MCUSA’s Adventure Editor Talks Naked

May 14, 2008
Dr. Gregory Frazier
Dr. Gregory Frazier
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Having made multiple runs across the globe, round-the-world adventurer Dr. Frazier imparts some of his motorcycle traveling wisdom in his monthly Dr. Frazier Rides column.

Dr Frazier
Motorcycle USA’s Adventure Editor-at-Large, Dr. Greg Frazier, will be the featured guest on the motorcycle radio talk show Side Stand Up May 20.’s Adventure Editor-At-Large, Dr. Gregory W. Frazier, goes live on the radio air waves May 20, 2008. He will be the featured guest on the premier motorcycle radio talk show Side Stand Up ( The topic for the show is “The Naked Truth About Adventure Riding.”

Frazier, a professional motorcycle adventurer and racer, is the only motorcyclist to have circumnavigated the globe five times. He will speak about:

* What is the best motorcycle for a ride around the world
* Where is the most dangerous riding
* Fastest and slowest rides around the world
* How much to budget for a ride around the globe
* Preparation for a ’round the world ride

He will recount tales of some of his adventures, and mis-adventures, as he circled the globe over the last 40 years. He says he hates any “adventure that involves snakes or sharks.”

Frazier is the author of a dozen motorcycle books (MOTORCYCLE TOURING: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW, RIDING THE WORLD, and MOTORCYCLE SEX) and numerous articles on adventure riding. Well-know motorcycle sage Fred Rau (Motorcycle Consumer News) wrote of Frazier, in his June 2008 Contact Patch column, describing him as “the ultimate authority on global motorcycling.”

To listen to, or join in, the live radio show call 724-444-7444 and enter the ID # 64458* when prompted, May 20 at 9:00 PM CST