh, our drummer rides a 2007 Harley-Davidson.

Motorcycle USA: What’s your next gig after Laughlin?

Phil: We’re headed to Joplin, Missouri.

McCormack was a ball of energy while I was talking to him. He carried that energy on stage with his vocals and harmonica playing, and the crowd fed off his enthusiasm. Molly Hatchet may be old-school Southern rock, but they can still lay it down. Best of all, the show was free. Wonder who we’ll bump into next here at the 2008 Laughlin River Run.

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